Brahma Kumari Shot Dead in front of BK Center

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Brahma Kumari Shot Dead in front of BK Center

Post16 Jun 2011

Carjacking incident at Quezon City meditation center.

"A woman was shot dead in what police considered a carjacking incident at a meditation center in Quezon City, Philippines early Wednesday morning.

The victim, initially identified as Marie Teresita Tiago, was heading into the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center when she was attacked, Radio dzBB's Allan Gatus reported.

The incident occurred in front of the meditation center at the corner of Kamuning Road and T. Gener Street shortly after 6 a.m.

Police cited witnesses who said a man shot the victim just as she was about to enter the meditation center, where she was a student.

Initial investigation showed the man then took her maroon Hyundai Accent and even ran over the victim with it while fleeing.

Police are now tracking down the suspect.

The incident was the latest in a series of violent crimes since Tuesday night, when four armed men blocked the car of a woman in Quezon City and shot her dead with high-powered firearms.

Before dawn Wednesday, the brutalized body of a man was found inside a car, also in Quezon City. — LBG, GMA News".
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Re: Brahma Kumari Shot Dead in front of BK Center

Post16 Jun 2011

More evidence to suggest that going to Morning Class is bad for your health.

So where was "Baba's Canopy of Protection" ... that Godly guarantee that like a kitten with a mother cat, "not a hair on a BK's head will be harmed" to quote the Sakar Murlis.

Oh, I am sorry, I forgot. When sh*t happens that does not count ... "It is your karma", and the Sister involved had obviously done something so VERY bad in her past lives that she deserve not JUST to be shot and run over outside "Baba's House" BUT ALSO to miss out on the rest of the Confluence Age, and so therefore be unable to claim a high status in the forthcoming Golden and Silver Ages.

Another BK murder to be swept under the carpet. Being the Philippines, you get a picture too ...
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Re: Brahma Kumari Shot Dead in front of BK Center

Post17 Jun 2011

maybe it was the PBKs!

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