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Droupadi Murmu: BKs Land a New President

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2022
by ex-l
The BKs land a new president, Droupadi Murmu of India.

What's interesting about this case for me is that they appear to used precisely the strategy as they did for Madam Sadat (the First Lady of Egypt from 1970 until her husband's assassination in 1981) 40 years ago, by targeting both after their husband had died. We know they have done this at a grassroots level too, by attending funerals and so on.

In short, exploiting people's trauma, targeting them when they are vulnerable, and incurring their debt by being superficially generous in the first place. Generally with such VIPs, they will be given special treatments, and leniencies as far as following the disciplines of the cult.
Murmu’s spiritual calling at Mount Abu


A wave of excitement swept across the normally sedate Brahma Kumari spiritual fraternity after learning that Droupadi Murmu was set to be the country’s new President by Rajesh Asnani, Express News Service.

A wave of excitement swept across the normally sedate Brahma Kumari spiritual fraternity after learning that Droupadi Murmu was set to be the country’s new President. For, Murmu has been a follower and a regular visitor of the Prajapita Brahma Kumari Spiritual University at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. The meditation technique she learnt from them helped her overcome grave personal tragedies in her life, as she unfortunately lost both her sons and husband in a span of five years.

Murmu’s life has been full of struggles, hail as she does from the Santhal tribal community in Odisha. When one of her sons, Laxman, died in an accident in 2009, she went into depression. That was when she went to the Brahma Kumari headquarters to learn Raja Yoga meditation from the Sisters there, informed the executive secretary of the institute, B K Mrityunjay.

He said Murmu was able to somehow come out of the shock, but then in 2013, her second son, too, died in an accident. And a year later, she lost her husband. “These tragic accidents brought an earthquake in her life, but she held the strings of spirituality so tightly that she got the strength to bear the adversities. She has a deep connection with spirituality and is constantly in touch with the headquarters of our institute,” Mrityunjay said.

During an event at the Mt Abu centre, Murmu said, “I come here because Brothers and Sisters are very dear and I take their positivity and vibrations because the atmosphere here is different.” Many at Mt Abu recall her as saying that “when people change by taking advantage of the value-based education of this institution, then India will rise again”.

The president of India is the nominal head of the Indian executive, the first citizen of the country, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces.

They are indirectly elected by an electoral college comprising both houses of the Parliament of India and the legislative assemblies of each of India's states and territories, who themselves are all directly elected by the citizens.

Re: Droupadi Murmu: BKs Land a New President

PostPosted: 15 Dec 2022
by Pink Panther
then India will rise again

MIGA - Make India Great Again?

It seems the the rise of Hindu nationalism continues, becoming more institutionalised. That's a worry

Re: Droupadi Murmu: BKs Land a New President

PostPosted: 15 Dec 2022
by ex-l
Another day, another ridiculous press release. This one will be a virtual copy and paste from when Prathibha Patil was elected the 12th president of India (2007 to 2012). And what came of that for the BKs? A convincer for all of the followers who fund their PR campaigns, or some material benefit, e.g. land, a grant, some backscratching & hand washing? They invest millions in courting minor politicians with "VIP" service - think of all of those rakhis & frame pictures they hand out - and, eventually, one of them pays off and, bingo, they hit the jackpot.

I'd be interested in some analysis from Indian readers but I note the further evolution of "values-based education" as a cover for BKism. I don't know anything about this woman but read she is from a tribal background. The president of India is more of just a titular position rather than a national leader as in the USA, right?

I am so out of touch now, what are they doing without a god spirit to focus upon, are they becoming a political-secular movement?

Historically, it is also interesting, because they have swung from being entirely Pro-British/Royalists and anti-Gandhi/Independence to Trump-like BJP supporting nationalists going on about - as you say - making India great again. But does that even mean anything?

Or is it just a case of expedience, i.e. what works, whatever advantages their cause, or whatever brings material interests? The ultimate in chameleon-like politics.

Re: Droupadi Murmu: BKs Land a New President

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2022
by Pink Panther
The President of India is a non-executive president, their role is to ensure the executive government does not breach the Constitution and their only real power is to dismiss a government that they deem has done so.

The role is similar to a constitutional monarch. In many ex-British Empire/Commonwealth countries that have not become Republics as India has, where the British monarch is still the Head of State (eg Canada, Australia and New Zealand) the Governor-General performs this role.

The role generally is quite neutral but as the episode in Australia in 1975 shows, they can suddenly become political players. In Australia, the G-G allied himself with the US and UK establishment and intelligence services (MI6 and CIA) to orchestrate the dismissal of the democratically elected Labor government of Gough Whitlam on the most spurious of grounds.

My point is that certain personality types, like our G-G at the time John Kerr, our most recent ex-PM Scott Morrison, Trump in the USA, and maybe many of us have experienced with certain bureaucrats, such people with flawed character will abuse the power they have. One thing the BKs are good at is manipulating people into doing what serves the BKs agenda over and above the common good. And given their scant regard for democracy, if a president was in a quandary and looked to "spiritual advisors" for direction in the way Trump and Scott Morrison have done, it could be disastrous.