Lekhraj married Om Radhe in 1953?

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Lekhraj married Om Radhe in 1953?

Post24 Feb 2023


In this history piece it is asserted Lekhraj married Om Radhe in 1953.
Im not sure if he means in the spiritual or legal sense.
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Re: Lekhraj married Om Radhe in 1953?

Post24 Feb 2023

I don't know the specifics but something elsee to consider is HOW the members of the Bhaibund married each other at any time. It is likely that it was not done so formally as today. I do, however, remember reading of contracts between the families involved.
1920: Om Radhe is born. She joined Om Mandli when she was of 17 years old. She become the President of Om Mandli. Lekhraj accepted and treated her as ‘spiritual daughter’, but married with her in 1953 and renamed her as ‘Sarswati’. She breathed her last on 24th of June, 1965. Lekhraj’s first/legal wife Yashoda breathed her last in 1961 after witnessing Lekhraj and Radhe as Better Half to each other for 12 years. Before Yashoda’s death her daughter informs from Mumbai to her Father Lekhraj who was in Madhuban, about Yashoda’s failing health, Lekhraj telegraphed her that runs: “Child ! don’t worry about any thing. She was your mother and my wife. Eat pudding even if your mother dies or if one’s wife passes away”. (Source: Autobiography of Dr.Nirmla Shanta)
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Re: Lekhraj married Om Radhe in 1953?

Post02 Mar 2023

My view is that it was just play acting, the BK culture is one big act. Such a "marriage" would have no more legal significance than when BKs do their crowning ceremonies with cardboard crowns.

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