Would members support transcribing the Murlis?

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Would members support transcribing the Murlis in order to create a searchable database?

I think this is a great idea
I think this is a great idea and would like to financially support it
I think this is a great idea and can help manage it in India
No votes
I think this is a great idea and can provide Murlis
I think this is a great idea and can volunteer to type Murlis out
I think this is a great idea and can help with translation
I think this is a bad idea and we should trust in the BKWSU Senior Sisters' decision to keep the Murlis secret, re-write them in private and not provide them for anyone to study, even regular BKs
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Would members support transcribing the Murlis?

Post22 Feb 2008

It has been suggested, given the lack of openness and cooperation of the BKWSU, that forum members organize together to arrange for an entire copy of the Murlis to be scanned and typed out so that they can be made public for all on this website and free to download.

It would appear that a number of complete sets of the Sakar Murlis exist outside of the Brahmakumaris' control in India. There is at least one with a forum member shivsena and one with the PBKs. What has been suggested is that we hire a professional touch typist, at local rates, to type out the Murlis in full. This would be in addition to someone gradually scanning them. These could then be uploaded in text form to the website either to the Encyclopedia section, here, or the Avyakt Murli section, here.

We are not asking for donations to do this but we are asking if individuals would be willing to assist in the cost of doing so by paying the typist directly. The advantage of having the Murlis typed into text is that it makes them instantly searchable. The aim is to have a final database of all the Murlis that is searchable and that can track the edits and re-writing performed by the BKWSU.

    Thanks to the new software, users can now chose more than one option in the poll.

    If members wish to contribute, either financially or in performing or coordinating such a venture, please contact us off forum with details.
If any member can recommend such a typist or a professional agency personally, please also contact us at, info@brahmakumaris.info. The work could be full-time or part-time accordingly. Murlis should preferably be in both English and Hindi but either will do.

Thank you.

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