Truth searching for TRUTH

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Truth searching for TRUTH

Post10 Mar 2007

Dear Bro. Arjun, Shiv Sena, John, Bansy & all other Souls in this Form,

Om Shanti,

I like to share my experience and I need your opinion.

I am a BK Kumar, 8 years in Gyan. I have strong faith in Shiva Baba & BB & Mama(Om Radhey). I respect Dadis and all Sr. Faculties. I do Baba's service with full mind and follows most of of Baba's Shrimat strictly. I experience the +ve & -ve parts of BK life clearly during my childhood days of my Alokik Life. So I have taken the promise that whatever happend in BK Family & also in my Lokik Family, I will not leave my Baba & my purity. Now also I am very happy with BK life in every sense because I see only Shiva Baba & Drama.

5 years before one of my BK friend received information about the Avance Party (only one day class), he was frustrated, confused & still continuing BK Life with satisfaction.

All this things makes me eager to know about the PBKs. I got a chance to do 5 days class about Advanced Knowledge.

I did the Bhatti.

I have signed Affidavit (Faith Certificate) because I wanted to meet Virendra Dev Dixit and otherwise PBKs won't allow to meet him.

Finally, I got the chance to meet Virendra Dev Dixit face to face.

All the above I did, not because;
    1. Dissatisfaction in the BK Knowledge & family
    2. My questions are not answered well
    3. Lack of Purity
But because I would like to meet my Long Lost and Now Found Beloved Shiva Baba in Sakar, the same thing the PBKs claimed to me during first day of 5 days class. Yes, I would like to experience the love of my Lover, Baba's guidance & Godly Friend's Friendship.

But after first meeting with Virendra Dev Dixit, I couldn't/did not have Shiva Baba's unique experience through him.

By "experience", what I mean was that by Almighty's presence we will forget body-consciousness and automatically we will become soul-conscious (at least for some time) and our wishes of birth after birth to meet him in Sakar will be fulfilled. You see, if BapDada comes in Madhuban the atmosphere fully changes and I used to feel inner happiness even when I am sitting in the big hall. I used to feel pain when he goes back.

Knowledge discussion and debate, even non-BKs can also do very well, as Baba says in Murli.

Still I continue BK life with satisfaction but Sakar Baba's experience still I would like it. My aim is to become completely viceless and become Lighthouse for the entire world. I do not hate any PBKs as they are my Brothers and their knowledge.

Let me know your opinion. It may be my fault to recognize him, if so what Purusharth should I should do? Because I do not want to be disappointed later.


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Post10 Mar 2007

Well Brothers and Sisters,

Who wants to be first to help our fellow soul truth. What an honest post.

I actually don't feel Brother truth is any closer or further from TRUTH as any of us are on this forum. Our timelines ("shooting periods") are different and we all just happen to overlap at this point in time. I am pleased he is continously making efforts and I am sure that gives him internal strength and courage to go forward, whether it is alokik or lokik. Thanks for sharing this experience.

Though I think I will let a PBK answer in detail first regarding the meeting with ShivBaba (Virendra Dev Dixit), as I have not met ShivBaba though I have much studied the Advanced Knowledge.
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Post10 Mar 2007

Dear Truth,

Omshanti. I really appreciate your honesty and truthfulness. It is possible that some other PBKs may also be sharing this experience, but may not have told others out of shyness or fear.

The varying experience that souls may have while attending the clarification Murli classes or discussion classes with ShivBaba (through Baba Virendra Dev Dixit) may be because of their varying karmic accounts with the soul of Confluence-Aged Ram (Baba Virendra Dev Dixit). If someone has more karmic accounts with the soul of Krishna (Dada Lekhraj) one would be more attracted towards the gathering of Avyakt BapDada or BKs. If someone has more karmic accounts with the soul of Ram, then one would be more attracted to the gathering of PBKs. It also depends on one's stage of soul consciousness.

But whatever the reason of not having experienced ShivBaba through Baba Virendra Dev Dixit, I respect your experience and would suggest that you continue to make spiritual efforts with the gathering of BKs. It is highly appreciated that you have no hatred towards any PBK. I hope that during your spiritual life with the BKs, you would continue to spread this love for all souls (including PBKs) among the BKs. Whichever path you may choose to follow, but if you are following it sincerely as per Shrimat, you would definitely get the fruits for your actions.


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