900,000 is The Magic Number for 'Brahma Kumaris'

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900,000 is The Magic Number for 'Brahma Kumaris'

Post15 Feb 2011

900,000 is The Magic Number for 'Brahma Kumaris'

* Posted by Jeff H on February 4, 2011 at 10:00pm

The BKWSU engage in many forms of deception. To this end they disguise who they really are and engage with the world wearing a variety of masks, using a variety of methods, and includes tax fraud and pretending to be a charity. This is covered in the next few pages. The BKWSU has an agenda. They want to fill their ranks to 900,000 dedicated members. According to their teachings that is the number at which the world will be destroyed. Soon after that paradise will arise from the radioactive ashes of hell and they will live as deities. However, there is a dilemma: how to openly and honestly reveal such an agenda and still be taken seriously? Clearly they have realized they can?t and have opted to be taken seriously even if they have to engage in a process of deception to achieve this. It is also a consideration that the collective ego of BKWSU management simply cannot cope with any accusation that they are nutters. But what else would you think if they told you that God is teaching them directly and exclusively, that the world was supposed to end in 1976 but that they are still waiting, that time repeats identically every 5000 years (yes you read all of this 5000 years ago and will do again in another 5000 years)?

Senior management is deeply concerned with the public persona of the BKWSU. It has been determinedly managed and is protected with ferocity. They do not tolerate dissent within their ranks and are especially sensitive to public dissent. They simply don?t want the public to know what they truly believe or what their true motives are. The irony appears to be lost on them, but their primary effort is to hide what they truly believe - their very reason for existing in the first place. This is evidenced by the fact that nowhere in the BKWSU websites, advertising material, or anywhere in their public presence will you find any reference to what they truly believe. Instead they hide behind a deception of concern for you and the world. This is the cynical type of deception for which Pol Pot was noted.

This is only the beginning however. The nature and form of deception continues to evolve. It begins with the claim to be teaching Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga.

One of the most prominent and effective marketing tools the BKWSU has employed for decades is its false claim to be teaching Raja Yoga. Patanjali is regarded in India as the creator of Raja Yoga, which is well respected in India and considered one of the highest paths to enlightenment by many. Patanjali created Raja Yoga before Christ. The BKWSU do not teach anything resembling Patanjalis Raja Yoga or anything from the Yoga Sutras. Quite the opposite ? the BKWSU teach that all knowledge created by humans ? including Patanjali - is impure and flawed. Cynically they advertise that they teach "ancient Raja Yoga" playing on peoples' interest in the genuine Raja Yoga. A gullible general membership will say that it is ancient because they taught it 5,000 years ago.

The meditation centres in Australia and other countries went under the banner of "Raja Yoga Centres" for many years before switching cover and referring to themselves as a university. It is still the favourite marketing tool however and a search on the internet will take you to many sites labelled Raja Yoga that are BK fronts.

A University ?????????

The use of the term ?university? is not only misleading but in most countries illegal. It is certainly not a university. There are no publicly accredited courses, qualifications or even a basic structure that might identify it as a place of learning at all. One has to be a cult member to even attend regular "classes" which are nothing other than a process of mind control anyway.


The BKWSU have more fronts and disguises than can be counted. They also present public programs, projects, conferences, services and the like under a variety of banners as well. The latest is a program, initiated in Wembley and transported around the world, called "Just a Minute". The program is typically innocuous and encourages people to take just one minute at a time to meditate and be calm. Nice idea. In reality it is just an exersize in working their VIPs' - giving them a stage and an audience, making them feel all warm and fuzzy and a bit closer to the final entrapment. They are also casting their nets as they look to increase their numbers and to replace the devastated people they have left behind.

Oxford Leadership Academy and Relax7.

These two programs are run by long term senior 'Brothers' who have refined the art of entrapment to a high degree and manage to turn a profit at the same time. Relaxkids is a business operated by a 'Sister' who was indoctrinated as a child and who allows the BKWSU to exploit her business for the recruitment of children.

Why do the Brahma Kumaris call it "Transformation"?

"Destruction", remains the word used by the God o the BKWSU, Brahma Kumari teachers and adherents internally. It has recently been euphemistically relabeled "Transformation" for non-BKs, especially in the West where the BKWSU appeals to the New Age market and is conscious of its public representation. It means the same. Death for all life on earth in order to purify it so that the world can be reborn as a perfect Heaven on Earth for 900,000 faithful Brahma Kumari followers. Only Brahma Kumaris ortheir followers !!!

The current Brahma Kumaris leadership is said to become the Emperors and Empresses of the Golden Age heaven on earth. Each Brahma Kumaris follower will take a position in their 2,500 dynasty depending on the efforts and donations of time and money they make in this current life. No other religions will experience a suffering free existence in a heaven on earth. All other religions will experience suffering for all their existence. Heaven on earth is strictly hierarchical, an empire ruled by royal families which will consist of high ranking BK leaders past and present. To enjoy a high status in heaven, BK adherents are told to ensure good relationships in this life with senior BKs through conformity and submission. Just prior to Destruction, Brahma Kumaris believe that the Indian Government is going to hand over power to their control and be recognized by governments internationally.

What is going to happen to other religions after the End of the World?

The Brahma Kumaris teach that, following the suffering of Destruction and Judgement Day, the souls of other religions go back to a spirit world where they remain inert and unconscious until they are reborn again to play their part again in the future. That is to say that Christian souls will remain "like eggs" for 3,000 years until they are reborn again following Jesus Christ's rebirth in the future. There is no afterlife, no eternal release (Moksha/Nirvana) nor any other spirit worlds or heavenly realms. No other religion but the Brahma Kumaris will experience the Golden Aged 'heaven on earth'. All other religions, prophets and religious leaders are merely reborn in time to replay their lives identically as they have done so in recent history. See the BK's philosophy of an identically repeating 5,000 Year Cycle.

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Re: 900,000 is The Magic Number for 'Brahma Kumaris'

Post17 Feb 2017

Satayug as per BK philosphy would be all materialistic pleasures and long lives of luxury and fun.

No burdens, no illness, everything done by just thoughts ... even childbirth.

But then each soul has to reach a state of absolute purity to receive such a majestic reward.

And to reach it by mentally being in Sangam yug while Physically being in Kalayug seems to be almost impossible.

The purpose fails fully when you want to achieve it through fatalist attitude of day-dreaming and becoming Unpaid Servants of the Senior BKs.

Every BK I have met till date is desperately wanting the destruction to happen and End of the World, in a way hoping for death of all the human beings on the planet. Are these Pure Thoughts?

That the BKs are nowhere near purity is very much visible and reaching a figure of 108 seems difficult leave aside 9 lakhs.

The whole philosphy stands on imaginations and fairy/deity tales.
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Re: 900,000 is The Magic Number for 'Brahma Kumaris'

Post05 Apr 2017

Another magic number is 108. The BKs took this from the Vedantists who took it from the buddhists who took it from ... whoever. No one owns numbers or mathematics.

Numerology is to mathematics what astrology is to astronomy, and similarly there was a time when they were two sides of one coin.

This article explores the significance of 108 from a mathematical view which links back to early Buddhist interpretations. NB this explanation first offered is one I have come across in other articles and in discussions with a Buddhist numerologist too. The number 18 (numerologically almost identical) is in one Buddhist text called ”the number of ‘everything’ ” or The Universal Number, for similar reasons. Don't get hung up on it, like all language, it is all metaphor in the end.

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