What is the aim of the PBKs? How is it different from BKs?

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What is the aim of the PBKs? How is it different from BKs?

Post24 Feb 2007

What is the aim of the PBKs? How is it different from BKs?
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Post24 Feb 2007

Dear truth,
Omshanti and welcome to the forum. The official reply to your question, which is given in the Q.No.40 of the Q&A thread of this section is as follows:

The aims and objectives of Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya are as follows:
a. Transforming the world in general and India in particular from hell to heaven, where the religio-political power will be in one hand, and where there will be one religion, one kingdom, one language and one race.
b. Guiding each individual in getting transformed from a man to Narayan and from a woman to Lakshmi through Godly knowledge, Easy RajYoga, Inculcation of virtues and Spiritual Service.
c. Re-establishment of the almost extinct Aadi Sanatan Devi Devata Dharma (the ancient deity religion) by imparting The Knowledge of the soul, Supreme Soul and the beginning, middle & end of the human world drama cycle to the souls of all the religions.
d. Removing diversity, irreligiousness, casteism, enmity, vices, poverty, corruption, etc. through Godly knowledge and RajYoga. World transformation through self transformation. Simple living and high thinking.
e. Making every human being complete in all the virtues, completely soul conscious, completely viceless, highest among all human beings in following the code of conduct and double non-violent (one who does not indulge either in the violence due to anger or the violence of sex-lust) without the prejudice of religion, caste, language, country, colour or financial position.
f. Publicising in the entire world the clarification of Godly knowledge and the deep secrets of Gyan Muralis and Avyakt Vanis published by the Brahmakumari Organization, which is being given by the Supreme Father Shiva through the Spiritual Father Baba Veerendra Deo Dixit, so as to cause world transformation and integration of the entire world into a spiritual family.

But the above answer is for the non-BKs/non-PBKs. From a Brahmin point of view I would like to say that the aim of the PBKs is not much different from the BKs, only the methodology is different. The PBKs aim to unite souls of all the religions of the world into one family under the umbrella protection of ShivBaba who gets His work done through Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, who are present in this world in corporeal form. This would be/is being done by first uniting the seed-like souls of all the religions present among the PBKs, then by uniting the root-like souls of all the religions present among the BKs and when the BKs (rosary of victory) and PBKs (rosary of Rudra) unite, they would then unite the souls belonging to various religions in the outside world.

As regards your question as to how is it different from the BKs, I would like to say that BKs aim to get transformed from human beings to deities in the next birth, but PBKs aim to get transformed into deities in this birth itself, i.e. they aim to establish and experience heaven through this body itself.

The BKs don't have a clear idea as to how the world transformation is going to be brought about because they do not have the benefit of direct guidance by ShivBaba. Although they believe BapDada to be giving knowledge through Gulzar Dadiji, but there is no direct monitoring of the activities of the BKs by ShivBaba. BapDada just comes very few time in a year, chit-chats with the children and departs. No BK can seek clarifications/answers either from BapDada or from the BK Administration. There is no single center of power. It is divided into too many hands. At the topmost level itself there are three Dadis, and then multiple levels of administration from top to bottom. In such a situation how do they expect the entire power of religion and politics to come to their hands?

In contrast the PBKs are directly guided, controlled and monitored by ShivBaba who they believe to be working in a corporeal form. He does not just narrate knowledge but also clarifies the doubts of the PBKs, guides them in the matters related to personal life as well as the alokik Brahmin life.




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Post20 Mar 2007


Dear Brother truth,

The aim of BKs is to reveal bindi ShivBaba; but i do not know through' which Chariot they are going to reveal HIM? Is it through Gulzar Dadi or somebody else we do not know.

The aim of PBKs is to reveal the body of Virendra Dev Dixit(as the Chariot of bindi ShivBaba); again i do not know how bindi ShivBaba will be revealed through' the body of Virendra Dev Dixit without the third eye of knowledge(because without knowledge bindi Shivbap can never be understood)

According to Murlis, the aim of Godly study can be summed up in two words "Alaf and Be" (ie. we have to know who is Alaf and accordingly receive inheritance from Him"; in Murlis it is said "once you know alaf then you will know everything".)


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