BKWSU = No members ... its official

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BKWSU = No members ... its official

Post02 Jun 2008

Posted October 2nd, 2007

From the; RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF Brahma Kumaris WORLD SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION. Dated February 4 2000 by Mohini Panjabi – President.

    “This corporation is a religious institution organized exclusively for religious activities and educational purposes. It will operate primarily to regularly conduct religious services and classes to accomplish the following objectives, and these objectives only:
    • To teach knowledge of Raja Yoga, thereby to give relief from mental and physical distress ...
    • To train, ordain and maintain a corps of clergy dedicated to the spiritual purposes of the corporation ...
    • To conduct missionary activities ...
    • To establish centers and ashrams for the followers to follow and practice living a pure life ... and inculcation of divine virtues ... in a home like environment.”


    "This corporation is to have no members."
BrahmaKumaris.Info would like to offer a special reward to any BK "non-member" that can provide evidence of their “ordination” and explain why their “clergy” publicly deny being a religion ... given the articles above?

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