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Re: Food for thought for all PBKs

Post15 Oct 2008

Thanks for your sharing. It's a most fascinating topic Shivsena, is it not? For me, I believe we are invisible to the naked eye ordinarily but as we may project anything positive within the framework of the bounds of the laws of the universe, (the song of god) and our part in His song. So, if we are fortunate enough to be Farishta then the vision would depend on the seer's wishes, i.e. a Western Christian would see a different form from a Zulu tribesman etc. Similarly anything not pure and positive would project a vision by the same mechanism of matter/laws of the universe but totally without Baba's power, i.e. a ghost vs an Angel. Same system, totally different cause of effect. I have a lovely drawing from Madhuban showing a white hole and a black hole ... It is to me like the difference between the light and the absence of light in say a Mandelbrot rendering within Chaos theory.

To me though, I always feel and return to the same point (pun intended), the experience/benefit may definitely be had without the full understanding YET! So the more we focus on that the sooner, we will become equal and know the nuts and bolts, yes ?

In summation though, my belief is just as Baba says the soul may be unlimited therefore to need to understand in the emerged form, its fundamental state of being is basically ... dare I say it, POINTLESS ... :D.

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