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HBO labels BKs a Cult to Send a Shiver Down Your Spine

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2021
by ex-l
Home Box Office (HBO) India labelled the Brahma Kumaris a Cult to send a shiver down your spine in an embarrassing post they later removed. The post was meant for the promotion of the upcoming premiere of the 2019 film Doctor Sleep on the channel. Interest litmus test on the general public's opinion of the BKs.
“From Aghori Babas to Brahma Kumaris, which Indian cult sends a chill down your spine?”

The posts received heavy criticism on social media platforms with the BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra, a conservative political party the BKs have long sucked up to, supporting them. Others taking the opportunity to attack the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Sort of apt. Dr Sleep is a movie about a cult of soul suckers trying to live forever by feeding off and draining the lifeforce out of "special" individuals they attract and turning their victims into one of them.
Good to see you taken @HBOINDIA on. They have taken it down just to modify it and tweet again.

Everyone knows the most barbaric of all the cult is the Abrahamic cult. They are only competing amongst themselves.

Don’t try to project them as Indian Cult.

Shameless! #doctorsleep

— Sourav Sinha (@souravsnh) October 29, 2020


Re: HBO labels BKs a Cult to Send a Shiver Down Your Spine

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2021
by ex-l
Meanwhile, in ComplaintBoard.In we continue to read of just such cases.

Aug 28, 2020

About BK. Shivani fraud with souls and do her business only for the sole benefit and take control on them for use them target hidden in her mind and

This is absolutely truth that Brahma Kumaris are doing fraud with souls and catch a soul through their spiritual guidelines and use for own purpose at the name of GOD, they do nothing but use telepathy in mind and some other tricks that loss energies of a soul and mind gambling to make perfect own ay their soul by looted their sanskar and good things and even looted rich money and resources for high life survival, they chase their powers and make them handicapped.

I am also suffering from BK Shivani she make connection with my soul and I have a lot of other spiritual knowledge and use this knowledge to increase her ORA and apply this for own benefit which dead myself as she also use in the same line connection of her mother with my soul and her married Sister with my soul it's gradually increase and I bear loss of physical things as money and certain un happening things which deliberately doing by her my ORA.
Girish k Singh
Jul 28, 2020

bramha Kumari

Why the above complain is not give ans. Literally Bramha Kumari spread lot of negativity my mother is fully changed whole combine family was very irritated everyday.
Pooja Mani
Jan 31, 2020

Destroying families

My mother has joined bramkumaries 5yrs back, after that my mother forced my Father and other relatives also to join bramkumaries. She sacrificed onion and garlic and she used to go every day 2 times for Murli. Before joining there she was happiest and positive women. She cares for other and now she has totally changed. She always talk negative and look always tensed. My Father has also joined. He was good business man now he always think about their teaching and not able to concentrate on his business. Their love and affection towards us has changed . They dnt think about us they always talk about their useless teaching. My request to people dnt follow them and government must have take actions against them. Dadi she is god for them, always travel in CHARTERED Flights. She spent more than 20 lac in month for travelling.

From where they have got this much amount?

Government must ask them, and stop this fraud organisation.
Oct 27, 2019

Disturbing family life

My mothar is follower of the bhramkumaris since 15yeras or I can say that the worst days startd form the last 15years because before following teaching of bhramkumaris she was totally different but the teachings have just brainwashed her and tranfer her totally into a different person.In ashram there are no guidlines regarding the celebrations . They celebrate every festival on that very day not before a day not after a day which is very disturbing because that days families celebrate with each other but the bhramkumaris do not even leave that sapcial days ,they are spoilng that days too. what the headquarters are doing for this ,where are the guidelines,where is the peace.The bahans in the ashram are so rude ,they always said we left our families see what sacrifice we have done . Thay just say one line Om Shanti but act totally opposite to it.I just want to say that plz issue some guidlines ,plz stop spiling the families,plz stop just brainwashing the people

Re: HBO labels BKs a Cult to Send a Shiver Down Your Spine

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2021
by Pink Panther
Just to add that I could get no sound from the video but if anyone has that problem you can click on the little cog icon to turn on the captions.