BKs Gatecrash Olympic Celebration Party

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BKs Gatecrash Olympic Celebration Party

Post04 Sep 2012

Under the guise of "serving humanity" the BKs do their usual, unimaginative, thing ... of sending some naive Kumaris round to gatecrash an post-Olympic Games celebration party and give the now VIP a picture of their god.

In this case, bronze medal winning 'under 60Kg freestyle wrestler' Yogeshwar Dutt.

BKs_and_Yogeshwar Dutt.jpg

Now, bearing in mind the BKs had absolutely nothing to do with his victory, and it costs money to make those pictures and frame, is this just not a cynical cashing in of someone else's moment of glory in order to increase *their* name and fame ... and a pointless waste of money in a country where 6000 children starve to death every day?

What does it really say about the BKs?

To bad for them too that Yogeshwar's mother has other ideas for him than becoming a BK ... his mother is reported as wanting him to get married. "As soon as he returns, we will make him tie the knot," she says.

BKs_and_Yogeshwar Dutt.jpg_2.jpg
BKs_and_Yogeshwar Dutt.jpg_2.jpg (19.65 KiB) Viewed 4263 times

Elsewhere, the BKs risked the wrath of the Olympic committee by chasing in on Olympic fever and organizing their "Inner Olympics" with Dadi Janki now elevated to "one of the world's greatest yogis. In whose opinion? India won just six medals and no golds.

(All use of the term "olympics" was heavily protected by the games organizers).

BK-inner- olympics.jpg
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Re: BKs Gatecrash Olympic Celebration Party

Post05 Sep 2012

how pathetic

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