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I Thought I’d left before… & What is the meaning of ex-BK?

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2008
by classic posts
I Thought I’d left before ... & What is the meaning of ex-BK? - posted by: flipper on May 8, 2005

Greetings! Now I can firmly consider myself to be an ex-BK. Before, I was just angry with the BK family and quietly left. My faith in Baba (Lekhraj Kirpalani) was fainter but still, quietly within, I thought I will return and gain my place, albeit number wise, in the Golden Age! For years, as this” lapsed-brahmin” I put on hold so much; believing myself to be a failure, unable to commit to God, had lost interest in th “real world”. When suddenly, against the odds, I became a mother, and it has changed my life Discovering this site has felt empowering. I love to read the articles. Previously, I thought all ex-BKs became invisible, fade away. Good to see so many beautiful souls having got their heads back!


Now I have more clarity, I had allowed myself to be brainwashed. I used the BK web to support my weaknesses, albeit on a subtle level - i.e. celibacy, because of poor body image. A pure diet because I had a long term eating disorder, liked to control too much what I ate. Being superior, the chosen few, because I guess I was a snob and had an inferiority complex. I was able to distance myself quickly from “lokiks” because I came from a dysfunctional family and was a bit of a social misfit anyway. The lure of the Golden Age, surely life gets better on this planet.

On meeting BapDada in Madhuban, I secretly felt this is not God. For me, it was a holy ghost, Dada Lekhraj returning to meet all his obedient children. On returning to Slough, my path changed. However, I was still caught up in it for 15 years! Although not practicing, it was still inside my head. I still feel new in coming out

I feel like confronting the “family” in Slough, have yet to hand back my ring and still have a framed photo of Brahma Baba. I guess there may still be a lurking fear that I have got it all wrong, and on entering the centre I’ll feel home again.

This is a great forum and, having recently discovered it, I feel it’s a valuable tool in my process of being truly an ex-BK.

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