Your Taxes, their Golden Age: funding the end of the World

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Your Taxes, their Golden Age: funding the end of the World

Post21 Jun 2009

Since their earliest days, when adherents demanded compensation from the British Government for the loss of properties during The Partition of India and handed over the rewards to their sect leader millionaire Lekhraj Kirpalani, the Brahma Kumaris have never been shy to go looking for hand outs; business, governmental or personal.

As ex-BK can witness, Brahma-Kumari leaders are not shy to ask adherents for money. Whereas in the past, evidence such as openly demanding emails have been received by, in 2009 followers in Australia received a sophisticated form for donating money so that the BKWSU organization could claim money from the Australia Government to use on their properties.

See, here: BKWSU 2009 Tax Donation.

Whether in London during the rule of Ken Livingstone, Hyderabad under Chandrababu Naidu, from property developers such as the Late Sri. K. Ramakrishnaiah, and in numerous other states, if Brahma Kumaris get money, then they are happy to have property and land instead. In one extraordinary example, the BKWSU leadership bought freehold property from followers' finances in London, the same year as they were telling their followers that the 'god spirit' speaking through their trance mediums had predicted "Destruction". Destruction, the BK's 'End of the World', and an annihilation of all modern civilization, including the sinking of all continents except for India, and death of 6,000,000,000 which has been predicted as being imminent as long ago as WWII.

"Everything is going to be destroyed ... nothing will be left ... now is the only time earn your unlimited inheritance ... surrender everything to Baba", the God of the Brahma Kumaris tells them.

The Brahma Kumaris, a trust established by Mumbai accountant Ramesh Shah, prefer to present themselves to the outside world as being mystically benign and never demanding donations for their "service" to humanity. A position which is not reflected within the organization where followers are put under pressure to surrender "mind, body and wealth (man, tan and dhan) to the leadership.

Publicly, the Brahma Kumaris claim not to accept "impure money" from "impure" non-BKs, so as not to be influenced by its bad vibrations if those individuals do not follow BK Brahmin disciplines. Again not true reflection, as the recent fiasco surrounded BeeGees singer Robin Gibb, a known funder of Dadi Janki. Robin, at the same time as being favored by and sponsoring the Brahma Kumari elite, fathered a child to his Asian housekeeper. Much to his celibate, BK-following, wife's anger.

Outright demands for gold and jewelry to be used as gift for VIPs in India. "Suggested" voluntary donations at retreat centers. More subtle requests for collaboration in gaining tax rebates from their "donations" in the UK and Australia. Requests for cars and household goods at "centers" that are actually adherents' domestic homes. Family homes. The Brahma Kumaris are widely known to court the wealthy Sindhi diaspora internationally, and Indian businessmen that "might give money to Baba", facilitating their good karma by accepting their money or goods on "God's" behalf. Gujerati shops keepers have historically been a bedrock supply of food and other victuals to the Sindhi religion's global expansion.

In other countries, witness accounts record Brahma Kumaris sect accountants as having also been accused of exploiting such charitable tax schemes, encouraging center-in-charges to put through their followers' cash donations as personal donations, gaining in return further tax benefits. During the construction of large properties, adherents were also encouraged to sell properties or take out long mortgages in order to pay for it with fear of long term commitment, as Destruction was coming soon.

Recently, senior Sisters "Dadi" Janki Kripalani and Jayanti Kirpalani have been seen investing followers' donations, and further targeting wealthy individuals, in attempts to gain properties in the Middle East. Proselyting, or attempting conversion, which the organization calls the "service" of humanity, and done at venues such as luxury hotels.

In Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, the Brahma Kumaris recently also came under fire from Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Employees Association after they discovered the TTD management had inked a 30 year lease with the BKWSU, seen to involve annexing a 5 acres site set apart for the construction of apartments for TTD employees. The TTD management, three officials of which have recently been suspended for gross dereliction of duty, are reported as expecting Brahma Kumari followers clan to supporting visitors to the Tirumala temple complex. A move ex-members interpret as the leadership trading off followers' free labor for material benefits. The BKs were given 34 acres near Balayogi Stadium at Gachibowli, to be made into a training centre with six seminar halls, a residential block of 210 capacity, two meditation halls, generator room and water tank.

At the end of the mass seances at their Mount Abu headquarters, when the spirit entities which the Brahma Kumaris considered to be the both the god of all religions and their deceased millionaire founder Lekhraj Kirpalani speak through their trance mediums, these entities are often seen having private and unrecorded business meeting with the movement's accountants. They are also habitually directly consulted over major property investments. The financial corruption has not even passed their attention. In one recent message, the spirits wryly noted, "some of the mothers (BK teachers) are not very good at accounting". Cash donation boxes have been removed from some centers, and some center-in-charge have been internally disgraced for the luxuries found at their centers.

As Dadi Janki once told a class in her London center to their amusement, "we tell people everything is free ... and then Baba's takes everything".

* During his state governance, Chandrababu Naidu had the dubious distinction of having the largest number of farmers' suicides recorded following a crippling drought that left them heavily indebted with no ray of hope in sight.



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Re: Your Taxes, their Golden Age: funding the end of the World

Post27 Jan 2010

I agree. I have see this BapDada have private conversations with theses senoirs on stage and I always found that to be a bit odd. This proves this is not god.

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