Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

Post26 Sep 2017

ex-l wrote: ... especially combined with the 5,000 year identically repeating cycle of time..... NO ONE in the BKWSU has the mystic powers to know the past and ... It's all just about control and keeping up the superiority/appearance of mysticism.

Exactly. I am mixing your points in the quote above ex-l, but it amazes me that BKs have such cognitive dissonance that they cannot put 2+2 together.

The CYCLE of time is so intrinsic to Gyan that any BK who doesn't get that their whole belief system is predicated on that the future IS the past is some special kind of stupid. When ”god’s predictions” fail, it isn’t just any sideshow gypsy who misread the tea leaves. And it's not a ”prediction” it's meant to be a telling of what’s past - history.

And it's meant to be god FFS. This is suposedly the ”Almighty Authority” who ”revealed” the 5000 year cycle, who tells us that what will be = what has happened, and that contemporary events (Confluence Age, Golden Age etc) are mere repetitions of last Kalpa etc - and gets it so wrong. God Shiva gets it wrong every Kalpa?

All the "special kind of stupid" BK spend hours, months years equivocating, rationalising from within their dozy intoxications because in that state the universe circles around them, and it all makes sense.

I speak from experience. I was very special. Thank God I fell back into ordinariness. I see much clearer now.

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