BKs force sexual declaration at centers for non-BK partners

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BKs force sexual declaration at centers for non-BK partners

Post07 Dec 2011

From a Tammil (South Indian) discussion forum, annecdotal evidence which states that the partners of Brahma Kumaris are being made to promise in person at BK centers "and declare in writing" that they will "strictly abide" and co-operation with their Brahma Kumari partner following celibacy.

I find this a quite extraordinary imposition. The Brahma Kumari center-in-charge placing herself in between the business of a man and wife and publicly making them make promises and declarations about their sex life.

Stop for a moment and consider how taboo discussions of sex in Indian society is. What the Brahma Kumaris are basically doing is moving into the family and saying, "right, we are taking over your wife and 50% of the house, she is ours now and you have no rights over her". In fact, the extension goes beyond just the wife's sexuality and into the arena of the husband's sexuality too ... "and you must stop sex now too even if you don't believe".

They won't take over and pay for the wife, the husband is still expected to, but they want all other rights. I find this new episode to be quite aggressive and impositional really.
14. [Brahma Kumaris teach that] sexual relation is a sin. So if you are already married, must take an Oath, that you will not indulge in Sexual Relation at all in future, EVER IN LIFE!

The other Partner Wife or Husband must personally promise at the Brahma-kumari Ashram and declare in writing to strictly abide by due co-operation with the other.

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