What is the definition of PBK ?

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friends or family of a BK

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What is the definition of PBK ?

Post02 Apr 2008

Could someone tell me what the definition is of PBK ?
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Re: What is the definition of PBK ?

Post02 Apr 2008

Dear Brother,
Omshanti and welcome to the forum.
As per the Advanced Knowledge (as understood by me) PBK means a soul who becomes the mouthborn progeny of Supreme Father Shiv through Prajapita (World Father) as well as Brahma (World Mother) by realizing their present corporeal roles in the Confluence Age.
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Re: What is the definition of PBK ?

Post02 Apr 2008

PBKs are BK for whom The Knowledge contained too many unsolved mysteries, too many apparent anomalies and who discovered that the history of the movement the BKWSU teach is not entire true ... and who chose the role of questioning the authority thereby bringing upon their head its wrath.

PBKs follow, regard, who is considered a heretical BK called Virendra Dev Dixit who has studied The Knowledge very deeply and either come up with new interpretations or been inspired by the same god that inspired Lekhraj Kirpalani. In Christian terms, outsiders see the PBKs a bit like the Protestant reformers to the BKWSU's Roman Catholic-like excessive .

Perhaps, since this forum attracts many BKs who are for the first time reading about PBKs, PBKs might put together a FAQ or A to Z about PBK-ism.

The BKWSU leadership probably think Virendra Dev Dixit and his BK followers are devils (in their usual style), the PBKs believe that both parties are two sides of the same one family and that ultimately they will be united. Both believe the same basic facts and follow the same basic lifestyle, although differences in the details arise.

The PBK founder just asked the logical question, like, "What did Shiva/Lekhraj Kirpalani mean when he instructed the BK family that the world was going to end in 1976?" It did not so, either it is not God or God mean something else. The PBKs will offer you more metaphorical and less Bhakti-like answers to these difficult questions, this they call "Advanced Knowledge", although it would better be called "Advanced Knowledge".

I am not a PBK, I just wanted to help as a bystander.

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