BKWSU Thugs use Violence to Suppress Religious Group

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BKWSU Thugs use Violence to Suppress Religious Group

Post02 Jun 2008

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Posted October 8th, 2006

Reports have been received from India of an increasing trend in BKWSU sponsored violence towards PBKs contrasting the “love and light” image the so called Spiritual University enjoys in the West.

The sight of heavy stick wielding BK “Brothers” is a common sight at large BK events. What has been revealed is their practise of kidnapping PBK in cars, removing them to a distant location and “beating them black and blue”. In one incident, PBKs were beaten so “mercilessly” that they had to be admitted in hospital. In others, even elderly women were manhandled.

As similar events have taken place across India from Karnatak to Haryana and Delhi, it would appear to be a central policy of the organization to use violence to suppress critics. Police complaints have been filled, the BKs in one incident plea-bargaining in response.

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris see themselves and the Brahma Kumaris are belonging to one religious family. Several detailed hospital and police reports have been noted.

The question remains, which ones of Brahma’s “Angelic” Daughters gave the Shrimat to do this?
Admin says: October 8th, 2006

Further concerned reports have been immediately received of the same kind of “big stick” control being used by Hindu BK Brothers onto lower caste Hindu BK Brahmins at the organization’s headquarters in Abu Road.
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Re: BKWSU Thugs use Violence to Suppress Religious Group

Post25 Sep 2009

On a few occasion, accounts of the beating of PBKs by BK adherents have been reported and discussed on this forum. Here is the latest one. Elsewhere we have been discussing the "Fear-based teachings" of BKWSU leaders, I think this fear issue goes much further than we considered and paints a rather different picture of the Brahma Kumaris but a more accurate one.

It is notable because it also involves the collusion of Brahma Kumari women in the violence, or threat of violence.

I hope that those that belittle this website for being a "hate website" or The Anti-Party choke on their toli as they extol the wondrous, enlightened virtues of the BKWSU.
PBKs have always been at the receiving end as far as physical violence is concerned. I can tell you about a latest incident.

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from a PBK Brother from Aligarh in UP. He said that the rural wing of BKWSU had organized a week long programme at Aligarh. The PBK Brother's young daughter wanted to see the fair and therefore three PBKs went to the fair along with the young girl. As soon as they entered the venue, the BKs became alert and started moving around them in suspicion. They started listening to the person explaining the exhibits. They did not talk to any BK nor distributed any pamphlet (in fact they did not carry any with them).

Soon a BK Sister/mother identified them, gathered some BK Brothers and surrounded them. Those BKs warned them that if they do not leave the venue immediately they sould start beating them with sticks.

The poor PBKs tried to reason with them by telling them that they are not disturbing anyone, they are just seeing the exhibition peacefully. But the BKs did not listen to them and forced them to leave the venue. Since the PBKs were new and in minority they had no option but to leave.

Is this an indication of a divine family under the direct sustenance of God Father?

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