Who will care for you when you become old or terminal ill?

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Who do you think will be your primary carer, when you become old or terminal ill?

My physical family
Other BKs
The State or Government of your country
It wont happen because Destruction will happen and Baba is protecting me
Its OK, I have a private pension plan
I will die alone
Total votes : 41

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Re: Who will care for you when you become old or terminal il

Post23 Apr 2016

Sorry 99agr99 ... you did not put the starting comment as quotes so i thought it came from you, please don´t mind.

On the other hand, BKs in fact look for emotionally and psychologically weaker persons, and ones already challenged by life, but with good sized pockets and start spreading their spiritual traps.
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Re: Thanks

Post23 Apr 2016

99agr99 wrote:I just wanted to question BK logic of different ranks in Satyug.

It's a fair question then.

I'd say the simple answer is the idea appealed to the mentality of materialistic 'social climber', Lekhraj Kirpalani, and the original Sindi Om Mandli followers ... and it continues to work for many Indians who are imbued with images of Krishna and Vaikuntha whilst surrounded by oppressive poverty. I think LKs world view was more informed by early Bollywood depictions than accurate psychic visions.

As long ago as the 1980s, many Western BKs had a dissident view of heaven on earth that was far more divine, natural and eglitarian, but they were never official adopted. I guess the old Sindis were just far more into their class/caste world view ... one in which some people are destined to be more happy and contented and materially wealthy than others.

From memory, the status of a cremator was reserved for those BK who had sex ... or the "pyre of lust" as it is called ... in this life and so perhaps it really just has a metaphorical value?

I am not a believer in the BKs' future. In my opinion, their "Golden Age" full of grand palaces, formal gardens, courts and flying machines is in the here and now.

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