700 Protest against Brahma Kumaris in Poland

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700 Protest against Brahma Kumaris in Poland

Post03 Nov 2010

In Poland, 700 people came together to protest against the Brahma Kumaris property expansion programme, this time in Poland where a controversy had arisen over the use of municipal land by the cult.

Strangely, for a millenarianist cult whose God has been predicting the End of the World they call "Destruction" since WWII, the Brahma Kumaris are noted for their extensive, international, multi-million dollar property portfolio. The religion's leaders have been continuing to encourage their followers to believe in an End of the World which, they have been claim for decades, is going to happen within "two to three years". Under this influence, they encourage their followers to surrender "mind, body and wealth ... and properties" to them. Their usual line of defence against criticism is to exaggerate the importance of their United Nations connections.

A protest by the parishioners of the Church of the Annunciation in Ochota went to the Supreme Administrative Court. The secretary of the Polish branch of the BKWSU denying that it was a sect despite being registered as a religion. Halina Paradela, director of the BKWSU claimed that this was then the only possible form of registration for them and that, in fact, they were an international organization conducting lectures and courses in positive thinking, meditation, Raja Yoga philosophy to combat stress and prepare, with the cooperation of UNICEF, educational programs.

The property become the property of the municipality in 1990 and could not therefore be the subject of donation. The parishioners of Ochota reportedly gathered over 700 signatures of people protesting against the building which, in addition, is carried out works without authorization and contrary to the local development plan.

The Brahma Kumaris have made numerous failed predictions of the End of the World since WWII, 1950, 1976, mid 1980s all of which have been removed from the teachings given to newcomers.

See original article, Brahma Kumaris na gminnej działce and here.

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