Brahma Kumari in UK wrecking non-BK platonic friendships

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Brahma Kumari in UK wrecking non-BK platonic friendships

Post30 Sep 2020

What did the BK Baba say about "getting a pass mark from everyone"?
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Answered August 12, 2019

Brahma Kumari Birmingham Centre Surton Coldfield, she's also acupuncturist hypocrite

Helen Wall is a bully, she has been criticising me and attacking me whenever she can because I have been platonic friends with her husband since I was a kid (20 yrs). She is deliberately wrecking our friendship and any plans we make. It is okay for her to use and abuse him as she is a Brahma Kumari priestess and all her time money and energy go into that. Keith doesn't agree with it but she makes him help support her, only for her to use the BKs as a tool to wreck our plans and puts her foot down and tries to derail them with her Brahma Kumari rituals which have to come first. Plus she crticises everything I do or say but she never hears of any criticsms against her from me as those are not passed on.

It is all unbalaned and one-sided.

Also Keith does not want to argue with her religious views as he is scared of her, but then she should not be allowed to put me down and wreck our friendship.

She has been brainwashed by a cult and there is no stopping such people Keith says.

That hypocritical woman has an ego problem and her controlling and criticising my life is absurd and making me ill. Considering her bad attitudes and her job she is hurting a lot of people, not healing them. Especially when she gets away with treating her husband like a slave or son as is the Brahma Kumari way but (so he's been going after other women and even me when you, said he liked me since I was underage!) you get but she doesn't care).

I have nothing to do with the BKs so I would appreciate if she does not get me involved! Sure she will take down my review as previously and get some more fake ones put up soon by her BK mates.

update :Helen now has a fake account so you cannot post any reviews on on there any more

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