Which PBKs got a beating

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Which PBKs got a beating

Post03 Jun 2007

I cannot recall which thread this has been raised where PBKs get beaten with sticks. Maybe Arjunbhai can point this out, and have this moved to that thread.

My question, which was passed to me, was which BKs do the beatings, BK Brothers and/or BK Sisters. Secondly, are PBK Brothers beaten and/or PBK Sisters (mothers) beaten? Neither is acceptable but I just wonder how many would speak out (esp Sisters and mothers) if they had gotten a beating. What does ShivBaba (Virendra Dev Dixit) say about this?
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Post05 Jun 2007

Sister Bansy,

Omshanti. I tried to search the forum for the concerned topic related to violence against PBKs, but I could not find it. May be Admin. or other moderators would help us in this task.

Mostly it is certain BK Brothers who do the beatings, but there have been incidents where BK Sisters have also indulged in such beatings. For example at the megaprogramme held at Patparganj in East Delhi about two years ago, most PBK mothers were distributing pamphlets outside the venue, on the main road to the members of public/BKs coming out of the venue, but one PBK mother, in her enthusiasm ventured into the venue and was caught by a BK teacher and beaten. The PBK mother somehow managed to come out, but did not wish to lodge a police complaint because her husband was a non-BK/non-PBK and she did not want him to know about her experience. Otherwise he would not allow her to attend the PBK classes in future. So, that way the incident went unnoticed. But, I don't think either that PBK mother or the BK teacher or the scores of witnesses to that incident would ever forget it.

As regards your second question, it is mostly the PBK Brothers who are beaten but there have been incidents where the PBK mothers have also been manhandled. I have mentioned about the Panipat megaprogramme where some PBK Brothers were kidnapped and severely beaten. Some PBK mothers (including senior citizens) were manhandled. All of them lodged official police complaint, but nothing happened since all those PBKs were non-locals, i.e. from outside Panipat. Although the Police administration did not take any action at that time, but now, a couple of years later, the same BKs from Panipat are facing boycott and possible arrest due to some incident involving BKs that was in the limelight for many days recently.

As regards Baba Virendra Dev Dixit's opinion in this regard, first he says that whenever such incidents of violence take place they should promptly be reported to Police, but very few PBKs muster up courage to lodge police complaints. As regards the spiritual explanation for the incidents, ShivBaba (through Baba Virendra Dev Dixit) says that the PBKs who have taken a beating might have ill-treated those BKs in their past births when these PBKs were in power. But that does not mean that they should silently tolerate such violence and should report the incidents to police.


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