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Teachers Training - Satire

Post02 Jun 2008

Teachers Training - Satire - posted by sparkal on the forum Jun 21, 2006

We are holding a teachers training weekend and invite any new teaching concepts. This is what we have so far. This is not about women or Sisters, they just happen to be the ones IN CHARGE in most cases.


As CENTRE IN CHARGE, steamroller over everyone on the basis that “God is on my side”. (God is not on my side, it is I who is on God’s side. God is on all of our sides).

KINGDOM GRABBING - is your aim and object. Do whatever you must to hold others back, even if it means no one moving forward, we are all number wise, it is a competition, there are no rules, we must not put others ahead of ourselves, especially those of a “lower number”, it would not be royal. ASSUME WHO WILL BE WHAT NUMBER. Last DON’T go fast.

CONVERTING PEOPLE - This should take priority over the spiritual family in general, especially with regards to the older one’s who don’t need any sustenance from the centre. The centre is a primary school and not a university, remember this. You are there to selfishly take scalps by taking students through the course, your baghats.

They don’t have to connect with The Father, they just need to be pukka and do what you say. God works through you remember and God wants to convert. The Sakar Murli will testify to this. It is up to date in the moment fresh from the horses mouth teachings and not just a class that was once given. No, the Murli is a religious scripture. Teach others that they must convert. If they are destroyed by their family and / or work mates, tell them that it is their karma in a cold detached way.

Everyone must become a BK, wear white and follow the Marayadas or be considered sinners and unworthy of God’s love. They are not God’s real children, so you have a license to boss and control them. A soul who cannot be converted is disobedient as is a soul in the centre who decides not to take part in GOD’S - yes, at that moment it becomes GOD’S - service. Yoga is not real service. “Working your fingers to the bone ” is real service, while not having sex.

BELONG - to the organisation and not the spiritual parent.

MICROPHONE SOULS - One of your main targets is to hunt for and sweeten up mic souls, even at the expense of neglecting the spiritual family which may need sustained. These mic souls are far more important than your “spiritual Brothers” ( and Sisters ), especially the older one’s who need no sustenance. Most of them are losers and have gone away on their own accord anyway no doubt which is nothing to do with the CENTRE IN CHARGE. It is THEIR karma. ( Would it be fair to say that most “mic” souls are newer souls and so will not take much anyway? Or am I thinking too wise here? ).

SOULS LEAVING - Don’t let it bother you if souls go away ( true ). Destruction will be here soon anyway to save you from guilt. They will all come back, so it is OK to stomp on them. And it is just their karma anyway, they are just lower numbers.

Make no effort to make amends through the virtue of communication. Even if they have genuinely had enough. Let them slink away in misery. It is all their fault anyway. They are disobedient souls for not doing what YOU say. Openness, communication, compassion; they are no good in this situation. Tell souls that God works through you in order to gain control over them.

Brothers EGO - Destroy this. Jump on it very hard. Men are the cause of this world being as it is. You exist for this purpose alone, to seek and destroy male ego. If you have a female body you cannot have weaknesses and if you have a Hindi female body, you are a proper Brahmin and we love you. The BK’s operate a ‘body type’ caste policy, be it gender or culture. ( Whatever country Shiva landed in would be dealing with this issue).

If you come across Brothers who appear to have no arrogance, destroy them anyway, just in case. You can never tell these days. We will not take into account Brothers who run centres as Brothers should not run centres, God said so. Actually, that is a little white lie but as a woman the odd white lie is your birthright. You are God’s children after all, so you can have an honest heart and tell the odd little white one in order to manipulate. Have your cake and eat it.

Remember, as a Sister, you cannot have ego, only men have ego. You are in charge because men are not capable. Do not listen to the Murli which says men are good at planning and the Sisters carry out the practical task. It is a typo. Men are not good at planning, do not listen to their feedback or planning ideas at service meetings. Men are filthy, all they think about is breeding. We women are not like that. We Sisters do not even perspire. ( If you cant have them, hate them and disrespect them. We don’t want men around if we can’t have them, right ? ).

MARAYADAS - They are God. Eh, I mean good . This is Shrimat.

BE AS Indian AS POSSIBLE - Getting into another culture is at the hub of spirituality, indulge, it will make you complete, a complete ... (No offence intended Hindi folks. This behaviour is highly possible, likely even, during the Honeymoon Period. Once again, any other culture/country would be grappling with this now).

AGENDA - Shiva’s agenda is not really real and is probably flawed anyway. It takes a woman to organise every ones lives, including God’s. create your own God’s agenda according to YOUR limitations, even if it means having Yoga with Seniors instead of The One.

Get everyone else down to your level or you may lose control, which is what it is all about; power, control. Have not just pictures of body’s around in the centre but pictures of deceased BK’s. This is good Feng Shui and it conforms to things said in the Murli about pictures. ( Personally, a picture of a point of light covers ourselves and Shiva. It is enough).

Have lots of pictures of Seniors around. Remember the Seniors. As for those who have past on, we know who and where they are, and so it is safe to have their picture there. This also takes us back the way, the direction which we want to go. ( We tend to travel in the direction which we are looking in ).

BapDada are not really here so we can do what we like really. It is your agenda in the game of kingdom grabbing and competing with others which IS real. We are all number wise remember. It is important for the BK teacher to look down on those of a lesser number which amounts to pretty much everyone else and whom you will obviously be able to spot and brand with a number.

You may have been a guru in past lives - or was it politics and institutionalised religion ? - so exercises those bullying guru sanskars. You ARE in charge after all. Pretend to listen to others in an understanding way at service meetings but ignore their ideas. They cannot possibly have anything to offer a REAL child of God. God cannot work through others, only through you. And, if it is a Brother, reject the idea even if it is what you are looking for.

TRUST - No one.

ELITIST ARROGANCE - Now that you belong to God, you can allow yourself to look down on and sneer at other religions (did I say other?). They are lesser beings and are not God’s REAL children. You are. Ignore The Tree, that is for the students.

MONEY - Find a way of justifying any breadhead traits you or the organisation has. I mean, greed is not possible in the BK’ s. It is God who wants the money, honest.

Show favour to the souls who donate the most money. If they don’t have any money or worldly status, put individuals down. Let them know that the caste system is in operation no matter what the local culture is. God only recognises souls who have monetary wealth, the rest can feed off the scraps. They are just subjects after all.

Accept money from dodgy rich people who may not have recognised The Father in a spiritual way. (n.b. I have no proof of this). If they found God at the BK’s through secret society knowledge, tell them they will be given their ill gotten gains back and told to ... (No proof of this, gut instinct only. Hey, I am a BK , I shoot first and ask later). BK’s, the Drama will come for you for this form of judging people on the basis of how much money or WORLDLY status a person has alone, never mind anything else. It is coming hard and fast.

Poverty may be imposed upon people who are into money AND spirituality in future. Personally, I would like to see the CD’s and books sold at cost price plus pence. God is not into profit so, who is ? Souls may be being paid for their music and books while others are not ( hard to proove. These things are bought ready made from the individual. A nice little loop hole). BK’s ... explain your actions to God. You have been warned. This won’t not go away now. Souls are making money from God’s knowledge even. ( Many grey areas).

If you are trying to buy your inheritance, the option may be removed in future . If you want to donate to God’s organisation on Planet Earth, donate silence power and SELF transformation. God does not want dirty money, any money. Shiva still teaches in Madhuban, so I consider this to be God’s organisation on planet earth. One which may even have been hijacked. It is time to sort out any incestuous cultural aspects which lays claim to God’s organisation for world service. God’s message is a truly universal spiritual one. Any racism/cultism must stop and it will take more than a name change.

CULTURE - If you belong to a specific culture, lay claim to God. Try to patent God as being from your country/culture or another will do if you prefer. Clique together in an incestuous attached way. It automatically excludes all others and gives you power. In short, hold others back to create the illusion of moving forward yourself. To have any meaningful interaction with The Sweet One, a soul has to be of a certain culture, country or city in that country even. Otherwise, your spiritual outlook should be that you are the master race. God’s real children. God comes from ‘your’ culture. God came to ‘your’ country because ‘you’ are superior. ( That is directed at all country’s ).

RESPECT - Seniors BK’s demand respect ( no proof ... ahem! ), give it to them. There is nothing in the Murli about seeking respect from others. Hit on anyone who is negative about your worship of human beings or Dadi’s. Just say, “no questions”, even if the path is based on churning/questioning. Seek the respect that you think a Dadi would even if you are still waiting for your first spiritual experience. If God just happened to land in your country, claim all rights and ownership to that one. God is a Brahmin or even Hindu, no matter what your cultural background past or present. (Shiva’s religion is that of peace, as with Brahma Baba, so that is my religion. Peace is the original religion of the soul). Put up another picture of a human being to idolise just to make sure.

EXPERIENCES - As CENTRE IN CHARGE, you get all the big Yoga experiences. Anyone claiming to have experiences is an impostor and is challenging you for your position; chase them. If souls are having deep powerful Yoga; go into the room at that time and disturb their Yoga. Especially, if they do not take part in physical service. There is no service in Yoga. It is the lowest form of service a soul can do. So, in short; no service, no Yoga for them. This is what is meant by “unconditional”. You are the only one who is allowed to have weaknesses, others should be chased and banned for this.

Souls do not come to receive their inheritance from The One, so you are not likely to find souls coming along and flying while you are not. This is unfair, shoot them out of the sky. KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, REALISATION. Experiencing The Knowledge is not important. Keep self and others at the dry knowledge stage, they are easier to control. If a soul experiences deeper than you, brand them as being of another religion and chase them out.

CONTROL - Control others constantly, through judging them. Brand some trouble makers, it is a quick and simple condemnation and reeks of understanding. Party’s and picnics should be policed heavily, they are not for enjoying. It is against Shrimat to enjoy yourself at The Confluence. You are not there to control your own mind, that has already been achieved, you are there to control the minds of others. Teach them what to think but not how to think and you will control them. You can learn from politicians.

CHANGE - As Centre in Charge, you should employ a conservative no change policy. It is not a path of self transformation after all, so change is optional. Besides, BapDada can’t see what is going on anyway. It is others who need to change, you are already there. (You are actually, you just need to be it; though, I have been mentally brutalised in the past for making such positive statements). We don’t want souls churning, they may end up understanding more than you do as Centre in Charge.

The way for others to change is for you to mother them into changing. It is likely that they will not have had enough overbearing mothering in their lives and will be looking for more from yourself. Especially if their mother was a bully. If they reject you; chase them. They are not real Brahmin’s and are of ANOTHER RELIGION. So, you don’t really have to TRANSFORM the Sanskar, just re-direct towards others and call it spiritual. (There is one spiritual MOTHER, and only one MOTHER, and you are not it).

CULTURE - the culture of your body should be imposed upon others. This is Shiva’s wish. Even if they don’t want it or even if it is not the culture of your past. Colour God’s teachings with your culture and its religion. God does not teach a universal spiritual message after all. In short, teach souls as much Hinduism as you can, no matter what your cultural background, so that the Murli can knock it out of them, duhhh…

SELFISHNESS - As a woman, selfishness is your birthright, unless it involves your own children. It is God who is benevolent, you are there to earn your fortune, not bestow God’s love on souls who are thirsting for compassion. It is about numbers. You will be bullied and threatened from above if the attendance numbers are not high. Forget about quality of soul, it is numbers we want; baghats, and mics. Wealthy baghats even who have a high (?) status in the world. (Excuse me, I think I need to vomit). Seek to be worshipped. Self-service is the most important service, isn’t it? (Take that as you wish, use it to destroy some poor souls life with even).

Sex - And remember, your religion is to NOT have sex. Everything in your life should evolve around ‘not having sex’. You don’t just go to the shops, you go to the shops while ‘not having sex’ etc. This is the natural Golden Aged way, easy and natural. (I am writing this while not having sex, it works). If you are bothered by PMT, do not have a couple of days away from things or stay in the background rather than destroy relations, as someone may steal your role.

If anyone asks questions regarding sex, avoid the issue, change the subject, do whatever you have to. Under no circumstances try to understand this aspect of self, it is not an important part within the human condition. In fact, it does not exist. There, that will deal with it, forever.

You are now ready to be an instrument of God.

(This post will only have balance if a Sister does a version on the weaknesses of the male psyche. They are just illusions after all. ).


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