BK Son Robs Sick Father to Build BK Centre on Family Land

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BK Son Robs Sick Father to Build BK Centre on Family Land

Post05 Dec 2021

From the Delhi District Court, we discover the BKs are still up to their usual business. A son robs his Father, sick with TB & a heart condition, to build a BK Centre on family land. Then lies about it.

The plaintiff was the Father, the defendant was he BK son. The BK son took 800,000.00 Indian Rupees ($10,616.561 US Dollars) and titles to the non-BK land.
Sh. Daryao Singh vs Sh. Ompal Singh on 24 February, 2020

"[The] plaintiff is aged about 75 years and residing at the address given in the plaint. The plaintiff and the defendant are Father and son in relation, however, they are living separate from each other. When the plaintiff was living with defendant, the defendant cleverly taken the original Registry paper of the entire property including khatauni of plaintiff. The defendant has also taken the documents of prescription of medical treatment of plaintiff. The defendant had also kept the papers of Plot of Mr. Ajit Singh, who is the son of defendant.

"The plaintiff was seriously ill and he became senseless, therefore, the defendant got the benefit of illness of plaintiff in all respects. Plaintiff had given ample chances and occasion to the defendant to return the aforesaid amount but the defendant has acted in a dishonest and fraudulent manner."
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Re: BK Son Robs Sick Father to Build BK Centre on Family Lan

Post09 Dec 2021

This is very much like gambling addicts who will steal whole properties from family members to fund their addiction. They will forge signatures and documents, then borrow against the equity of the property to then gamble it away - often chasing their losses.

I'd say if a BK cannot see the immorality of doing such a thing, if they are justifying to themselves the need to steal in this way, they too are chasing their losses. They have lost their way. A sure symptom of cognitive dissonance.

A person who is secure within themselves of their identity and values will not feel the need to do such extreme criminal acts.

I will psychologise and say that doing such a thing is a way for them to buttress their ego, their identity as a BK. Trying to buy their way into heaven or into the good books of the gurus and Seniors of the BKs. Either way, they are not happy within themselves.

Addiction creates its own morality, the substance at the centre of the addiction is at the centre of the addict's whole life, everything they think and do revolves around it.

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