Mother to Donate All Father’s Hard Earned Wealth to BK Cult

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Mother to Donate All Father’s Hard Earned Wealth to BK Cult

Post02 Apr 2021

From Quora, How badly has Brahmakumaris influenced your life? Have people ever got divorced because of their spouse's addiction to BK? Yet another typical example of the money grabbing Brahma Kumaris stealing a family's wealth, exploiting a death in the family.

Godly? My ass.

There are many active discussions about the BKs on Quora.
I need help.

There is a large possibility that I might lose my mother to this demonic cult.


We are an upper-middle class household in northern India. One day, this organisation comes to our town and organizes an event in the biggest hotel. They offer people free food and goodies. My Father was a semi- retired businessman at that time and my mother was a housewife, so they ended up attending that “seminar” because almost everybody in their social circle was going. I was obviously uninterested and had to go to work that day.

They come back home impressed and happy. They start watching their ridiculous pseudo-scientific tv shows which run on their personal t.v. channel.

My mother learned all the nonsense from these shows and always talked about previous birth, next birth, karma, and how this world, family, money are all useless and pointless. Right now as I type this she is listening to some Brahmakumari mantras on her phone from their youtube channels.

By then, the organisation had purchased prime location real estate in which they run their recruitment/ meditation center. Naturally, my mother starts visiting on weekends.

All was fine by then. A few months later, because of a job offer I had to move to Mumbai. Within 10 days of that, I hear the worst news of my life. I had to quit my job and come back because my Father got terminally sick and died one day after I came back.

It was ironic because he was a man who was full of life and who single handedly lifted our family out of poverty. He never even bought life insurance or set a will because he never thought of death. He was the best Father or husband anyone could have.

Then strangeness ensued, the cult people started paying extra attention to my mother.

In the beginning I thought it was for good because it would help her cope better.

Then, one day she expressed her desire to go to their head campus in Mount Abu,Rajasthan.

I couldn’t accompany her because I was back home taking care of the family business and looking for a new job nearby.


Now her devotion is final and unquestionable. She plans to leave home and donate all of my Father’s hard earned wealth to this cult. Ironically, she claims they didn’t charge her a penny during her stay in their camp.

My Sisters are married and in US. She wants me to get married early so that she can leave and be over there.

I am scared. I cannot lose both parents so soon. Help me.
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Re: Mother to Donate All Father’s Hard Earned Wealth to BK C

Post02 Apr 2021

In the same discussion thread ...
My husband screwed my life up getting addicted to BK and become a weird celibate. Doesn't touch, hug, peck, kiss, cuddle and sex is way behind all these. Doesn't want to take any responsibility in family such as adopting children. This has turned into a worst divorce.
I can very well relate with the question itself. I know a family from Indore. There daughter 44 years old is an ex brahmakumari. She lost her mental balance while she was in one of their chattisgarh center. The management immediately sent her back to her parents in Indore. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and since last 17 years her aged parents who are 75+ are taking care of her.

Brahmakumaris are real demons.


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Re: Mother to Donate All Father’s Hard Earned Wealth to BK C

Post11 Jun 2021

Escape from all who want money. From yourself while their intention to grab your money and it's a very dangerous BK cult who do this with you. You should understand your mother and stay in touch with her.


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Re: Mother to Donate All Father’s Hard Earned Wealth to BK C

Post19 Sep 2021

Mmmmm, it is difficult but instead of blaming the undue influence try to get her treated immediately with a certified psychologist, and with a certification send a notification to the BK office attaching the certificate.

That is the best thing to do.

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