BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happened)

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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post01 Jul 2012

Look at Robin Gibb ... the BKs chased after, waved him around like a God, used his big houses to impress people ... and all the time he was having sex with his young, Asian housekeeper behind the back of his BK wife. Another VIP was taking drunks, and another having a torrid sexual affair ... what is the "purity" and spirituality of such people? They aren't even told what the real agenda is.

What spiritual message does that send out to the world? The use of VIPs by the BKs is obvious ... sure, it's advertising or "status by association" but who does the world think is greater, the BKs or Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa never went chasing VIPs, they came chasing her because she just got on with good work. How many millions have the BKs spent chasing VIPS and providing stages for them and how successful has it been?

For me, the inner message is just materialistic ... one of spiritual hypocrisy; one rule for the rich and powerful, another for the poor and weak, and using people if they can.

I think it is also a con trick to convince the adherents that all of their efforts and donation is doing something. "Look Dadi Janki standing next to the Prime Minister ... she must be powerful". Trust me, the politicians and popstars are just using the BKs back.


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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post02 Jul 2012

They say "serving VIPs" but actually they are using them or trying to use them.


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Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

Post02 Jul 2012

Even before the current Information Era, the image of an institution has always been critical for the day to day function of the company or institution. IPs and VIPs can, by their associations, damange or enhance the BK brand name.

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