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Young, Gifted & Black in the BKWSU ...

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2016
by onthor
No, I don't mean Australia; but I will have to do a check on that as you may be right re: Polynesian Islands.

Re: Young, Gifted & Black in the BKWSU ...

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2016
by GuptaRati 6666
After almost 40 plus years there is a deep and extensive discussion on souls in black bodies and their interactions with BKism. Some high ranking Sisters in the BK organization performed double acts of racism combined with sexism. Females were supposed to be better than males, especially light skin Indian females and white females. Howard Garner of Harvard multiple Intelligence Theory and Gary Null's Life Energies, debunk many spiritually based ideas of one race being greater than another or one sex having greater advantages over another.

Re: Young, Gifted & Black in the BKWSU ...

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2016
by ex-l
I still have open on my PC as I write, and am chewing my way through, Walter Rodney's hugely encompassing work which is surely merely a framework for an entire university course worth of study.

I also watched the new "Birth of a Nation" movie (... which I thought was awful, dangerous and deliberately cheeky to borrow D. W. Griffith's title. a bit of an irresponsible vanity project for its creator).

What it makes me think is that there is a book or thesis to be written about how black consciousness meet with and respond to BK consciousness. It would take someone with a degree of detachment and personal insights to do.

We had an earlier encounter with another formally influence Black BK Easton who developed the Reach Approach. A sort of therapy.

It did not go well either with him or some of his client who, I guess, came from the same community and were particularly agressive/defensive/protective. It seems he also has business connections with BKs and the BKWSU refers to him clients of theirs who are having hard times.

I was disappointed that he was unwilling to discuss - in principle without breaching professional confidences - his experience, the problems he was encountering and the solutions he had found.

He ended up calling the police on us trying to us busted for something and complaining the police board when they did nothing. "Unresolved issues", methinks.

Not all Black communities are sweetness and light. Something a book like Rodney's would be helpful in doing is illustrating and identifiying the different socio-genetic heritages that have been scrambled by slavery, and 20th Century economic migrancy.

I think it'd do a lot of good for such individuals to have DNA tests and get a feel from where - specifically - they came, e.g. you obviously having a martial background and trammeling it within the currently available martial traditions.

Whether chucking it all out to replace it with the brahmanic/submissive temple clerk identity model of BKism work is a question I would answer no.

Or, to look at it another way, deleting the African Operating System and trying to install a Sindhi/Gujerati BK one.

Doomed to failure I would have thought.

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PostPosted: 30 Dec 2016
by ex-l
Taken from the African Holocaust website ...
If every day an African from birth sees a casual association in the formula of:

White = Success = Wealth = Intelligent

Everything in media reinforces this, everything in the business environment backs this up. Even religious images confirm the supposed divine racial hierarchy of the European race.

Now when Africa is conjured up, we get the following equation

Africa/Blackness = Poor = Backward = Dependant = No Power = No Value

The final relationship between Blackness and Whiteness is therefore

White > (greater than) Black

This entire formula is encoded into the global images which are the key source of information and the root of an inferiority complex. The challenge therefore is in the images and knowledge of self.

How does that fit with Black consciousness within BKism?

As an aside, I think such a statement applies more to Black Americans or Black British, rather than Black Africans in Black African nations, where racial division is not apparent because every one is just 'a human' rather than a "Black Human" surrounded by Whites. I think a different sort of self-awareness arises in minorities.

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PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016
by GuptaRati 6666
Ah Ha!!!! Ex I. Such a book project is an ingenious idea! The world needs a book on the interaction of Black Consciousness with BKism. For me personally, it has never been an issue of white washing or black washing and race problems in the BK community never bothered me. I have dated more god Sisters (white women) than Sisters (black women). Witnessing West Indian cricket playing a role in defeating apartheid in the 1980s and Cuban troops fighting in Africa as a teen, white supremacy was never supreme in my family or community. John Wayne was never my hero, especially after watching the following films: Enter the Dragon, Khartum, Geronimo, Zulu Dawn, and Hannibal.

While the USA was being defeated in the rice paddies and jungles of Vietnam, a mythic/reality hero took the world by a storm: Bruce Lee. Zulu Dawn was a reenactment of the Battle of Isandlwana. Zulus armed with battle clubs and spears decimated more than a thousand Red Coats who were armed with state of the art weaponry far superior to the primitive arms of the Zulus.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain at the time had to ask, who are the Zulus? To this day, military time has the name Zulu attached to it. The defeat of the British at Isandlwana was the greatest defeat of the British military in Victorian times. At Yale University, the stolen skull of Geronimo is stored and has not been returned to the Red People. If Hannibal had siege machines, he would have destroyed Rome. The architects of the fight against terrorism are fearful of the rise of a new Mahdi. Even J. Edgar Hover was fearful of the emerging of a black Messiah.

Black consciousness clashing with BKism in the 1970s and onwards was personalized or personified. White supremacy, all the TV ads, movie films, sport events cannot erase from the DNA and psyche of a person who as a youth had black and Asian super stars, and historical figures as role models.

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PostPosted: 01 Jan 2017
by ex-l
The Brahma Kumaris don't care what colour you are ... as long as you are castrated (metaphorically or metaphysically).

In that way, they are a bit like the Moghuls or Islamic leaders* of old ... holding court surrounded and serviced their eunuchs.

They'd ride a white horse or a black horse if they can ... as long as it has been gelded first.

When I meet people from the Africas or Americas I always say, "I am not White, I am Scots". We, the Gaels, were their first "experiment" in Empire building and so we share the same enemy/experience. Not all "Whites" are one ... although it is true many Gaels joined the Empire and many more were put into service for it, no more or less voluntary than Africans were. Others did not. We rooted for the Native Americans, the Vietnamese, and danced to "Free Nelson Mandela".

I am still chewing my way throught Rodney's book and reading around it to verify opinions and facts. It is certainly a powerful argument.

However, in fact, I don't think the conquest of the Gaels (the Scots and Irish) was the first experiment in Empire building ... I see it as a continuum of a similar type of people over people's going right back to Rome, then Greece/Athens ... perhaps even to Egypt and the pyramid builders (thought I don't know the latters).

Onthor, who figures in this and the other topic on Africa/Africans raised the issue of the New World Order. I don't think he is wrong in looking for it and learning about it ... except that I do not see it as a "new" order but rather just "business as usual" for an old order.

[* The PBKs have this theory that the currebt BKWSU/BK leadership has been taken over by the "Islamic" influences within BKism (a theory relating to the BK concept of The Tree, Cycle, and the Confluence Age being the "shooting" period for the next cycle etc).]

Re: Young, Gifted & Black in the BKWSU ...

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
The horse is an excellent analogy. In the Bhagavad Gita, the horse symbolize the mind. Some investigations indicate that Scotland was a haven for the Knights Templars who morphed into the Free Masons and currently have predominant influence around the world. The Free Masons, it seems, are the face and architects of the world order. Some authors claim that when there was the attempt by the Church of Rome to destroy the Templars, some used their skills in nautical commerce and science to develop piracy as their war against the Popes.
Here is an interesting link to a documentary series: