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ex-BK Classic Posts

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2008
by admin
The following articles were in the first place originally taken from a selection of "Classic Posts" chosen by the administrator of the now defunct xBKChat Forum and republished here in no particular order. These have, and will continue to be added to as time by new ” Classic Posts ” develops. The intention here is to portray, in the authors’ own words, the thoughts and real life experiences of BKs, ex-BKs, and PBKs - honestly. And not in the terms of the organization or its PR.

Readers ought be impressed at the depth, breadth and quality of thoughts expressed, by the courage of individuals opening themselves up to discuss with others in public their most difficult or sensitive issues and some of the humour to make like dark times. Issues of which they may still be experiencing doubt and confusion.

Not all of the articles are contentious towards the BKWSU, nor controversial. Many are balanced by an appreciation of the positive aspects of BK Raja Yoga life with fond memories of more innocent times. A few hint at much severe difficulties. They also introduce some interesting general spiritual concepts.

We are currently in the process of moving News articles into the forum. Please be patient.