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Enjoy the Beauty of the Present Time!

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2008
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Enjoy the Beauty of the Present Time! - posted by Joel on July 6, 2005

Life itself is so much more interesting than any of the descriptions of what it is should or could be. Life is much bigger than any possible description. Life’s deepest joys and satisfactions are open to anyone, not a chosen few who exchange the same mantras.

For some years, I tried to make Brahma Baba’s story into my story. For me now, it is clear that my life is actually oriented to my own story. Neither the satisfactions of the Yoga bhattis and festivals and Thursday morning sweets and nectar poured by Sisters, nor the rare ecstatic fruits of meditation, which had become ever sleepy, could satisfy the feelings of wanting richness in achievement and relationships. Of course, many people experience both achievement and relationship within the BK’s. What can one say about them except maybe, “Such was their destiny!” Thus was my time in the BK family my destiny.

“No, you needn’t be an adult. Someone will tell you what to do. There is a formula or incantation. ” How could there be? How could someone in one situation really know another’s? Okay, give room for the mystical to happen, but to be an adult means to decide for yourself about profession, death, relationships, sexuality and BK affiliation.

Today, ten years after leaving, I feel much saner to know that the responsibility for acting in my life is mine and the responsibility for judging my actions is also mine. It can be very heavy to have to live up to another’s standard - especially if I am still carrying the burden they promised they would take.