Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post17 May 2017

Thanks for reading my story and replying too ... How kind !

Sometimes I wonder if leaving or trying to The Knowledge is good idea. It can be used like a drug, to make you happy instantly without the side-effects of the addictions. I can pick and choose what I like in BKism. May be this is the right of living a life free of vices ... yes, I agree vices are the cause of suffering. May be reading and posting here is Maya ...

But, at other times, watching all this plunder in the name of God depresses me and I would want to run immediately. Hmmm ... I am feeling torn between two opposite decisions. I feel I don't have the strength to face the reality. I don't know ... I wish I could talk to somebody who has been through similar feelings.

Can I talk to somebody over skype?
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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post17 May 2017

Who says what a vice or a sin is ? You, based on your experience, or a "patriarchal authority" based organisation that seeks to make you feel inadequate and infantile?

There’s is one simple rule that is found in all traditions and cultures. In Christianity, it's called The Golden Rule” - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Confucious said it as ”do not do to others what you would not like done to you”. The Buddha told his son Rahula, ”Before you act, ask yourselfwill this benefit me and the other person'?". If the answer is yes, go ahead. Ask yourself, ”will this harm me or the other person”. If the answer is yes, abstain.

Apply this to yourself. Is what I am doing, regardless of how it makes me feel, harming me? If the answer is yes, stop that. Now addictions are by definition difficult. There are different techniques that work for different people but the main precondition for any of them is that the "addict" has to really want to change that behaviour.

One thing to try is to, rather than focus on the BKs who satisfy some ”need” then leave you feeling compromised, ask yourself what kind of life you would like, what you would likely be doing in life if you never encountered the BKs and you had gotten your act together? Did you have some talent or interest you wanted to develop, some profession you felt a calling to, a feeling for social justice, or maybe family? You can work toward whatever it is, and go wholeheartedly into it the way you did with BKs.

The difficulty many have when they want to leave BKs is that they do not put in the same amount of effort into creating new ”sanskaras” as they did when they wanted to create BK ”sanskaras”.

One ex-BK I know in his middle age has studied a full time course and is now a qualified nurse. Now there’s a way to serve humanity, practice compassion, tolerance etc in a real way, not just in your head!
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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post17 May 2017

Mann wrote:yes, I agree vices are the cause of suffering.

I strongly disagree.

There are 10,000 causes of "suffering" ... genes, brain chemistry, childhood/familial psychology, socio-economic factors, geography etc ... "bad luck" is mostly utterly random and caused by factors *way* beyond our control. We live in a vast, expanding and random universe caused by a big bang millions of years ago ... much of what happened since is purely down to chance determined by physics and chemistry.

Of all the causes, clearly poverty and its by-products ... poor health, lack of education and opportunity etc ... is the greatest. I don't believe in everything being the fruit of one's karma at all. It's largely just a tool of social control.

Had the BKs remained in Abu without begging any wealth and income, they would be the most miserable people in the world ... more miserable than even the tribals who live there and they use to break stones and do the hard labour for them ... and dead now.

The BKs don't even teach the truth of their religion and "happiness". The truth of their religion is, "acquire money, property and land however you can (and live relatively modestly)". The rest is just a code, a brainwash, a trap to hook people in to managing the former.

A largely arbitrary set of rule the purpose of which is to test your willingness to submit to them, and to reinforce your submission to them.

Submit to them and you are rewarded, question or challenge them and you are punished ... even if you are absolutely right.

As you well state, once your eyes are open to what is going on, then it's a question for your own conscience ... whether you can stomach it all, and keep the hamster wheel oiled, and enjoy carrying out your role in their confidence trick.

And part of that is stomaching privileges over others, e.g. the privileges Westerners have over Indians, rich over poor, educated over uneducated women for whom they do little but turn into servants or, as I call them, "slaves". Whether you are willing to do u nto others what they did and taught to you, e.g. the strict center-in-charge drilling the young kunya.

(Slavery is any system which allows individuals to own, traffick and inherit other individuals who work without rights and remuneration. BKism may be a "sweet" slavery for many, we may be bound by mental chains rather than physical ones, but a slavery all the same).

The "vices" are really no big thing, certainly not as big a thing as the BKs paint. Moderation is the key.

Start with an onion in white sauce and move on to some human love and affection ... they won't kill you.

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