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New Married BK Wont Consumate Marriage Wants Maintenance

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2021
by ex-l
This is a new one. A newly married BK would not consumate her marriage from the very first night, so her husband files for divorce.
The BK's response is, she wants her dowry & jewellery back.
And maintenance of Rs.30,000/- per month!

The couple were married in Goa, in October 2010 and the marriage is registered in the office of the Civil Registrar at Tiswadi, Goa. Shortly after the marriage was solemnization problems started to arise.

According to the petitioner [husband], the marriage was not consummated on the first night on account of the frigidity of the respondent. According to the petitioner, the respondent was a believer in the sect of Brahmakumaris and was against of allowing any physical relations being kept. As a result, there were no physical relationships between the petitioner and the respondent and the respondent was unable to fulfill any marital obligations. It is in these circumstances that the petitioner filed Matrimonial Petition No. 5/2012/B, for annulment of marriage ...
The respondent [wife] resisted the petition and has raised a counterclaim for return of her gold ornaments and other articles, given in marriage and is also seeking maintenance of Rs.30,000/- per month.

In essence, the BK appears to be playing off difference between the Hindu Marriage Act and Family Laws, applicable to the State of Goa, governed under the marriage and succession laws applicable in Goa. The husband sensing that the BK ex-wife was angling for half share in his estate ... especially as her Father had died on 10.06.2017.

So, we have a new trick. Con a man into marrying you as a BK ... because even if he divorces you for being a BK, you can take him to court and half of his wealth, or live off him for life.

How divine ... a marriage made in heaven? ... Yes, but between crapbag Brahma Kumaris & crapbag Indian lawyers.
The petitioner is seeking annulment of marriage on the ground that the marriage was not consummated on account of frigidity of the respondent and her inability to perform the WP No. 138 of 2018 matrimonial obligations. In the counterclaim, the respondent has claimed three reliefs
    (i) for return of her gold ornaments as listed in para 59 of the counterclaim
    (ii) for return of all the articles as set out in para 60 of the counterclaim and
    (iii) for maintenance in the sum of Rs.30,000/- per month.
It is not disputed that the physical/mental capacity of a spouse to discharge the matrimonial obligations, leading to non- consummation of marriage is a ground available, both, under the Hindu Marriage Act and the Family Laws, applicable to the State of Goa.

... from the line of cross examination, the petitioner apprehends that the respondent-wife may be angling for half share, inasmuch as, a wife married as per the local law, under the regime of Communion of Assets, is entitled to half share in the property.

Re: New Married BK Wont Consumate Marriage Wants Maintenance

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2021
by Pink Panther
If he’d given her dowry back without question, the judge would note the husband’s acting in good faith by not seeking to profit from her, which leaves her looking like a gold digger.

Re: New Married BK Wont Consumate Marriage Wants Maintenance

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2021
by ex-l
I'll blame the mother.

You'll probably find she is in the BKs, knew the whole deal about celibacy & incompatibility, but the Father wanted her to be married to have a man to look after her. Something like that.

The question is, how conscious & complicit are the BKs in all this? In one case I had involvement with, they were & colluded with police, social services etc to support the woman. The way it was told to me, if not from the top down, there were little cabals of women encouraging & supporting each other.

What could be better for a married BK, exploit the divorce system to get the husband off you but still keep the house & get an income?

Marriage is not guaranteed to be easy, & presumably these are arranged marriages of strangers.

It all seems to have become terribly cynical to me.