BKs to open spiritual amusement park

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BKs to open spiritual amusement park

Post25 Apr 2022

Another year, another mega property project bankrolled by adherents to impress VIPs ... this time it is 'The Dadi Prakashmani "Wisdom Park" Amusement Center' in Abu Road
a spiritual amusement park with an Aqua Laser Show, a 3D show, spiritual activities, and beautiful gardens. It will stand out as very unique among all the other laser show facilities of India.

that "will give viewers an amazing, high tech, interactive spiritual experience and where spiritual knowledge will be shared through use of latest technology for bringing enlightenment in society."

A gallery of photographs is here.

BK Wisdom Park.jpg
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Re: BKs to open spiritual amusement park

Post12 May 2022

WOW! Latest technology!

As used in kindergartens 50 years ago?

The most high tech thing is the photos being shared on Google!

How much time, money and energy does it need to be a decent human being?


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Re: BKs to open spiritual amusement park

Post13 Jun 2022

Lol! Do you remember that contraption someone put together rotating the earth's ecliptic plane? Do you think that will make it into this park?

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