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What did XBKchat do for You? [2]

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2008
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What did XBKchat do for You? [2] - posted by Kyra

This board has given my partner and I many interesting topics to discuss and debate between ourselves. It has provided us a link with other people who have lived the Brahmin lifestyle and then gone on their own way. It has been interesting to read the experiences of others and also has sometimes given me clarity on things I was confused about for myself. On the other hand, it has also shown me even more the arrogance that surrounds the Brahmin culture and the double standards and contradictions they preach.

Recently, this board has also instigated long talks with my partner and friends on God - who he is and what his role is and does he even exist? What if this God character is the opposite of all those things I thought before? While I haven’t thrown away my love for whom I feel is God, I think it is healthy to question and explore things we don’t understand.