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Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2009
by admin
BKWSU Senior Sisters Sudesh, Jayanti, Janki, Mohini & Gulzar
The following correspondence was received by active and concerned BKs. It makes clear that the individuals have no desire to be seen or associated with any "anti-party". The group states that they are acting of concern for the welfare of other BK followers and the longer term health of the Brahma Kumari movement.

The correspondence documents long term patterns of favoritism, abuse and exploitation internationally and makes clear that there is further evidence to come forward in the future. It also discusses approached to official bodies such as tax and charity related governmental departments.

Whereas we have no way of confirming all of the claims but the majority run concurrent with other reports or documentation we have received and are investigating. As such, we have very good grounds to believe the reports have at least some truth in their details and that, combing the two sets, there is adequate public interest for publishing these.

In case of requests for further information, contact details are held but not made public here. The individuals state that they have already experienced the internal BKWSU 'spy machine' wheeling into action attempting to, erroneously, discover who they are. The correspondence is published in good faith and is unedited.
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are a group of Baba's children from different continents.  Some of us have been with Baba for a very long time, since the start of double foreign service, some of us are in centers, some of us have been with Baba for a few years.  We have in common one thing: we have a great loyalty and love for Baba, His principles and His values.
For some time we have had deep concerns about practices which have been continued and supported by the BK leadership which go against Baba's principles. For some time we have tried to raise these concerns as individuals with our senior teachers.  However, nothing has happened. 
This year, we gave official voice to our concerns for the first time.  We firstly sent letters to Dadi Janki, Jayanti bhen, Nirwair Bhai, Sudesh Bhen, Vedanti bhen, Nirmala bhen, Mohini bhen (New York) and for the attention of Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Ratanmohini in July.  We asked them to respond to us. We had a response from the BK Info email address asking us to meet personally. As we had already tried personal meetings to no avail, we sent a further response to this in August.  We did ask for this message to be passed to Baba, but we had no response.  Baba has raised of many of these issues in this seasons Murlis, but his "instruments" have not responded.
These letters are attached to this email.  We had no response to the letters that we sent in August.  We have waited this long, but now we have no choice but to carry out a part of what we said in those letters that we would do, that is to raise these issues with the wider family.
We have no desire to cause disservice; on the contrary, we are concerned that the disservice being perpetuated by the BK leadership should not continue and that we cannot as a family fulfill Baba’s vision of us as if we continue to behave like with the same lack of spirituality as any other Kaliyug group.
Given that all of you are busy, the main points in these letters are highlighted below

    1. Some European country coordinators (Wendy, Greece (Italy?); Jacqueline, Holland; Mira, Spain; Anthony, Greece; Babette, France) have been using manipulative and bullying methods to maintain their power. The BK leadership have done nothing to support the students and have continued to support these teachers.
    2. All the NCOs have been supported Dadi Janki and promoted the concept that she is one of the eight jewels and that therefore everything she does and says is beyond comment or criticism. However, her behavior is not such, and she continues to behave in a bullying and manipulative way by undermining souls in public, cutting off souls from the family and behaving in a bigoted way.
    3. Souls are favored on the basis of cultural background, teacher status, marital status, wealth, position and education and are treated unequally, not with Baba’s vision, especially by Dadi Janki and Jayanti bhen.
    4. Souls who do not have position and power and who have made mistakes are then cut off with no love or support and treated like pariahs. Souls are used financially, emotionally and physically to support the Yagya.  As soon as they show signs of weakness and are not easily fitted into the system, they are dumped because they are useless for their purposes.  There are many Brahmins who have been abandoned in this way and not given the support of the family. This is not Baba's system.
    5. The UK system of accountancy is corrupt, disempowering the regional centers and individual souls who are encouraged to sell their properties and are then dropped and left with nothing in their mature years. Double billing to the charity commission so that money can be siphoned out is a common practice. The BKWSU in the UK is already under investigation for its fraudulent charity practices.
    6. Much money in London has been used in setting up bhavans, but souls who are allowed to stay there then have to toe the line or else are left with nothing.
    7. A similar practice has happened in the US, where souls were encouraged to sell their homes before moving to Peace Village, and then were not supported and left with nothing.
    8. Main Centre Teachers in North America who have been acting negatively towards their students were supported by Sister Mohini and then when the situation became untenable have then removed these teachers and left them unsupported.
    9. Money has been embezzled in Nigeria and visas have been obtained illegally for teachers in Ghana.
    10. A senior teacher in Dubai has abused her position there by embezzling money and importing materials to the UK.  She also brings in young Kumaris illegally from India.
In summary, we are concerned that, ethically, financially and morally, the BK leadership has been supporting the very body conscious systems that they moralize about.  This is no longer something that can be hidden. As time goes on, all this negative karma will automatically be revealed.  We are within the Brahmin family and in no way do we wish to see disservice happen, but if the leadership continues to behave like this, we are concerned that the corruption and bullying will continue to be publicly revealed and do great disservice.  Those who are "anti" the BKs will continue to highlight what they are able to see from the outside.  

We are not associated in any way with any "anti" groups. On the contrary, it is out of love and a desire to see Baba's principles truly lived from the heart that we are sending this letter. We have the pure hope that with greater awareness things can change for the better. It is the responsibility of each one of us individually that our family behaves in a pure and divine way.  If we each no longer chose to support activities that are bullying, corrupt or unequal, they would no longer be able to continue.

After all these letters were sent, they have tried to find out through their "subtle" investigations who is responsible for sending these emails.  They have suspected certain individuals and have made assumptions.  In many cases they are totally incorrect.
In several classes and personal meetings again and again in the last 4 months, Dadi Janki, Sister Mohini, Sister Sudesh, Sister Nirmala, Sister Vedanti, Sister Jayanti and certain Brothers from Madhuban and around the world have continued to talk about paying attention on self transformation, not looking at others and not gossiping.  Baba has also talked about these aspects in this seasons’ Murlis, however it is these RCOs themselves and the so-called Seniors especially Dadi Janki who constantly use gossip and manipulative bullying methods to get information about people through third parties and take action against spiritual laws and Baba’s directions, of judgment, punishment, denial and out-casting of souls. 

We are personally aware of at least 30 cases where they have behaved and are behaving with judgment, punishment and non communication and are canceling these souls out of the Brahmin family through innuendos, insinuations and defamation.  We are concerned for many other family members that we do not know of who are suffering in silence. 
We will wait to see what steps the family as a whole takes, whether you do so through Yoga power, through helping to set up better practices through your position or through refusing to use the policies that are based on human fallacies and fallibility is up to you.  We surrender this to you the family, Drama and Baba.
With all our spiritual vision and love,

In Baba's Yaad

The Torch

P.S. if any of us can be of any help in any way to spiritually support any member of the family at any time you are welcome to do so.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2009
by admin
Letter sent in July 08 to the above named parties. 

This letter is from a group of concerned Brahmins who have been in Gyan for many years and are writing out of love for Baba, the Brahmin family and great concern for what we have witnessed within the BK organisation. A copy of this is being sent to all the NCOs of the organisation. Then if we do not get the satisfaction it will be sent to the main coordinators.
We have kept quiet until now because we knew that Dadi Prakashmani was trying her best to take care of things, but all of you have taken some advantage of her since she started developing Alzheimer’s in 2001.
All of us have talked to Dadi Kumarka about some part of our concerns and she heard us respectfully and asked us to have good wishes. We have been sending you our good wishes and love for so many years. However, as you have continued to be negative towards people, you have not been open to the good wishes. We have as well all tried to talk to you personally.
We have respected, trusted and honoured you all with the wellbeing and healing for our souls’ and you have put yourself in the position of trust.  It is understandable that you made mistakes in the beginning, but none of you learned from your mistakes and you as well multiplied, increased and compounded these mistakes.
We respected you as having more of the spiritual knowledge and experience, but unfortunately you have only used that to increase your egos and your power through power and service.  You don’t have the attitude of  “we are here to serve” as Brahma Baba did, that “I am an obedient servant”, but instead have the thoughts of  “what can this person bring to service and which areas can they be used in to benefit us in service”. 

You use Baba’s  Gyan to justify this, but you don’t have the respect or trust for souls younger than you in Gyan, or age or status.  You do only have the respect for money. You have passed this onto others and those who don’t agree with it have been sacked from your close-knit clan.
What we have seen in the last 20-30 years from all of you is that your decisions are made up of self-serving, fearful motivations, living in the past, competing with each other, one-upmanship, manipulation, prejudice and racism.  You have made the use of  people’s skills, relationships, lives and finances and then dropped them when there was no further use for them.  These atrocities have been committed by all of you, which is unjust and despicable. You all have been complicit and complacent in this negative creation.
Your RCOs know all these things about you and you have set them this example to act in an even worse way and so they have become vicious in their attitude, people who are presenting one face to the world and one face to their minions.  You are all guilty of this hypocrisy and feed it to those below you in the hierarchy.  You have created these people as they are now.
People are not needing your condescending, judgmental and petty attitudes.  They instead need Baba’s love from you and they need to be seen as the stars of virtues Baba sees them as and need your behaviour to be the kind that Baba gave you to get it right even if you kept getting it wrong.

They need your compassion to accept their human weaknesses and defects and yet understand they are trying very hard to become deities just like you are trying.  You made them emotionally dependant on you, to be soul-conscious, spiritual through your so-called “Shrimat” and then you cut them off when their attitudes, actions did not suit your purpose and image and then you distanced yourself from such “tamopradhan” intellects. 

This is outright emotional and spiritual abuse. You have chosen to identify with yourselves as victims and viciously lashed out abusively at people that you think have wronged you or the organisation.  You have also lashed out at individuals by siding with people you consider to be victims and yet all of you have given classes and spouted out the Law of Karma and how it is so accurate, as well as the benefits of drama, where the Confluence Age is only beneficial.
You have chosen to accept mistakes of some and punish the mistakes of others.  You have different standards for rich and for poor.  For the educated it is different / for the uneducated and innocents it is different.  There are blessings for marriages given for some and for others they are defamed and treated like lowly beings that crawled out of the gutter. People are publicly named, shamed and defamed – publicly meaning when there are more than two people present.
The worst is that you have a system of bullying that is rife amongst all of you as well as in the RCOs and small city teachers.  Most of you don’t even know that you are bullying people and bossing them about and yet Baba defined it in the 70s and 80s very clearly.  However this is an underlying surreptitious policy.
You have played games with the souls in your spiritual care emotionally, financially, spiritually, mentally and philosophically and you have used Baba’s knowledge and principles as a sword to justify your authority.
There are teachers within your system who have broken Maryadas regarding food, celibacy, alcohol and Murlis.  Many of them have been summarily kicked out without giving them any opportunity to face their demons and deal with things in the family, and there are some who have been left in the Yagya and continue to cheat and betray their students trust. 

In every continent there are teachers who have financially embezzled the organisation and gotten away with it completely and there are those who have been cut off and sent to Coventry.  All of you have been accusers, judge, jury and executors.  We do not believe that you have sought the council of  Dadi Gulzar and or Dadi Prakashmani every time in every case.
The bottom line is this: the Confluence of the Confluence Age has arrived last year and we have waited for you to show that you are ready and willing to make the changes that Baba and Drama asked of you last season.  We have not seen these changes on a personal or organisational level. 
This letter applies to Dadi Janki as well as many of the so-called Seniors of India. Please take us very seriously because we will not stop.  If you decide to ignore us and instead take the attitude that we are angry and want to get back at you – you are deluded.  We have waited for 20 years for you to sort your act out and change your attitude within the Brahmin family but it has only continued to get worse.
We respectfully and spiritually request that you take this letter very seriously and reply by the 19th of July.  We give you the opportunity to clean and purify these issues before Raksha Bhandan. We are doing this spiritually, giving you the opportunity to change before we take action; all of you are answerable for others and you need to effect change for the future.
This email needs to have a reply to it from your heart, honestly addressing the issues we have raised here.  Please declare your purest motivations and intents and show a willingness to live by them. 
Ignore us and there will be repercussions and they will be big.  If we do not have a reply to this email by the 19th, more letters will go out, this time to the individuals who have been part of perpetuating your systems.  If these email addresses are blocked out of your system, or instructions given to block our emails, we will know about it because we happen to be part of your system and we will respond with scenarios world-wide which will start the defamation of these systems that you have created.

If there is not a satisfactory reply to the points we have raised, we will be contacting charity commissions and other relevant public bodies internationally, highlighting the manipulative nature of the organisation which defames Baba’s principles in all it’s lack of values.  We will give full address and site detailed information so that the charity commissions, media, governments (where applicable) can carry out their own investigations.
Do not send emails to us trying to placate us.  We know all of your mind games and systems.  We have seen you treat hundreds of souls abominably.
Respectfully Baba’s,

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

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Letters sent to the named parties and copies sent to Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Ratanmohini and Nirwair Bhai in Aug 08

Dear Sister Jayanti,

11. Spiritual, Emotional and Mental abuse

Your attitude, behavior and actions have shown us that you have very high principles and ideals but you do not stand by them consistently. You do not apply the principle of equality either within the Brahmin family or with contact souls. You choose to support certain souls e.g. your gharwalas and their body conscious attitudes. You apologize for them and express that you cannot say anything to them. But, then you have zero tolerance for those you don’t live with or who are doing service temporarily in Baba’s places in Europe and UK. You have double standards, because you fear their knowledge and experience in the Yagya – they know other secrets you didn’t want revealed. So you let the new ones get beaten up – emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You are the accomplice if not the perpetrator most of the time. So here’s some very clear information and message for you.

1. Your Sisters (at least 11 of them) that you do service with and live with have favorite Brothers that they take care of personally or are their secret boyfriends – in London, Oxford and Worthing. The ones in positions of power are blatant about it and are feared. Others tolerate, whine in private and keep their mouths shut. Therefore you have people in the system who take all of this out on service –and demand attention from you and Dadi Janki.

When your Sisters are away from London or Oxford or when you and Dadi are not there, their personalities change. They become extroverted and loud in their behavior and their spirituality is questionable. They disgrace the name that you have created for London. They are suppressed, obsessive, non-spiritual people who are physically hardworking but full of passive-aggressive processes.

2. You and Dadi Janki perpetuate a system of unequal treatment; you discriminate in terms of Indians vs. White, Teachers vs. Students, Kumars vs. Married or older Brothers, rich vs. poor, educated vs. non-educated. We have observed Dadi Janki being racist and prejudiced over the last 30 years. You have done nothing to make policies promoting equality. Every time your system is challenged, you and Dadi Janki and placate people and then in six months it is back to the status quo.

3. You stay in denial about all this. You claim to give blessings and good wishes to those who are negative / doing disservice to the Yagya in your opinion, but in private you express how they are delusional and their intellects are locked; you are totally judgmental. Your processes are not spiritual when you are faced with challenges. Baba has told all the teachers about being judgmental – that to pass a judgment is not your area, only His, but you’ve still continued. Some of us have tried to talk to you about these problems personally and you've brushed us off.

4. Dadi Janki’s and your language is abusive; it bullies and creates low self image for people. This is how you maintain your superiority of being “senior” and advising. You insist on putting Dadi Janki on a pedestal and push the “fact” that she is already one of the eight and karmateet down our throats even though Baba has never said this. So you maintain that she is not accountable to any of us, but an instrument of Baba’s is accountable for 24 hours of their lives.

Someone who is one of the eight and karmateet:

    a) Doesn’t get angry or upset or cry.
    b) Doesn't undermine others and glorify the self as an example especially whilst always disparaging others about attracting people towards the self and not Baba.
    c) Doesn't undermine in public the energy or spirituality of people who take care of her. People laugh, not because it’s funny, but because they’re embarrassed and uncomfortable.
    d) Doesn't ignore peoples’ heart and doesn’t intellectualize and cut off people – Brahma Baba didn’t even in ’37 when someone came to stab him and kill him through fire.
    e) Doesn't undermine, demean and mock souls efforts for their own transformation.
    f) Doesn't name and shame people in public over and over again.

All of this is called bullying and so souls who value Dadis and your opinion of them feel bad about themselves. You do this too, subtly and more in private, but you support her. Dadi Janki is the biggest bigot and you and others are following her steps; positively, but also in this negative system of bullying and bigotry.

Financial Abuse

    1. You are trusted with money from people's hard work to use for the benefit of the country you are serving.
    2. You have all the donated monies sent to the central account and then you distribute it where and how you think fit. Your London houses are refurbished every 6-7 years whereas old centers are left in a bad state of furnishing, neglected and tatty.
    3. People in centers donate part of their income and also run the centers. You give nothing back – unless they are your (charity's) houses.
    4. Dadi, Sister Charu and you (with Brother Ratan) have encouraged souls to sell properties because “they are more serviceable somewhere else”, advised them to donate 70-80% of their equity to the Yagya. and then moved them into a centre or retreat. If and when it doesn’t work out- no alternative is offered and these souls are left stranded. Pensioners who have given 16-18 hours a day for years in service with no emotional or spiritual support. Or in some cases souls are treated like VIPs until their money is in the bank and then abandoned with all sorts of excuses and lies.
    5. You have distributed monies to India, Germany, Americas from the UK and given to individuals as you see fit.
    6. Dadi Janki is a law unto herself and makes decisions which even Dadi Gulzar doesn't know about. You are defrauding the UK taxes and Inland Revenue dept. in secret and sending the money abroad unofficially. You have had at least 11 people we know of to re-mortgage their properties to use their equity to pay towards Diamond House. This is a cult method – these people are now burdened into their old age because your Dadi wanted Diamond House.
    7. The biggest financial abuse has been happening since Global Cooperation House opened – set up by Brother Ratan and Sister Charu and totally endorsed by Dadi Janki and Brother Sanjay. The Midlands centers do double billing on your behalf so that you can siphon money out from the central charity account. We think you may not know full details of the creative accounting and swindling money from people in detail as you are happy to be in denial.
    8. You have also been buying properties around Global House in London so you can have bhavans for Brothers and Sisters who are of your choice, who toe the line, so they are under your control financially and spiritually. This is a cult method. You can get rid of these souls if they don’t follow your systems.
We are ready to take steps regarding this and the other matters we have raised about the UK. We are asking you to take the following steps by the 1st September 2008.

    • Set up policies for transformation within the Yagya – then clean your houses out – especially your gharwalas – Brothers and Sisters.

    • Find out the truth about your account systems from your Brothers and Sisters and change the system. Take personal charge of checking the accounts from the last 5 years and acknowledge that you are doing this in public or to us by email. If this is not done, details of the double billing and processing will be given in detail to the charity commission.

    • Set up policies for bhavans where people cannot be told to leave without 6 months notice with tenancy agreements that can have spiritual clauses if you wish. Make them safe and secure.

    • We know about embezzlement of money in Nigeria and we expect you to get Sister Reva out of Nigeria. We also know about the illegal methods of getting visas for teachers in Ghana. Handover Nigeria and Ghana to the coordinators of Africa and get your teachers out of Ghana as well. We also know of the emotional and verbal abuse and bullying that has been going on in Ghana. If these two things are not done by the 1st September, then there will be repercussions in Ghana and Nigeria; we will inform the religious bodies, the governments and media. We will also contact the Sindhi benefactors in Nigeria and Ghana.

    • We also know about Sister Jyoyti's business of importing rugs, materials etc to Bradford centre and her relations, as well as the embezzlement of money from Dubais' account. The students don't want her there; she's still playing the same game and using the same process even after warning. Young Kumaris are brought in from India (illegally) and are having to tolerate her bullying and boorish ways ; its become a political game with her. Jyoti should return by 1 Sep to the UK or else there will be a massive ripple effect that will see Dubai centre closed permanently and all the Indian Sisters except 2 should return to India permanently by 1st September. Do this or the government in Dubai, the media and the moral police in Dubai will know.

If nothing is done or not enough (in our opinion) the consequences will be spiritual, financial and media defamation and defamation throughout the Yagya by name and incidents. We also have information about the trustees and Sindhi benefactors in the UK. This is not a threat. It will be the only choice you will have left us. Please don’t email us requesting personal meetings. None of us are in the UK. Those who have given the information in the UK have done so secretly.

Respectfully Baba's

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

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by admin
Letter sent to BK Mohini Panjabi of New York and the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations

Dear Mohini-bhen, 

This is our last e-mail to you personally.  If you do not respond personally and spiritually you will leave us no choice but to go public and jeopardize your charity and UN status. 

Subject: Mental, emotional, spiritual, verbal and financial abuse
You have used your position as a teacher and RCO in a very abusive way.  You have been lazy physically and spiritually.  You have been two-faced – telling stories and lessons apparently learned from Didiji, Dadiji, Dadi Janki and BapDada. You offer ideals, principles and values that you parrot and don’t follow through.   You’re a glutton for your food, coke, coffees, teas.  You are not an instrument for your body, let alone Baba or the Yagya.
You have swindled money, property, and peoples’ lives over the last 35 years.  These souls have kept quiet and suffered because they were loyal to Baba.  But the disservice you have done them is abominable.
Even with the buying of Peace Village you enticed souls to sell their investments, their homes with promises and invitation for them to leave their homes and come and be “surrendered” at the Peace Village.  But when sanskars clashed you were too lazy to bother creating harmony and unity. You then let go of those you didn’t need so much or those who couldn’t teach and do hard work manually as others.  These people are left bereft, financially and spiritually.  This is a cult method
You keep on grooming people like a pedophile and then discard them once you have used them.  You reward people with special treats and holidays if they make big sales or enough money out of students.  You may  be doing it in small gatherings, but there are some of us who have been part of your circle for decades.  Gayitri bhen has got angry with you so many times, Sister Kala has decided to toe the line and became your mouthpiece and as greedy as you, whilst using her title of Dr egotistically. You bring in Brahmins from India, supporting Shantibhen in Delhi with her negativity and bullying methods both financially and spiritually so you can get your free labor.
You are jealous of other teachers becoming popular in America. None Americas teachers respect you  - either they don’t know you really and put you on a pedestal or they have no respect for you and keep their mouths shut out of loyalty or fear.  Those who have spoken against you, you punish by cutting them off, insulting them in public. You defame individuals in small gatherings and send emails about people with innuendos and half baked truths to set souls against individuals. This is called gossip.
You are 100% responsible for Padmas  breakdown in Toronto, Chandras process and the fraudulent systems that they have created.   You have ignored  Baba’s faithful loyal teachers who told you about this for over a decade.  Then when the proof was revealed – you kicked her out.  Now suddenly the Yagya is not responsible for her.  Take responsibility for the monstrosity you perpetuated.  Reinstate her in Toronto, let her face the people she defamed, deceived, betrayed.
You have used similar negative processes in Vancouver with Shobhana, Washington, with Denise, LA, with Chandra, San Diego and Las Vegas . All these situations are your creation. You are not being an instrument.  You are being a very insecure, inefficient and deceitful person.  The buck stops with you as the head of the Americas. 
You have also used your gift of going into trance to influence people.   We have seen this again and again.  In the 1980s, Baba’s decree was that no one outside Madhuban was to go into trance.  You and another RCO continue to do so and be bad examples.  Other teachers in India continue to do so too.  All of you use the message to target individuals to influence them as well.  Stop now.
We have watched enough.  Purify your systems.  Create clear policies which clear your house and start touring to create harmony and unity, apologies to souls who you have deceived.  And give at least $25,000 to each person who put in money for Peace Village because of your false promises.  Acknowledge publicly – the policies- and respond to us personally.
Deadline 15th August.
If there are no steps taken – we take steps to inform the media as well as the US charity commission of your history.  They will do the rest. We will also be sending these letters to other continents and counties in Americas.  This is no threat – you have us not choice to take these steps if you don’t have the Yoga and Baba’s children enough to change your systems and policies. 

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

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by admin
Letter sent to Sister Sudesh of BKWSU Germany, formerly of London

Dear Sudeshbhen,
You have not responded personally to our letter to you as we requested. 

You have acted as a puppet and a spy for Dadi Janki as well as a diplomat for her. 

Your own countries cannot support themselves and have been supported by UK centers funding, which is illegal for a charity to do. You have sold out your spirituality for the support of Dadi Janki and UK funding.

You have watched European teachers abusing their position and their students being submitted to abusive rules.  All of the teachers in the list below have lied, manipulated and behaved in unacceptable ways for the last 15 years.  We all know you do nothing to stop them. We have recorded details of the levels of abuse in the systems administration and their abuse of Baba’s children.

Wendy, Greece (Admin note; should this not be Italy?)- This soul is a bully, a liar, a completely manipulative person who needs power from her position and so does not have purity. She is known to abuse and berate Sister Rhada continuously and treat her like an underling slave.  She consistently manipulates Brother Piero and lies about him to others and about others to him.  He has suffered at the hands of this Sister and tried to be noble.  She has created chaos many times (because of her need for respect) at the retreats in Gubbio and it has literally made Brother Piero physically sick.  There are those of us from our group who have seen this.  If Sister Wendy does not get out of Rome and move to London or Madhuban for 6 months, not only will the centre in Rome close and service  connected to Bro. Pierro be ruined.  The decision is hers and yours.

Jacqueline, Holland – Is the most subtly abusive teacher of all, she uses money for her own purposes. Like Wendy she doesn’t work and lives off a private income as well as the Yagya. She lies and cheats continuously.  When souls from the Netherlands tell you what happens, they are told to give respect and remember Baba and nothing is done.  She has been siphoning and demanding money for the center she wants to promote so she can be queen bee in the city near the media and film industry. She continuously bullies people by having a separate box in Amsterdam, having meetings to ask for money. The kitchen in Amsterdam has been redecorated twice in 5 years because it pleases her to have it done so quickly.

She has demanded of BKs to take care of her lokik mother, to drive her round, bring her to Amsterdam and to give treatments to her from Brahmins free of charge.  But there are Brahmins who are very sick who are not offered the same privileges because only Jacqueline decides who the Brahmin therapists should treat, even with payment.  Classes in Amsterdam on weekends are 2 half to 3 hours long, but she doesn’t allow people to bring bottles of water into class of 2-3 hours, because it doesn’t please her. 

We know of this kind of detailed behavior also for Anthony, Wendy, Mira and Babette. False anal discipline is demanded and carried out like dictators of the lokik world!  They are just more subtle and have got away with it as you have allowed it and you refused to listen to the common people and because these souls were different when they came to Baba and when they began service.

Mira, Spain – She is aggressive, loud, manipulative, liar.  Souls who butter her up and give her respect get positions.  Why does she need to have the support of Brothers in the family in decision making? Privileges that she gives to those that bow to her are great, but they bow out of fear. 

Anthony, Greece – This soul also is manipulative subtly and has put himself on a pedestal because of the amount of time he has been in Gyan. He puts on a mask/ facade of spirituality, but has no real purity.  You need a white male figurehead as an example for a senior teacher, therefore you allow him to get away with undermining and abusing teachers.  He only allows those who bow down to him to have time with visiting teachers; the same as Sister Jacqueline.

Babette, France – is over disciplining, aggressive, manipulative and feeds false information to Francois which results in decisions being made which affect Baba’s children in Paris and the rest of France.  She favors people with money or high positions in Government and all others are trodden on to fit in with what she wants to happen.
Deal with these five teachers, make them free from living in centers for 6 months in London or Madhubhan, with no contact with their countries.  Only you should be in contact with their teachers and centers.  Take full charge and visit these countries to ensure that this does not happen again. All the Brothers and Sisters under them are using these methods as well. They need to be trained to work from love and real spiritual acceptance. They should only return to their centers if they write realizations and commit to serve from the heart.
There will be repercussions for six countries if this is not done (Greece and Turkey for Anthony) and also repercussions for you personally, with the German Government , religious bodies who abhor your methods and extreme left wing groups in Germany. The choice is yours. 
Dadi Janki’s language is abusive; it bullies and creates low self image for people.  This is how you maintain your superiority of being “senior” and advising. You insist on putting Dadi Janki on a pedestal and push the “fact” that she is already one of the eight and karmateet down our throats even though Baba has never said this. So you maintain that she is not accountable to any of us, but an instrument of Baba’s is accountable for 24 hours of their lives. 

Someone who is one of the eight and karmateet:

    5. Doesn't get angry or upset or cry.
    6. Doesn't undermine others and glorify the self as an example especially whilst always disparaging others about attracting people towards the self and not Baba.
    7. Doesn't undermine in public the energy or spirituality of people who take care of her.  People laugh, not because it’s funny, but because they’re embarrassed and uncomfortable.
    8. Doesn't ignore peoples’ heart and doesn’t intellectualize and cut off people – Brahma Baba didn’t even in ’37 when someone came to stab him and kill him through fire.
    9. Doesn't undermine, demean and mock souls efforts for their own transformation.
    10. Doesn't name and shame people in public over and over again.
All of this is called bullying and so souls who value Dadis and your opinion of them feel bad about themselves.  You do this too, subtly and more in private, but you support her.  Dadi Janki is the biggest bigot and you and others are following her steps; positively, but also in this negative system of bullying and bigotry. 
We expect information of your steps to be disseminated through Europe and the UK by the 1st September or get ready for the fallout.
You can inform your Dadi Janki and Jayanti bhen at your RCO and NCOs meeting this week.  We will deal with Australia, the rest of the Americas and Russia next month.

We have given time and space to deal with this spiritually and politely, as in reality we do not wish to harm the Yagya anywhere.  However, it is time for someone to speak for the foot soldiers and the horse riders. 
Respectfully Baba's

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2009
by john

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2009
by jann
Well, finally rolling!!! Great respect for this group.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2009
by ex-l
I need some time to digest all this. We ought discuss how the leadership is likely to respond and what they need to do next. It seems they have already gotten stuck down by being ignored ... that is exactly the same as us.

Why should the leadership care? They have the money, they have the power, they have the real estate ... they can just "pull up the drawbridge" and sit out any minor "rebellions" waiting for them to give up, get lost, go away or just burn out. They are safe knowing that 90% of the followers are too weak, too frightened, too confused or too unable to do anything of their own according.

    It is like Animal Farm all over again ... we are just at the bit where the pigs have taken over the farm, are working the proletariat to death and just about to stand on their back legs and start eating the rest of the farm animals.
If you don't know the book by George Orwell, I tell you to read it. Its now free online.

Its quite amazing. I, too, have great respect for this group. I only hope that they will take time to document it and adopt some of the other issues we have raised here, e.g. historical revision, control of the Murlis etc. Its quite a snapshot of the current tawdry state of affairs.

I am going to start by picking up on one issue from the Brahma Kumari point of view. That of Janki Kirpalani being "One of the 8" top souls in the world .. and, by proxy, Jayanti Kirpalani being "One of the 108" top souls in the world. I mean, from our point of view its ridiculous guff ... BUT ... I have never read it confirmed by BapDada. This emphasis by the BK middle management is a clear example of "undue influence".

I can remember it from my time inside all sorts of nonsense about the amazing powers and abilities Janki Kripalani was mean to have had. I never saw any. I thought she was a bit of a bigot, not that bright and obsessed by being seen and VIPs. She did nothing to stop her fan club and Indian devotees worshipping her.

The criticism addressed at particular individuals, I cannot comment on. I have not been involved for a long time and so it is hard for me to say. It tallies with other reports we have read and, generally, many of those named appear to have set themselves up as New Age gurus and corporate consultants with a nice sideline in books and courses.

Personally, I take the points of favoritism, impartiality, unaccountability and the randomness of it all very serious. I mean, how could they have Marneta Viegas of Relax Kids getting sticky with her prince charming on charity owned Global Retreat Center property, promoting her business and using BK mediations (and vice versa) ... when, by the rules, others would be chucked out and treated like **** if they so much as laid a hand on a Sister's bottom?

Is fornication on BKWSU property allowed now?
bk-jacqueline-berg.jpg (10.29 KiB) Viewed 29256 times

Elsewhere there was a relative quote from "author" and center in charge Jacqueline Berg of Holland who is mentioned above and "doing good" redeeming the souls of both prison inmates and policemen.

What is her "private income" she lives off rather than working?

That is so typical! If you want status in the BKs ... money is the way to do. Got none? Forget it and get back to rolling chapatis even if you have the soul of an angel.

If it is true she is living off Yagya money, asking for more and using the system for the benefit of her lokik family ... on top of the usual blurring of edges of what is service and what is career ... then she is in trouble. Forget the control freakery ... It is clearly stated in the Murlis ... no asking for money but what to they care!?! It was not that long ago since the Dutch BKs were 'bete noires' for being wholefood macrobiotic followers ... a funny story of which later.

More examples please ... great work guys ... keep it up.
Jacqueline Berg wrote:Many people mistake criticism for intellectualism; they think it is good to have an opinion about everything and to judge others. But I have found that it is actually a very negative habit. It hurts others, but above all you hurt yourself with this kind of negative judgment.

I think it derives from the wrong notion of perfectionism. Perfectionism is not the same as perfection, in the sense of completion. ‘Being complete’ means: being whole with all powers and virtues inside the self.

Perfectionism is something different. Perfectionists try to control people and situations so that nothing goes wrong. They want everything to be smooth and can’t handle a ripple in the pond. Instead of being focused on the beauty of life they are obsessed by the shortcomings and imperfections of themselves and others. They continually correct themselves and others—sometimes in words, always in thoughts.

I mean, what does that mean Jacqueline? Do intellectuals NOT make critiques? Are critiques not good and require knowledge and understanding? Can reform happen without it? Apparently not. But if you have a private income and have authority to use Beakies as serfs to take care of family business ... what does it matter?

"All powers and virtues inside the self" ... does that mean being a "perfectly complete BK" equates to not being any different whatsoever on the outside or that one does not have any responsibility for collective issues?

    ... I read it more as "don't look too closely at us and don't mention anything".
A sort of covert social control beloved of Brahma Kumari leaders in my experience; "Brother's Maya ... clash of sanskars ... lack of Yoga ... karmic settlement" anything but seeing it for what it is and fixing it.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2009
by Terry
This looks like a good place to jump in. Some seemingly serious game's afoot!

Hi Everyone, new contributor here. Been reading your blogs for some time now, mostly in amusement and amazement, mostly dispassionately, sometimes compassionately. Thought this topic was worth some contribution.

I am amazed that most contributors feel a need to conceal who they are, but it has been fun trying to guess. I understand that some may not wish to inadvertently be associated with BKs if someone was to, say, google their name for work reasons, or similar and these articles came up somehow - but it is nice to see real names, especially if you knew them.

So, who me? Me TC. T is for Terry, and the C for Constanti (hope that double-shuffle keeps this entry from appearing on Google!). If that rings a distant bell - started Raja Yoga in Sydney in 76, lived in London from 77 - 85, then back to Sydney. So hullo to you who may remember me, fondly or otherwise. My main interest in this forum is to understand what makes people "tick", i.e. the psychology of it all.

To the topic at hand: the letters that the Justice League has issued to the management (JL - the Justice League - you remember them; Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, ha!). I did say "seemingly serious". They mention that they have sat and watched this unfolding over decades, and now the time has come to put their foot down. What I read in the transcripts is that there are plenty of accusations of abuses happening, but (unless the site Admin has edited it) not so many hard facts presented. The case the JL try to make is seriously diluted by a helluva lot of personal invective, which indicates other issues below the surface.

These letters are from, by their own words, active BK believers. That is, they accept there is no God but Shiva, and Brahma Baba is his Chariot. The Murli is the word of the aforementioned God, the "yugya" was established through Brahma etc etc. Its structure is pretty much set in stone, part and parcel of the whole package (not a bad pun really).

Other threads here have talked about some kind of organisational review and reform process that is currently going on. Now, I was active between 76 and 95, and that kind of review must have happened every second year or so from about 1980, in smaller or larger forms. It is essentially a pressure release valve, the means by which people in the group can feel they have some input. Some committees and "departments" are formed, people get a chance to put up a project or two, and so on.

Unfortunately, the JL want to put the "yugya" back to the way it was before, where only the virtuous gained authority. Was it ever really like that? Romantic nostalgic notions of Didis, Dadis and Dadas, maybe it was. But ...

Many people get involved in a group like the BKs not only for what they get from it, but for what they can contribute, and in return be respected and validated, in some way. Be they creative types who need an audience, orphans who need a Father figure, mothering types who are born to nurture others, merchants who see a chance, game players, teachers, each person has something they need and something to offer and the community (family) is the means for this two way deal. The recurring of the review/reform process is part of the re-negotiation of this contract.

People are, of course, mostly happy with the status quo while it serves their needs well. They grow and change within its boundaries. The community is also an entity that grows and changes, and what it values does too. So the individual may begin to feel devalued and it now perceives that the community has changed. Those that suit the groups needs are more valued, others not.

The BKs have mutated from a small, reformist Hindu sect that expected itself to be short lived. People form groups for what they can achieve together, but then the existence of the group becomes the end in itself. Its raison d'être has ceased to be and, like many organisations, it is now a self perpetuating entity. So like most organisations it seeks to redefine itself (because those within it want to keep their jobs/identity intact). Beliefs and teachings change so that the organism may live, and those that identify their lives with that organism will go along with that. Especially the parasites.

If the Justice League cannot see the disconnect between the fundamentals of their beliefs, the traditions of the "yugya" and what they are demanding, I'd say it's because of self delusion. From what they say, either

    1/ God is behind it all, and it is structured and administered as well as is possible by that criterion.
    2/ God is behind it all but chose the wrong instruments. OOPS.
    3/ Time to re-evaluate beliefs
And then, they carry on about people who have given money and estates to the "yugya". Hey! Caveat Emptor! Kick the tyres first dude. If the teaching says time is short, give us the money, well, what do they want with the money if time is short? Oh, time is not THAT short. Hell, now what do I live on? " A fool and his money are soon parted". I wish I could get back money I thought I had invested wisely in business and other ventures.

Anyway, this is time consuming, but I will check in occasionally just to see my name in print!!!


Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2009
by leela
I would add a fourth item to Terry's list of options above:

    4. God is behind it all and chose the RIGHT instruments.
If we look at the BKs as a spiritual group rather than an institution, then all is as it should be. As Terry says, and also from 10 years away from the BKs, I would say it was ever thus. The issues, abuses, creative accounting, and personality clashes that I am reading about here were all around in my day. Most of the BKs I associated with followed a similar trajectory from blissful ignorance during their honeymoon to various forms of struggle with such goings on. Attempts to change the organisation, whether from the inside or the outside, never seemd to achieve much in a visible way.

That is not to say they had no effect. But if we are being "spiritual" about this, then we have to acknowledge that it is more about the inner journey of the individual than the outer journey of the institution. The value (or not) for the individual's spiritual journey lies at the point of personal interaction with the group. No one can possibly measure the success or failure of interactions or clashes if we put them in this context, or say whether someone is deluded or not.

If, on the other hand, we look at the BKs as a large international instituion, then the issues of responsibility, power and its use and abuse, duty of care, and financial accountability become very important. There is an excellent synopsis of this by Saraquel in the topic Reflections on E's Child Abuse Correspondence. In this context, the actions of this group of letter-writers just might be the irksome thorn that provides some check and balance to a power system that doesn't yet recognise its potential to self-corrupt or abuse. Being a thorn may be all that is required.

What the outcome, if any, should look like obviously depends on your point of view and whether you have an "insider" or "outsider" mindset. And maybe there doesn't need to be any specific outcome, just an ongoing process.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2009
by Mr Green
This is the best news. It had to come from within and now it has :D.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2009
by bkforchange
I can relate to many of the items written in the letters and have been wanting change for some time now. Attempts have been made but it all amounted to nothing.

What I think would have been more effective in the letters is real, concrete examples on the events that have occurred to validate their point of view. The way it seems, sadly, is that it is a lashing out because of personal issues with the Leadership instead of actual objective issues that have faced BKs. It does not at many times capture the representation of all BKs but instead seems quite personal in its approach.

However, I would like to applaud the efforts and hope that real concrete examples can be given and that positive change can take place.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009
by jann
Is there a possibility to invite this group of Brothers and Sisters to the forum? Give them a section where we can communicate and follow the up dates?

I really want to know how things go.

How we can help etc.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009
by joel
BKforChange wrote:I would like to applaud the efforts and hope that real concrete examples can be given and that positive change can take place.

We should also remember that BKs consider going public with dirty laundry to be "spreading negativity" and "looking at garbage". Already we see two schools of responses on this forum:

    (1) they are saying too much
    (2) they are not saying enough.
I applaud the optimism of this group, believing that the BKWSU could change, or at least that it is their duty to confront what they see as wrong.

I think the group is attempting a gradual approach. They are also finding how it is to be a whistleblower, and whether their dreams for a BKWSU in their image may be achievable inside the institution.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2009
by jann
To me ... if someone tells me NOT to tell, or worse NOT TO THINK, I know something is wrong!

BK teachings are full of it! That is what we call control! And most of it made up by the leaders to keep the Yagya going. They use the religion to get people hooked.

To me, evidence enough to report the police of abuse! And not just the police but the governments, concerning freedom of religion and human rights. Even their they screw up! But see all the blind! Not even having the guts to even put it on the agenda, They are just as guilty!!

Just check it out!! The way they (BKWSU) speaks to the followers is ABUSE!!! Mind Control and persuasion! Some trained marines for Vietnam know how it works!! BKWSU does the same thing!! If you could only see!! It is forbidden!!! UN wake up!! Followers wake up!! Governments wake up!! How can anybody be so blind!!!

Well, ignorance seems to be the best way to save you're skin.