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Neville Hodgkinson's son Tom selling BKism via The Idler

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2020
by ex-l
Wrapped in a deliberate and most disingenuous fraud, the sons of the British BK PR supremo Neville Hodgkinson's are now selling BKism to their audiences ... for £42 a shot. I wonder who gets what money off that?

Weren't the BK teachings all meant to be "always free"? And is involvement with "Davos" really a positive endorsement, or is it just more of the BKs' habitual exploitation of their 'status by association' appeal to authority, that having hobnobbed the rich and powerful actually makes them in some way valid?

For once and for all, can we just get this correct, BKism is not "an ancient yogic practice", unless 64 years ago is "ancient" to you. And why does something being old make it right or better?
How to Meditate: An Introduction to Raja Yoga with Sister Jayanti

Welcome to our brilliant meditation course with world-renowned spiritual teacher Sister Jayanti, who teaches Raja Yoga, an ancient yogic practice designed to be incorporated into everyday life.

In three films Sister Jayanti, who recently led the morning meditation sessions at Davos, examines the causes of sorrow and anger and shows us how a few minutes each day spent in contemplation can help us on the path to happiness, peace and freedom.


“I first met Sister Jayanti when I was about 14,” says Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson. “My Dad had invited her to our house and she taught me to meditate. She also introduced me to spiritual ideas which have stayed with me ever since. She is full of wisdom and calm good sense and I am delighted to present her course to our readers. It will be an invaluable resource as we all need a bit of help when it comes to slowing down and giving ourselves the time for contemplation. And Raja Yoga is Yoga for people who can’t be bothered to do all those exhausting exercises.”

Each 20-30 minute film consists of a talk followed by a guided meditation.

The meditations are also offered as downloadable sound files which you can store on your computer or device, ready to help you meditate at any time and wherever you are.

Is that the same Tom Hodgkinson who used to spend his time farting during his Father meditation sessions at their home and rejecting BKism outright according to his Brother Will Hodgkinson's book,

Oh, but Will Hodgkinson is back too promoting BKism on his Brother's journal, albeit having further strayed from the BK path by giving up vegetarianism to succour on chicken soup ... having contracted Covd-19, and then infected his entire family with it.
Tom and I have a Father who has devoted much of his life to meditation, soul consciousness and penetrating the inner core of his being via adherence to the tenets of Indian spiritual group the Brahma Kumaris. He always seemed like a religious nut, but after having had coronavirus, frankly I’m wondering if he may be onto something.

One evening I was so ill, I even gave up 30 years of vegetarianism to have [my wife's] homemade chicken soup

I am not sure why anyone would spend £42 to buy what they could get for free off the BKs, on Youtube or elsewhere, but I guess the Hodgkinsons are in the same business as the BKs ... of targeting the disposable income of the middle classes for their income stream.

I unabashedly and without fear of criticism write that Tom Hodgkinson is fraudulently selling BKism as at the bottom of the advert in The Idler he quotes "Yoga expert Dr James Mallinson of SOAS" define Raja Yoga.

Now, putting aside whether Dr Mallinson's claims are actually true ... it's about a different tradition and practise of Raja Yoga, is not it Tom? Two different products entirely. BK Raja Yoga can be no older than 64 years old (post-1955), and is entirely unrelated to Patanjali's Raja Yoga from which the BKs purloined the name.

Which Tom, and Will, and especially Neville and Sister Jayanti would all know ... so why not correct it? Why go along with the Big Lie?
Yoga expert Dr James Mallinson of SOAS, author of The Roots of Yoga (Penguin Classics), gives the following definition:

“About a thousand years ago some of the meditative techniques of Yoga were reformulated as Raja Yoga, ‘the royal Yoga’. The phrase Raja Yoga was coined to differentiate its techniques from the more strenuous — and sometimes downright dangerous — physical methods of hatha Yoga. To master hatha Yoga requires withdrawing oneself from society, living as a recluse and subjugating the body. Raja Yoga was developed by heads (raja-s) of monasteries who were too busy to practise hatha Yoga. Its techniques (which are simple, although not necessarily easy to master) may be practised by anyone and are used to attain the benefits of Yoga while leading a life of engagement with family and work.”

Instead of wasting £42 being hoodwinked, I suggest The Ildler readers just enjoy this for free instead ... (below).

It's funny but if you know the history of Neville Hodgkinson's involvement with the BKs, it started after a near death experience caused by a serious medical condition, a severe case of bacterial food poisoning that made him question his life, and led him to leave his wife, break up his family and dedicate himself to Sister Jayanti's control ... having a injurious effect on then his teenage sons.

Will Hodgkinson works as a journalist at a newspaper his Father used to write for. Tom and Will's journalist mother Liz, although not a BK and denying its teachings, has also made a small business out of producing BK related material.

Re: Neville Hodgkinson's son Tom selling BKism via The Idler

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2020
by ex-l
Will Hodgkinson is a music journalist for a Right wing, Murdoch owned newspaper - the parents, like the BKs, always did tend to the Right politically and both work for the Murdoch owned newspapers - so may be he'll get this Sly & The Family Stone reference.

Perhaps instead of a "Family Affair", I should have chosen, "I Want To Take You Higher", only framed it as "I Want To Take You Higher ... and charge you £42 for it" .
I want to, I want to, I want to take you higher
I want to take you higher
Baby, baby, baby, £42 will light my fire

Selling BKism via The Idler.png

Re: Neville Hodgkinson's son Tom selling BKism via The Idler

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2020
by Arcane
When I saw this "buy" option, it immediately generated a cascade of memories and thoughts in the space of Awareness that I am. Those days we used to listen to "The Journey" by Bliss, which I always loved and still do and we would often be "sold" and sometimes "force-sold" other stuff. I know the history of BKism; I was even forced in a way to be a strict vegetarian which led me to a series of consequent repercussions!! I happened to be a victim of The White Dress Code and that Badge, suppressing so many things inside!!

Later on, I discarded both. I felt deep within myself that a white dress and a black dress meant the same to me. It's all part of human conditioning!! See, there are so many things that are good about the BKs but all of them are based on fundamental falsities!!!

What normally happens is that when people fail using their own common sense and intellect it often happens that they fall some kind of a prey to a system. And, I see that nice and intellectually robust people too have been falling preys to the dogmatism of BKWSU. This is pathetic and so miserable a situation!!

Why would they simply not teach that we all share the same One Consciousness (without its contents) and there is no intrinsic difference in our innate spiritual makeup while the differences on the outset and individualites that are unescapable are something we have to cherish and rejoice upon, being here on Earth?!!

What then happens subsequently is that people like Sam Harris and Shyam Manav and even U.G. Krishnamurti get born to help abolish all the mythical conservatism from the minds of people who blindly follow one system or the other!!

Peace and love,


Re: Neville Hodgkinson's son Tom selling BKism via The Idler

PostPosted: 01 May 2020
by ex-l
Arcane wrote:Why would they simply not teach that we all share the same One Consciousness (without its contents) and there is no intrinsic difference in our innate spiritual makeup ...

Don't give them ideas ... they soon will.

A big part of the con, as we're seeing in a different topic where they have a therapist teaching their practise, is that they lead people to believe that they do teach a "we are all one, god is one" kind of universal philosophy when, in truth, the real teachings are entirely contradictory to that.

Time and time and time again it's all just layers and layers of deceit. Leading to a cash register.