The Message sent to Dadi Janki

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The Message sent to Dadi Janki

Post07 Sep 2007

The following letter was posted today to Dadi Janki, Sister Jayanti, and Sister Manda of The Oxford Retreat Centre and copies sent to many BKs.

A separate MESSAGE was enclosed which follows below


7th September 2007

Dear Dadi,

I am enclosing a letter in the form of a message which is being sent to many BK souls. So in order that you know about this message it is being sent to you as well. It is also being sent to you out of respect for the role you are playing. The PBKs believe we are one Brahmin family and so have no feeling of negativity towards any BK, nor feel the necessity to distance themselves from the BKs, even though they themselves have been rejected by the BK family.

The PBKs have nothing to hide, the sole intention is to reveal the Father, the one who is here now in the corporeal form, the one who is enabling the children of the Advance Party to understand The Knowledge properly, therefore to churn The Knowledge and to receive the nectar. The Father is here now to give the inheritance. There is no inheritance through Brahma Baba who played the mother role.

The message is self explanatory and it is being sent to you also in the wish that the BKs and the PBKs can have a relationship of unity based on purity. This will only come with the recognition of the "one" Father,

With all good wishes


This letter is being written to you for a specific purpose. You may know that about three years ago a group was chucked out of GRC because they had discovered the Advanced Knowledge, the Advance Party and the Father.

There is one simple message that has to be given to you, what you do with it is up to you, but you have been given the message, and it will not be possible to say later that you did not know.

The Father has come. He did not leave this world when Brahma Baba had a heart attack. When the temporary Chariot Brahma Baba left his body the Father entered the permanent Chariot, Shiv Shankar Boleynath. He is giving the new knowledge for the new world to those in the Advance Party, He is giving it to those who recognise Him. He is the Father Teacher and Sat Guru. He has come to destroy falsehood. He has come to take his children back with Him. That is his promise.

A Few Murli Points giving proof to this message are:-
BapDada also cannot go back home without the children. (Av.dt.18.1.75)
There is a support in the corporeal form even now. Just as earlier the instrumental corporeal body, was a support, similarly even now there is a support in the corporeal form who is made instrumental. Earlier also (some one was) instrumental, even now ( some one) is instrumental ... Affection with the corporeal means affection with the entire family.The corporeal form is not alone. If Prajapita is present, then the family is also present. (Av.dt.18.1.70)

The BKs consider Brahma Baba, Krishna's soul, to be God's only messenger, however they forget the message in the Murli and they remember the messenger. The message in the Murli is, the Father has come, he has come to transform this old world and to create heaven, and to destroy falsehood. He has come to take us back with him. In order that we do not get confused about this we are told in the Murli, "do not keep pictures of Brahma Baba".
By remembering Brahma sins will not be destroyed. Some or the other sin will be committed. That is why do not keep even his photo. (Mu.dt. 17.6.71)

Brahma Baba, Krishna’s soul, has a child intellect, the Murli tells us this and it tells us there is no inheritance of happiness through the mother role that Brahma Baba played. The Supreme Soul Shiv Jyoti Bindu played the part of the sweet tolerant mother through Brahma Baba.
In reality this one (Brahma) is a mother; but the body is of a male so how can he be kept in charge of the mothers? Hence, then this Jagdamba is made instrumental. (Mu.dt.18.5.78 pg-2, middle)

It was this mother role that was the first part to be recognised. The first part of the Trimurti. The second part to be recognised was the Shankar part and the time has almost come for the third of the three living images to come on to the stage. Soon it will be too late.

The information which can lead to recognition of the Father is the Advanced Knowledge. It is your right to know about it and is your right to have the freedom to assess for yourself

At the moment the BKs cut off any opportunity for you to study the Advanced Knowledge by defaming the Father and the Father's children. You are warned to keep away from them, to report any contact to the Seniors, and so you are unable to get hold of the information of truth. Those who follow the directions of bodily beings become caught up in the "golden chains" that bind. Where there is bondage there is fear. Where there is truth there is freedom.

The Father has hundreds of hours of teaching on the internet. He gives His own introduction;
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Post07 Sep 2007

What result do you expect? Haven't Shankar Party members been sending out similar letters since the late 70s or early 80s? To a degree, I find it funny that the someone is doing to the BKs what the BKs are doing to the rest of the world, "God Has come ... the Father has come".

However, one thing you people have to learn from the BKs is a little about PR and polishing your act.

I wish you lot would also get over the fact that Virendra Dev Dixit/Ram cannot be the permanent Chariot, purely and simply because he is not permanent. I am really sorry, but English is our language and you really have to listen and learn from native speakers.

To go on claiming Virendra Dev Dixit/Ram is permanent ... when he is not ... is only going to a) discredit you and b) insult the BKs and put their backs up, making it hard to get your message across.

From earlier discussions, I believe the word also translates as "appointed" which works far better. To continue using "permanent" in the face of the reality of matters - in a sense attempting to create a new meaning, status or title from it - comes across as stupid, absolutely boneheaded, confrontational even ... none of which attracts new people. Does Virendra Dev Dixit use it of himself or do just certain PBKs use it of Virendra Dev Dixit?

The truth is either way, I do not care. It sounds terrible in English. He was and cannot be not permanent.

I am only trying to help ... so this is my 2c as an independent 3rd party.
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Re: The Message sent to Dadi Janki

Post07 Sep 2007

clay wrote:A Few Murli Points giving proof to this message are:-
BapDada also cannot go back home without the children. (Av.dt.18.1.75)

What is the 'Home' that is referred to in this quote?


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Post07 Sep 2007

Om Shanti. cannot wait for my meeting with Virendra Dev Dixit. Especially after reading such posts.

With regards, Shankar.
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Post07 Sep 2007

BKdimok wrote:Om Shanti. cannot wait for my meet with Veerendra Dev Dixit. Especially after reading such posts.

Yes, it will be an interesting meeting. Your place or his?

When is the meet up planned for?
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Post07 Sep 2007

BKdimok wrote:Om Shanti. cannot wait for my meet with Veerendra Dev Dixit. Especially after reading such posts.

Do you think that you could provide feedback to the forum? Thanks.


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Post07 Sep 2007

john wrote:Yes, it will be an interesting meeting. Your place or his? When is the meet up planned for?

Om. Suppose it will be before 2008. Suppose it will be his place.
abrahma Kumar wrote:Do you think that you could provide feedback to the forum?

Yes, I think so. Some video may be. At least photos :) .

With regards, Shankar



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The Letter to Dadi Janki

Post15 Mar 2010

I am circulating an official letter to Dadi Janki that was sent to all BKs in England and main BK centers in the world. The letter was placed in: Pro Publico Bono website at the very bottom of the page. Here is its content: Letter to Dadi Janki.pdf.:

The copy is here:
2010-03-15 Fukuoka

To: Mrs Dadi Janki, the Head of BKWSU National Coordinating Office
International Headquarters
Pandav Bhawan
Post Box No 2
Mount Abu 307501

CC: Mrs Halina Paradela (Director BKWSU Poland)
Mrs Sister Jayanti (Director BKWSU London), and the others mentioned in the letter.

An open copy of the letter is available in our home page.

An open letter


We are independent Pro Publico Bono servants from Japan, the Country of the Rising Sun. Few years ago we were honored and entrusted a challenging task - the task of examining the Brahma Kumaris activities across the world as there were allegations at that time that although BKIVV were declaring that they serve pro publico bono, they had been violating the rules of the pro publico bono service for decades. The allegations have turned to be the truth.

Could you be so kind and go through the first attachment titled "Statement Brahma Kumaris" that contains Prof. Byrski's (a worldwide famous scholar, specialist in oriental studies, Indian mattes, a former ambassador in India and others) official declaration and clarification of his connections with the Brahma Kumaris?

When you do this, could you go back to the Law established for the Brahmins by the Father, Teacher and Sadguru and verify whether Prof. Byrski who is the VIP of the Brahma Kumaris follows the Law, has recognized the Father, follows his Law and introduces Knowledge and the Father to the others? The detailed information of Byrski’s activities is in his statement.

Could also check the compatibility of Mr. Byrski's activities in the Brahma Kumaris circles described in the statement with the aim and objectives that the Father Teacher and the Supreme Guide has set in the Law for the Brahmins? If you have problems with English we believe that your Mrs Jayanti will be ready to assist you.

Once you do this, could you please go through another attachment titled “activist BK propaganda Byrski” and check whether Mr. Byrski tells the Truth and only the Truth? He considers himself to be a Roman-Catholic Christian as he has declared in his statement. If you have problems with the local language of Mr. Byrski we believe that Mrs Halina Paradela will be ready to serve you.

Once you do this, could you be so kind, (we believe that the Brahma Kumaris are kind people as they declare), and go through the third document which contains a commentary of Mr Byrski (VIP in the Brahma Kumaris) who officially teaches the Brahma Kumaris the Law (Dharma) as it is proved by the second attachment and see what he is saying about the one who is introducing the Father to a journalist conducting an interview with him?

The full interview is placed here: was published in the local media. If you have problems with the local language of the journalist and the interviewed person, we believe that Mrs Halina Paradela will be ready to serve you.

Pro Publico Bono PR
Japan - the Country of Sunrise

Once you notice discrepancies between what the Law says and what the Brahma Kumaris have done in the case of Mr. Byrski and discrepancies between what Mr. Byrski says and what the second attachment proves, and discrepancies between what BK VIP Byrski thinks of God and what/who God is indeed (we believe that it is YOU who have access to the ultimate TRUTH since you have been declaring it for many decades making people pay for your knowledge) could you please act in the most suitable to the circumstances way?

Otherwise, the ultimate solution will have to be put into action. The solution is given the name “a kind and humble request to publish and reveal the detailed accounts of the seminar 2000 organized by the Brahma Kumaris and show it to all the people, particularly to those who are directly and indirectly connected with BK (costs of place, tickets, hotels, equipment, papers, stands, booths, other furniture, cloths, food, drinks for both BKs as well as for all the guests PLUS the cost of TIME).

You declare that you are working to eradicate poverty and bring health, wealth and prosperity in the world, so you must be ready to prove it, musn’t you?

Once you do this, and you will be FORCED to do this, if don’t do it spontaneously, you will be kindly asked to show the results – how many “mikes”, “vips” and “heirs” have the Brahma Kumaris prepared during this seminar? And what is their quality? Are they acting like Mr. Byrski? We believe that your assistants will assist you helping you in counting, translating, preparing press conferences and so on, so you won’t be bothered too much.

Once you do this, we will humbly ask you to check how your stuff is implementing the strategy of communication of ShivBaba’s knowledge. As an experimental field for checking, we recommend the Northern Country of Field, since it is the region about which Your Honorable Teacher said: “The Northern Country (Uttar Pradesh) has to show the religious war.” We believe that you know this point. If by chance Hindi isn’t your mother tongue, we believe that your assistants are ready to help you to understand Avyakt Vanis spoken in Hindi.

Regarding this issue, you will be kindly asked to scrutinize all the costs of BK Roger Cole’s travel to the "Northern Country of Field". BK Roger Cole were traveling incognito as Roger Coole in 2004 and a detailed propaganda article about his travels throughout the world was published in 2 and half pages in one of the local titles. For the details, please do not hesitate and contact Mrs. Halina Paradela.

Once you do this, you will be kindly asked to call BK Roger Cole and ask him what the results of his travel to the "Northern Country of Field" and his tourist stay in the "City of War" were. What are the results of his other travels? We believe that as a disciplined Brahma Kumar (pro publico bono servant), as he is presented by the Brahma Kumaris who publish his propaganda books, he has dedicated all his intellectual and material resources to the work for pro publico bono. This work is called “the Revelation of the Father” in the entire world.

Once you do this, you as the HEAD of the Worldwide University Brahma Kumaris that declare officially working pro publico bono will be kindly asked to scrutinize all the income and outcome in all the branches of BK across the world and verify how your official declaration of pro publico bono work has been implemented in practice. We would like to remind you that Pro Publico Bono agents
across the world follow the LAW that states:

    - the one who aspires to do the work pro publico bono should dedicate all his TRUE knowledge and experience and skills for the common good
    - the one who aspires to do the work pro publico bono is forbidden to promote his
    name and form
    - the one who aspires to do the work pro publico bono should make the best and
    spend the least
    - no ex gratia payment should be taken for service, sharing knowledge, expertise and experience in the work pro publico bono.
Once you do all this, you will be kindly asked to sit in front of the propaganda poster that you had printed. The poster presents three women named: Janki, Gulzar, Prakashami (dead); there is a point of light above them, called by the Brahma Kumaris “God Shiva”. Once you do this, you will be kindly asked to answer these questions:

    1. Who is God the Father?
    2. Who is the God of the Gita?
    3. Where is he?
    4. What is his form?
    5. Where does he live?
    6. What is his name?
    7. What is his occupation?
    8. Is he Devil or the Benevolent One?
Then, you will be asked to calculate costs of paper and print outs and distribution of this poster across the world. In case you have problems with the true recognition, you may refer to the full introduction of the God of the Gita who has already been introduced and officially presented in the "Northern Country of Field" and is available here In case you have problems with the local language, we believe that Mrs Halina Paradela will be ready to assist you as she is one of those who knows all the details.

Once you do this, you will be kindly asked to go through the explanation of DHARMA, that has been prepared also for you here: ... zypadku-2- prawo-i-tzw-mikrofon/. It is a result of a simple and free of cost work of a mike and it is a part of the Vargikaran Strategy.

Once you do this, you will be kindly asked to go through the Vargikaran – the strategy of communication of ShivBaba’s knowledge across the world which has been already published and mentioned. Mrs Halina Paradela knows all the details. The strategy as well as relatively short description of few cases and the results of its 2-month implementation across the world plus costs are available here: For the local language please contact your assistant, Mrs Halina Paradela.

We haven’t been able to prepare in Sindhi and in English for you yet, since we are very busy in Tokyo in calming down the people who saw the content of the home page: and then moved to link provided in the site: They started panicking. Japanese people are very sensitive about [Nuclear warfare].

Once go through all these matters, we believe that you will be shocked seeing the balance of outcome and income of your organization and contrasting it with your result in service pro publico bono.

Pro Publico Bono PR
Japan - the Country of Sunrise

Having presented You these facts, we are kindly informing that the issue has been submitted to the Governments, the Tax Offices, the Highest Chambers of Control, representatives of the Chief Justice and other relevant institutions on the local and international levels, since the behavior and activity of the Brahma Kumaris violate and defame the noble idea of Pro Publico Bono service.

We have sent an open letter to the main intellectual institutions of the world. Your organization has been presented in this letter as “the ones who have committed the intellectual crime”. The copy of the letter is available for you at the bottom of our home page and has been titled “Message to those who Love Knowledge”. Please, do not neglect it and go through it. It will provide you with clear proofs why the Brahma Kumaris can’t call themselves “university” and can’t claim working pro bono.

We are also informing you that the issue has reached the media across the world. We are looking for a lawyer who is ready to represent this challenging and honorable task in the International Tribunal of Justice. Because some of the materials are in local languages, please do not hesitate and contact the source of information.

For your convenience we are sending you details:

If you still need additional proofs, we are ready to see you and discuss with you these matters face to face on the local and international levels in front of the public in Hindi or in English.

We do apologize for not having written to You in Hindi, but not all your assistants can or want to communicate in Hindi. They wouldn’t be able to understand clearly our Message. We are aware that English might be an additional trouble for. We do apologize, Madame.

Sincerely Yours

Pro Publico Bono

Welcome to our information home page:

The attachments:

    1. statement.pdf
    2. activist BK propaganda byrski.pdf
    3. commentary p byrski.pdf
    4. short message for the nation of Japan.pdf
    5. poverty.jpg
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Re: The Letter to Dadi Janki

Post16 Mar 2010

Whew, what on earth is going on here? It looks like some Polish PBK has landed in Japan. Who is Leszek Strug (contact here: ... it all seems to be connected with some PBK blogs:

Well my friend, I am very sorry to say this, but it all looks a little bit confusing. What are you trying to achieve?

Sadly, I am fairly sure any such press releases, and letters to governments, will just hit the trash can straight away unless you can keep your letters shorter and to the point. The last thing any newspaper or government will want to get involved with is a theological debate between two opposing factions of the same sect over 'who is the truest of them all'. No one is interested in the "Law" for Brahmins according to some channeled god spirit.

So, here is my honest response and advice ...

    You obviously have some real, factual information, so please let us know what it is. I would really like to know more about the gross corruption in the Eastern Europe BKWSU of which you speak. Please document it in public in order to protect others.

    a) anonymous letters stating things like, "The highest emergency – to all the institutions of the national importance and national press in India and worldwide" are the same as Lekhraj Kirpalani's crazy letters of the 1930s and 1940s to the Kings, Queens and Military rulers of the world. Such people just aren't interested ... Iran, Iraq, Global Warming, failing economies, massive earthquakes etc are far more important to them!
    b) claiming to be a "Journalist Researcher" when really you are just another sectarian evangelist wont work. Such people will see through the disguise straight away, so you are better just to be honest. It is the same gambit as the BKs use and you are criticising.
    c) Virendra Dev Dixit contemplations do not count as "proofs" to the rest of the world. What the rest of the world and we here are asking for is hard evidence that even Virendra Dev Dixit cannot answer and supply.
All the same, this list of images is both interesting, and funny, in places ... so more of it please! My favorite one is "Rub Wax" 'giving the finger' ... here. I think you mean Ruby Wax ...

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