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Thank you – the many dimensions of this website

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2009
by classic posts
Posted by cypress on 22 Feb 09.
cypress wrote:For some time now I have wanted to write a thank you to this website, to those who initiated it, those who spend countless hours running it, and all those who speak out and contribute to it. And a special thanks to butterfly, whose heartfelt thanks encouraged me to finally sit down and write this.

I’ll begin on a personal note. As mentioned in a previous post, I had a “flying” experience in meditation with my friend not after we met. Having had “flying” experiences on my own before, I was intensely curious to know how he had engendered this experience for me, and to learn more about his (i.e. BK) philosophy. Then I discovered this website. It is very possible that this website, prevented me from becoming ensnared within Brahma Kumaris. (It is also possible that I would have figured this out on my own, but that does not diminish the role this website played for me at that time).

Over a considerable period of time, I followed this website (without registering or posting), and it became a ballast and anchor for me as I navigated the complex, and very meaningful waters of the relationship with my BK friend. At a particular point in the relationship, I felt an importance to post. Even though my posts have been few and modest in scope, there was something about the act of making public even part of my situation that felt freeing and empowering, and that helped me gain important clarity. Now, it feels really good to know there is a community of people with deep experience, that I can turn to if/ when I have questions or encounter difficulties. I wonder how many people, and in what situations, like me, read this website and gain important information and strength, without ever registering and posting?

My “thank you”, however, is wider than my personal situation. What I have seen and learned from this website is amazing. Perhaps many of you are aware of what I am going to say, but it seems important to write.

What I have seen is a gathering point for, a community created by people who share a common (if diverse and individual) experience. Speaking here of BKs and ex-BKs, that experience was complex, intense, difficult, perhaps dangerous and often deeply wounding. I have seen those people struggle, on the pages of this website, to understand, to heal themselves, to reach out and assist others in their healing. That, in itself, is remarkable. (Out of curiosity, I internet searched for websites of ex-members of other groups considered cults, and found nothing similar to this.)

I have seen this website include many different voices and perspectives, seen people disagree (sometimes even sharply), and stay engaged in the conversation. That is also remarkable. I have found this website an incredible place for discussion of issues that one seldom finds discussed with depth in general Western society – questions of alternative spirituality, meditation, the nature of faith and belief, how Karma works, the power of archetypes, is there a soul, the connection of science and spirituality, etc. etc. While generally related to the BK experiences, discussion of such topics explore broader issues of human experience, and often give me new ideas and information.

I have learned much from this website about honesty, courage and compassion. I have learned a lot about the strength, beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

I know this website is focused, for good reason, on understanding and recovering from the BK experience, making public the full BK belief system and the activities of the BK leadership. But I think there is something valuable to be shared and learned from more broadly. That is a model for how people can form a virtual community for self-help and to assist in other people’s healing process, how that community can incorporate diverse voices, experiences and opinions. Also, that people can gain strength from their woundings, from their travels in difficult and dangerous situations, that people can use the strength gained from their wounding and healing to help others.

Of course, this is not new with this website, but a part of a more universal human experience – which is exactly why I feel this website has something important to contribute in this area more widely.

There was some talk on another thread (perhaps lighthearted) about a book titled “Autobiography of an Ex-Yogi”. There may be something really valuable to this idea.

So, again, a heartfelt thanks, in recognition of all this website offers.