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To the Soul using the Nickname Kevin

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2008
by classic posts
To the Soul using the Nickname Kevin - posted by Bhagirath on October 29, 2004

To all those who have submitted their intelligence, their awareness and freedom to another soul for the promise to become a king in the future, I truly wish you to see that it will never happen. You are all imprisoned by the Murli. The wonder you feel is having exchanged your old way of thinking for this new way of thinking. Constantly calculating in your minds how close you are in becoming perfect, Golden Aged royal. Who wants to be a Golden Aged peasant? Not one of you.

Don’t you see that living your life in the confines of another man’s spiritual reality is causing you to degrade yourself? You say that you are masters of yourself, masters of the world. Are you? How much turmoil you would have if you left the clan, the cult! So you feel in control when you have none Someone else controls you - God, Dadi Janki, your BK teacher, on and on. And you think you will all rule the world? Rule it how?

There is so much fear involved in BK Brahmin life, fear of eternal punishment from God the ever loving Father, or rather, not God, but he who allowed himself to be proclaimed as such. And yet, let’s holds class on the folly of the ego. God himself will hold this class. So much preoccupation with the self, what you are going to become, going to become, going to become… What are you NOW? That I would like to know. What are you truly now?

How can you wish for world peace yet look forward so eagerly to the destruction of the planet? Oh yes, drama. We are all Brothers you say, but you will be glad when all are dead apart from the chosen ones. And you call yourself the Advance Party. Advanced in what? Spirtual arrogance? Narrow mindedness? If you really wanted to change the world you would transform yourselves, but all that has happened is the change or rather exchange of thoughts. No progress can be made in that way. Progress will only come when you realise.