Chauvinism, misogyny and using women as free labor

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Chauvinism, misogyny and using women as free labor

Post30 Sep 2009

From On Celibate Marriages: Conversion to the Brahma Kumaris by jannisder in the ex-BK forum.
alladin wrote:Let me borrow this from another topic and, since these bossy guys pulling the strings are on top of the hierarchic pyramid, let me put them at the beginning of my post, so that I can hold them responsible

    "...the shady senior Brothers that really run the BKWSU."
For creating a chauvinistic and misogynist organization that uses thousands of free laborers, most of which are women with no better place to go, and uses women merely as a front ... "adversaries will not dare attacking, frontally, Kumaris and elderly women". You may realize that everything is just tactics, nothing pure or elevated, if you just dare asking yourself some forbidden, "Why?", use your own mind (manmat) or take the help of some friends (bad company and parmat) to find some answers.

Why would a feminist and New Age institution be obsessed with women having to cover their bodies up? Only the most backwards countries and societies impose such customs. They are countries where (like in the small BK society) women have no right to marry whom they want, they work like slaves and must produce children (students), are denied education (best and only school is the BKWSO, no need to waste time in lokik studies, Destruction is round the corner), familiarity and touching are a crime.

The same applies to professions and career: doors are closed. The BKs are also discouraged from taking on studies and pursue a career that would represent a useless distraction from spiritual studies. Elderly women oppress junior ones, and pass on to them the same rules that made their own lives miserable.

If a woman dares to disobey slightly, she will have to face questioning and an assembly of the elders, that will shame her. Which societies regard women, and menstruating ones in particular, impure and threatening? Most blatantly patriarchal societies. Who fears women's identity? Unenlightened men.

But the ugliest thing that I realized today after reading ex-l's post, is that the BKs learnt from politicians, a very efficient trick for disempowering women: do you want equal rights? OK, you can have them. Become like men, embody the same defects like competition and selfishness. And they have a brazen face talking about becoming Vishnu, the combined form where female and male qualities merge creating harmony and perfection!

A BK woman is stripped from her femininity both from the outside and from the inside. The BKs cannot conceive nor tolerate care and nurturing. Any maternal instinct of nourishing, unlimited acceptance of the other person, is eradicated. Each one has to be left alone to sort his own karma, no closeness or compassion is allowed.

If a woman is stripped off her psychological and physical attributes, what becomes of her? Instead of a shakti, a zombie that is totally disempowered and can be manipulated. The vital force, the "KI" is choked: just look at them! What feeling do you get? What happens to any male animal once he is castrated? He can be tamed more easily and will not fight, he will not pose any threat to the dominant alpha males (spooks, senior BK Brothers in the background?). So, the army of followers is made of sour frustrated spinsters and eunuchs.

If a man and a woman get together, that synergy can create something beautiful and powerful. The BKs forbid couples to be formed, because strength in a unit like a couple, represents a threat, means that 2 people are not depending emotionally from the sect, and the higher degree of intimacy and complicity, can lead to communication on a deep level, opening each other's eyes and unveiling the BKs' plots sooner, compared to the later or never awakening of an isolated gagged individual.

The whole story about sex being dirty and the "yukti" of just lying there like a corpse letting the husband rape you, is absolutely gross, it cannot possibly be the product of a woman's mind.

Who denies women the right to experience sexual pleasure? Sick, traditionalist control freaks, of masculine gender, or brainwashed prudish women appointed to guard some unhealthy anachronistic value.

The topic raised again about sex, deserves a separate post, or maybe some tantric healing, even better than words!

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