BK VIP Funder Fathers Child to Asian Housekeeper

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BK VIP Funder Fathers Child to Asian Housekeeper

Post22 Feb 2009

More than a Woman ... BK supporter Robin Gibb, Dadi Janki and Gulzar the 'medium of God'.

When the Brahma Kumaris' British charity spent £289,373 "serving humanity" by promoting their 70th Anniversary with the "Just a Minute" party at Wembley Arena in London, the event was headlined by 'Saturday Night Fever' singer Robin Gibb, with his wife Dwina. The Brahma Kumaris are a sect renown for VIP chasing.

BK Followers are repeatedly encouraged by the spirit entity they believe to be God speaking through their trance mediums, to seek out VIPs so that they will act as "microphone souls" and publicize the religion. BeeGee Robin Gibb, recruited through a BKWSU front or service programme known as "Voices and Images of Hope" in Miami, was given special attention by leader Dadi Janki whilst vulnerable following the death of his Brother, as is their habit. Janki is the main fund raiser for the movement.

At Just-a-Minute, the peak of BKWSU PR efforts to date, Robin and Dwina shared the stage as guests of honor with the primary BKWSU trance medium Dadi Gulzar and global chief Dadi Janki, said by the BKs to be in the top 8 most spiritual human beings in all history. It is Dadi Gulzar who, at mass seances in India, is possessed by spirits which speak and act through her body. Spirits which adherents claim to be the God of all religions and the seed of humanity.

Gibb, a Dadi Janki follower and multi-millionaire Brahma Kumari financier aged 59, has just fathered a child with his live-in housekeeper Claire Yang, aged 33. Their relationship started when she was in her mid-twenties. BK VIP Dwina Gibb, whose film credits include a lipstick lesbian romance called 'Entwined' and whose contributions to the literary world detail lesbian sex in Miami's gay community, is described by friends as being "furious" and "betrayed" even though the couple have a sexually open relationship.

The young mother and child are reported to have been thrown out of the BeeGee's 12th Century Oxfordshire mansion, near to the Brahma Kumaris' Global Retreat Center, by her. A venue where previously they had hosted VIP Brahma Kumari publicity events.

Dwina, described as a "bisexual druid priestess" and former lover of pornographic film director David Waterfield, had apparently given her blessing to the eight-year affair with Miss Yang as it allowed her to follow the Brahma Kumaris. From Thailand where he now lives, Mr Waterfield recalled that during their two-year romance, Dwina was fascinated by tarot cards, spiritualism and 'witchery', nurtured by bohemian friends with an interest in the occult. And that she performed in black and white sex movies. Having likewise to share her with female lovers, he stated that, "what she did with women had nothing to do with me ... but I learnt a lot about lesbianism from her."

Throughout their time together, Waterfield said Dwina had an uncanny ability to network with the rich and famous, just like the female dominated Brahma Kumaris. In her 20s, she aimed to marry a millionaire. Within the BKWSU Dadi Janki, who left her own husband to live off the wealth of founder Lekhraj Kirpalani, is quoted as once saying to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, "your role is to serve the poor, mine is to serve the rich".

Friends told reporters that, "at first, Dwina was happy for Robin to sow his oats because it allowed her to stay committed to her Brahmin beliefs, but she never expected him to actually 'plant his seed'. When the truth came out, Dwina was furious. To say she hit the roof is an understatement". So much for the Brahma Kumaris' peace of mind practise. Robin Gibb, worth an estimated £140 million, confessed in interviews to having threesomes, 'cruising' for sex, suffering from drug addiction and having 100 lovers.

Claiming to be "The Family Path", and stating in public that they not accept donations from non-adherents so as not to be influenced by their "impure vibrations", the Brahma Kumaris promote strict celibacy for others, excluding even common affection, and "Living Values" to children through another service front called the Living Values Education Programme.

As a celibate religion, the Brahma-kumaris have been criticised for breaking up families throughout their 70 years existence and demanding the dowries of parents of poor Indian adolescent devotees in order to fuel their expansion. In return the leadership, for whom making love is said to be "using the sword of lust", "worse than death" and an "ocean of poison", call the family and relatives of followers "Shudras", or Untouchables. Female followers in the West have even in the past been encouraged to perform abortions due to the closeness of the End of the World and the distraction children cause to their practising meditation.

Others, described by the Brahma Kumaris' spirit guide as "weak bricks exploding in a kiln whilst being baked", have committed suicide due to the psychological pressures placed upon them.

BeeGee Robin Gibb sang, in one of their most famous hits More than a Woman, "here in your arms I found my paradise, my only chance for happiness ... Just a Minute at a time". For the Brahma Kumaris, paradise on Earth which is said to follow an imminent and desirable nuclear holocaust they call "Destruction", is limited to 900,000 totally surrendered followers.

The rest of humanity must die.
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Re: BK VIP Funder Fathers Child to Asian Housekeeper

Post22 Feb 2009

Its a joke. They freeze out one BK out because he questions their money grabbing. They banish a whole load more because they seek to question the inconsistencies in the spiritual knowledge and abuses within the system. Then they jump into bed ... metaphorically speaking ... with this lot.

What divine virtues does all this reflect? What does this say about their spirituality after 70 years and a follower of a "feminist" religion? Why would "God" be concerned with these people every 5,000 years?

Dwina doesn’t have any problem with her husband having sex her friends but suddenly having sex with the Asian housekeeper is a problem ... why is "Sister Dwina" punishing the maid and not her husband? Don't the BKs say men have greater problems with lust than woman? Perhaps Yellow skinned Asians are lower down the spiritual impurity order than Brown and "Wheaten" skinned Asians ...? Perhaps it is just plain and simple jealous of the human warmth the Brahma Kumaris deny other people.

Someone please explain this for me. FYI, some people on the internet are even claiming they were all having sex ... threesomes; Dwina, Robin and Claire together. If that is true, then I think that is a little unethical really. Of course, what it also means is that when Robin dies, Dwina gets less of his money and will have to share it with Claire and his child ... less for Baba, perhaps?

My predictions ... hmmn ... BK Dwina dumps Robin for "defaming Baba" ... takes half the house and his money ... she dumps a load on the Brahma Kumaris and buys a house in Mount Abu ... the Brahma Kumari leadership quickly turfs out some no-name BKs ... Dwina retires to a cottage at the BKWSU Global Retreat Center to write a book about it ... she leaves after two or three years after falling in love with a leading Brahma Kumari center-in-charge whose name we will not mention here ... they end up living their lives out together in the Island of Saphos on Robin's money.

Is Relax Kids ex-BK Marneta Vegas still living in one of the GRC cottages after she married her prince charming? They should really chuck her out anyway for not following principles.

So, that just about leaves the talented black actor Clarke 'The Wire' Peters as their main VIP hope now. I hope he has resolved his love life!

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