Brahma Kumaris TV Anchor Kanu Priya & Dadi Ishu Die

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Brahma Kumaris TV Anchor Kanu Priya & Dadi Ishu Die

Post22 May 2021

We haven't heard of many viral deaths within the BKWSU, but the first high profile BK reported to have died is, it seems, Brahma Kumaris TV Anchor Kanu Priya Who Lost her Battle to Covid-19.

Kanu Priya was the "lokik looking" presented generally dressed up to not look like a BK but rather the BKs' target audience of wealthy, middle class Indian women. I don't know how much of BK she was, but she was just 49 years old.

Kanu Priya.jpeg
Kanu Priya, the popular host of Awakening of Mind with Brahma Kumaris and Karmabhoomi lost her battle to Coronavirus on Friday.

The celebrity succumbed to Covid-19 complications.

News of Kanu Priya’s demise was shared by Sister BK Shivani, the spiritual guru and the main face of Brahma Kumaris on Twitter. Reports said that Kanu Priya was admitted to the hospital for the last couple of days and her oxygen was dipping rapidly and she was suffering from fever.

Having started as an anchor in Doordarshan, Kanu Priya had explored acting, scriptwriting film making and theatre presentation.

After her widely viewed daily television show “Awakening with Brahma Kumaris” which has had a deep impact on the viewers, she came up with “Karmbhoomi”, a show which focused on young leadership.

She has also acted in over 80 serials and 50 telefilms, including Bhanwar, Kahi Aek Gaon, Meri Kahani, Kartavya, Tesu Ke Phool, Tumhara Intezar Hai, Anaro, Ranjishen, Ab Aur Nahi and Sur Sargam.
BK Shivani wrote,

“Om Shanti Angels ... Last night a very beautiful angel, a chosen instrument of God ... Sister Kanupriya left her mortal coil and moved forward to another magical destiny of radiating happiness and health to millions of souls. Kanupriya is a pure soul, caring, compassionate, selfless ... always a giver. She lived for a higher purpose ... to create a beautiful world ... and we know that even though the costume will change ... she will always be God’s angel, whose every life will be surrendered to His will and His task of creating The New Age. Let us all meditate and radiate gratitude and blessings to her ... Thank You Beautiful Soul for being who you are and will always be (sister in charge).”

I see a few are starting to crop up on their transitions page including HCS Dhody of Delhi, the former ambassador of India to Jordan.

Dadi Ishu, previously Additional Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris and one of the "Original Jewels" has also died.

Dadi Ishu.jpg

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