Drugging and attempted rape at BK center

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Drugging and attempted rape at BK center

Post01 Jun 2012

At a BK center in Aurangabad city, Maharashtra, it has been reported that a woman was offered sweets laced with drugs and after she ate them she fell unconscious. A Brother within the center then tried to disrobe and rape her. The case has been reported to police ... प्रसाद खिलाकर आश्रम में रेप का प्रयास.

The usual reports of the BKWSU trying to block the news by bribing all the news channels and newspapers have also arisen, as have the BKs attempting to blame the PBK for circulating the video to discredit the BKs ... something the BK usually do themselves!

In the West, a few people have suggest that at times BKs have put some kind of intoxicant inside their toli, and I have always refused to believe saying that it was untrue. I thought it was a myth, more to do with the fear of something foreign, and remember it was something they accused the Hare Krishnas of too. It sounds like a typical rohypnol attack, the date rape drug, because it is colourless, odourless, tasteless and easily dissolved.

This latest news from India concerns me though and I wonder how often similar has happened before? BK news censorship is certainly not new.
30 मई 2012
आईबीएन- 7

औरंगाबाद के ब्रह्मकुमारी आश्रम में एक एमसीए की छात्रा से बलात्कार की पुष्टि की गई। पीड़ित छात्रा के मुताबिक वो जब साधना करने आई तो उसे प्रसाद दिया गया जिसे खाकर उसकी आंखों के सामने अंधेरा छा गया। उसके बाद महिलाओं ने उसके कपड़े उतारे और व्यक्ति बलात्कार की कोशिश करने लगा। लेकिन उसके चिल्लाने पर सब भाग खड़े हुए। मामला सामने आने के बाद पुलिस ने जांच शुरू की है।

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