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80 years on, God of the BKs still does not know Jews

PostPosted: 07 May 2020
by ex-l
80 years on, and the god spirit of the BKs still does not know who the Jews are. Seriously people? I mean, how can they explain such a dissonance with reality. Judaism. 3,000 years old and one of the first monotheistic religions (let's put aside the non-existence of Zoroastrianism and Jainism within their religion for a moment).

The BKs introduce a new, digitally improved version of their The Tree (tree of humanity or religions) teaching poster and, yet again, are clueless about longest existing monotheistic religion, just as they did back in the 1940s, when they claimed Abraham started Islam, and Mohammed started "Muslim" leaving out Judaism altogether. Although, at least they omit a human image of Mohammed this time around.

New_BK_Tree.jpg (163.77 KiB) Viewed 1371 times

"Jhaad may bhi kitnaa clear hai. Baba nay kaisey saakshaatkaar karaye, fir chitra baith banvaaye hain. Baba nay hee saakshaatkaar karaaya aur fir correct bhi kiya. Kitnaa wonder hai. Saari nayi knowledge hai."

"It is so clear in the picture of The Tree also. How Baba caused divine visions and then He sat and got the pictures prepared. Baba Himself caused divine visions and then corrected them too. It is so wonderful. It is entirely a new knowledge." – (Revised Sakar Murli dated 5.10.05, pg.2 published by the BKs)

Looks like Prince Philip in a top hat too!

Also note that in the new Tree, the message regarding Destruction remains, even if the presidential faces on the Russia and American "cats" have changed again (they had to keep changing them as their predictions of the End of the World and the leaders changed) ... but that now they are predicting the Russian Federation is going to revert to Communism before the overdue End of the World. The Russian flag is now just 3 white, red and blue stripes; not a red hammer and sickle.

Do such details matter? Do such oversights not raise questions of the BK divinity? Or are they just filters to filter out anyone with half-a-brain and designed to target their attentions upon the stupid, uninformed and gullible in the same way the "Nigerian prince" fraudsters do with their $10,000,000 advance fee frauds?

Just how the Israelis feel about being represented as Saudi Arabians, or orange beard-hair died Bengalis, I have no idea but it really does not speak very well of the Brahma Kumaris "Knowledge" of world religions.


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Re: 80 years on, God of the BKs still does not know Jews

PostPosted: 07 May 2020
by ex-l
This confusion between Judaism and Islam within the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University latest from the 1940s through to the 1970s.

I mean, seriously people, would "God" not know who the Jews were? Answer on a postcard sent to the Anti-Defamation League please.

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original tree.jpg
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Meanwhile, down at the bottom of The Tree, we have yet another personality change for the 8 seeds, who have now expanded to 11 and include new faces such as Nirwair, Ramesh Shah, Jagdish Chander and various new Didis (elder Sisters) including Janki Kirpalani and Gulzar who did not exist in previous editions.

It's just like what everyone used to laugh at and criticise, when the Soviet leadership used to airbrush 'fallen', deposed or assassinated previous characters out of various formal photographs.

The 11 Seeds of the BK Tree.jpg

Re: 80 years on, God of the BKs still does not know Jews

PostPosted: 08 May 2020
by Arcane
What about "legal" consideration in relation to what they are disseminating as information?! Can they just do what they are doing? I don't think so. Should the higher authorities not be informed about the pertinent dangers, even about the degrees of possible negative repercussions?!

Some acts, in terms of using things like the US and the Russian flags, the names of other religions including their logos and other stuff are susceptible to some legal intervention, I assume.

Are they playing "Game of thrones" here?! "This ain't any good", intuition speaks.

Re: 80 years on, God of the BKs still does not know Jews

PostPosted: 08 May 2020
by ex-l
Arcane wrote:What about "legal" consideration in relation to what they are disseminating as information?! Can they just do what they are doing? I don't think so.

I don't know.

The greatest hypocrisy to me is how they suck up the United Nations, and portray themselves as the angels of peace, and source of spirituality, and are at the same time teaching that they will "give courage to the scientists" and "inspire" them, to use the nuclear arsenel to wipe out humanity.

The problem is multi-layered. Having spent their first 5 decades criticising and condemning other religions, they've spent their next sucking up to and working their way into various multi-faith caucuses and developing their PR, in order to be accepted as a bona fide religion, and enjoy the protection and patronage that brings.

Let's face it, basically most religions are full of supremacist crap and look down upon or criticise other religions, if not engage in actual war and atrocity against them. The Jews claim they are the Chosen People and a light unto the world, and no one else is (approx) ... so too do the BKs. It's paradoxical in a way.

So much for their "university" level education.

I'd love to sit in on one of their multi-faith meetings and ask everyone if they knew what the BKs really said and thought about them.

Then they keep lying about how their practise is the most ancient Raja Yoga ... because, to their mind, it was taught 5,000 years ago in the last Kalpa. And 5,000 years is the longest period in time, never mind history.

I, and others, have found even the big NGOs or government bureacracies aren't interested. In the West, it is because of being afraid of being called discriminatory against Asians and minority religions, I have been told. They are all equally crazy, but you cannot say. Partly, I think, they just cannot believe how crazy the BKs are when you tell them ... and they think you are crazy for claiming it all!
My goodness, how could nice Sister Jayanti or Dadi Janki possibly thing such thing???"

Why in India someones like the RSS or Shiv Sena do not take them apart, I do not know.

They are suck good con artists.