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Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2020
by oldbk
ex-l wrote:How much political/money clout do the BKs have in Abu?

How's the current relationship between them and the locals?

I don't have personal knowledge on these 2 questions. However, knowing/seeing how things function in India, between these type of organizations and the political clout they wield, I would say they are pretty strong politically. That's how you get an SDM, other officials to wave to you when you start on your train journey back ...

As for the relationship with the locals, the locals can be kept under control as long as you provide some means for them to survive (note ... not live but survive). That means give them jobs to clean the BK properties, wash dishes etc. Also, periodically setup a camp for "health drive" and simultaneously spread your cult beliefs.

Being rural/poor/uneducated would make it easier to push the BK agenda without any resistance.