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Brahma Kumari Directors Conspire to Sabotage Critic's Career

PostPosted: 13 Apr 2010
by news editor
Statement 31.03.2010 Warsaw

To whom it may concern.


As a result of acts performed by unknown to me persons, my name and surname have been recently been repeatedly associated to the Brahma Kumaris, an organization that since 15.01.1990 has been registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Poland as a confessional association:

    Position 21 in the list, position 22 in the register, World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris in Poland; director Halina Paradela, province Mazowieckie 02-128 Warsaw, 1 Jasielska Street; 15-01-1990

This organization is also mentioned in local and international lists of sects described as dangerous for the public wealth published by anti-manipulation centers.

Hereby, I declare that I do not belong to this organization and do not have anything in common with them.

My contacts with the Brahma Kumaris took place on the turn of 2002/2003. A person who in August 2002 was working with me in the strategic department of TBWA Warsaw encouraged me to become acquainted with people from the local Brahma Kumaris center and come to know their practices and teachings. I was participating in the courses and classes conducted by the organization in question in Poland, London and Oxford.

Teachings, practices and behavior of the Brahma Kumaris, their opinions of the followers of the other religions, their tense relationships even with their direct neighbors and students, conflicts with legal organs, financial affairs that they were complaining about and that were described in media, aroused my suspicions.

A few times, in direct discussions with them, I told the people who represented the Board of the Brahma Kumaris at that time that some practices, behaviors and teachings may be considered as a manifestation of discrimination offending and insulting the human dignity. In revenge for my remarks, the Brahma Kumaris defamed my name in public and brought about my losing credibility in the eyes of people with whom I was working in OIKOS Foundation at that time. Besides, without informing me, they met my husband Dr. Miroslaw Bujko, in secret in Warsaw University and tried to persuade him that I was insane or, as they stated, ‘mentally ill’.

After these incidents, two or three times I tried to receive explanations of their behavior toward me directly from the Director of the Brahma Kumaris Poland. However, my efforts and acts of goodwill were rejected by them. Apart from the above mentioned facts, I did not have and do not have any relationships with the Brahma Kumaris.

I also declare that according to circumstances, I am ready to meet journalists, people representing law and answer all their questions and reveal everything concerning those events for the public good.

If it is necessary, I am ready to appear before the civil court as a person who suffered from serious moral and financial harms caused by the Brahma Kumaris’ activities.

Lucyna Pruska-Bujko
Ul. Tucholska 11 m. 17
01-618 Warsaw Poland


In case responsible organs demand more information about me, I will provide them with my CV and documents presenting my education and academic and business achievement along with letters of reference.

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