Brahma Kumaris make Muslim charity Pay for Their Advertising

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Brahma Kumaris make Muslim charity Pay for Their Advertising

Post28 Aug 2020

A new Brahma Kumaris' money raking strategy exposed.

In court hearing, the BKs were claiming to get some unrelated trust to pay for printing up materials for them to promote their Global Initiation for Tobacco Awareness Program. About Rs.400,000 for supplying of 1 lakh Booklets.

The two charities in question are;
    a) The Trust Estate of M.M.Isphahani which was established to
"spend the income realised from the properties of the charities for education and medical help of poor deserving Shia Muslims".

    b) The Trust Estate of Bavanandam Academy which was set up to
establish public libraries containing books bearing on literary, scientific, religious, social, political, historical and biographical subjects in all important villages and in the houses of the prominent patriotic leaders with a view to develop man’s faculties in all the fields

Therefore, in essence, they are getting non-BK charities, to pay for BK advertising, quite clearly beyond the scope of the original aims.

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