Miriam Subirana caught plagiarising another author's work

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Miriam Subirana caught plagiarising another author's work

Post24 Sep 2012

From Miriam Subirana: Copiar y Pegar ... Miriam Subirana: Copy and Paste.

The ex-Spanish BK leader and former Dadi Janki's favorite superstar Miriam Subirana, the so called "Lioness of Spain", and now "serviceable BKWSU IP contact soul" (an 'Important Person' seen as useful marketing tool for the BKs' aims), been exposed as plagiarising another author's work in a recent booklet as exposed in the leading El Pais newspaper and elsewhere. Subirana was one of the leading BKs who got sucked away by the lure of 'paid for' corporate coaching movement which swept through the enlightened Western BK movement turning previously freely given BK service into a personal business.

It seems the text contained paragraphs copied verbatim (word for word) or nearly so from the works of another coaching expert Marilee Goldberg.

What's new ... why change the habit of a religion? The BKs have been plagiarising and re-selling other individuals' and religions' ideas for 75 years, using them as a cover and to add credibility to their own half-a-dozen whacko beliefs.

Miriam Subirana Vilanova has recently published a book, "El poder de nuestra presencia: Una guía de coaching espiritual" (The Power of our presence: a guide to spiritual coaching) and is apparently busy burying her BK past with references to the usual oft used 'serviceable BK fronts' like Appreciative Inquiry (David Copperfield's work at Case Western University) and now ex-BK Brian Bacon's "Self Management Leadership". She, along with other leading Western BKs, remains a "fellow" of the Oxford Leadership Academy, which appears to remain a generous "pension scheme" for chosen Western BKs to offer their BK service abilities to benefit Fortune 500 corporations. I wonder if good "leadership" involves ripping others ideas off? Even in big business, that is looked down upon.
Plagiarise (verb)
    Take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one's own.
    Copy from (someone) in such a way

What is surprising about one of the articles describing the act is a statement apparently made by Miriam Subirana about her time in the BKWSU ...
Quoting Correo Gallego:

Miriam Subirana, president of the Association Brahma Kumaris in Spain.

Speaking of what her life in the Brahma Kumaris meant, Miriam said that "I was emotionally uncontrolled. One day was eventful and other depressed. They helped me find an emotional balance. When we do not channel the energy well, it can harm us. And at the level of painting, for example, I was very vindictive. Now I still am, but I paint pictures that give joy."

Many ex-BKs would agree with Miriam about her mood swings and vindictiveness ... whilst still in the BKWSU ... whilst many BKs would have to question the ethics of essentially taking Brahma Kumarism and turning it into her own private business. From a BK point of view, of course she will have thrown away her fortune by leaving the ghosts of BapDada and not following BK principles.

I wonder how she feel about all the people she hurt and confused and lives she destroy during her time championing Brahma Kumarism within Spain and Spanish speaking nations? Subirana was loved by the BK leadership for her slavish adherence to their religion and willingness to follow directions but was feared, and had a bad reputation for mood swings and tempers, amongst BK followers ... and then there was the issue of her close relationship with that BK Sister.

She was said to be the reason for many other BKs leaving, a strange situation often accommodated as "acceptable collateral damage" by the BKWSU leadership who tend to appreciate strong leadership.

Article translations are here, here. I don't speak Spanish so please check and excuse any minor details I might have missed.

Another high profile Spanish BK Enrique Simó is featured, here, selling his coaching and courses on emotional intelligence and spirituality. Looking every bit a Mike George clone in his BK beige and whites, he briefly mentions the Brahma Kumari psychicism he has steeped himself in for the last 20 or more years.

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Re: Miriam Subirana caught plagiarising another author's wor

Post24 Sep 2012

poor old jayanti

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