Holding onto the Four Faiths

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What is your weakest Faith ?

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Holding onto the Four Faiths

Post26 Apr 2007

Continuation of XBKChat poll here : http://ex.brahmakumaris.info/bkx/Poll__ ... ths.1.html
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Post26 Apr 2007

Good question bansy. When I first left the BKWSU, my faith in Gyan had moved from 100% to about 40-50% and I went out searching for the Truth as it came to me, as apposed to having it told to me by other people based on their experiences and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc hand feedback.. I sorta saw Gyan as a whole; the BK’s concept of Self, God, Family, Drama to be part of one philosophy.

Pretty much from the beginning of my ex-BK days, I started looking elsewhere for a deeper truth about the above 4 mentioned aspects. Right now I am playing around with the theory that the soul is actually not in the body, as scientist have not been able to find the interpreter-decision maker of reality within the body (Jagdish says otherwise in one of his books). So the theory goes that the self is actually like a energy frequency with the focal point in time and space being the body.

In regards to God, what seems to make sense to me, is perhaps some form of omnipotent being does exist, but that he/she/it doesn’t usually interfere with human lives directly, not mine anyways. When we pray to God or have Yoga or what ever we are connecting to a part of ourselves or part of the world's collective consciousness or unconsciousness, usually via a personal or tribal archetype, and it’s our emotions that attract transformations.

Family, I have complete 100% faith that they are not perfect and still have a lot of defects, but as far as being Angels and future Gods? And with the whole Raja Yoga concept of Karma, Drama and The Cycle, I don't believe in these concepts at all for how I live my life now a days. Quite honestly I have been lost as to a sense of purpose for myself and the world. I did have this wonderful idea while meditating yesterday though.

There is a process; it is for the greater good, (whatever good actually means). True security comes from putting faith in this process. But understanding the ramifications of this great comic process, and thus being able to move through life consciously in alignment with this great intelligence still eludes me.

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