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The BKWSU will not change

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2009
by classic posts
From: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership.
Pablo wrote:Dear Brothers & Sisters from the "Torch":

My name is Pablo Munoz. I am from Chile. I was a BK from 1994 to 2005. I visited Madhuban 5 times, lived at Raja Yoga centres and moved for 2 years to Paraguay to start a BK centre there. Nowadays I am happily married and carry on a personal spiritual life, and keep sharing what I believe to be true of the many beautiful and useful teachings learnt in the BK company. Our journeys are not the same apparently today. Who knows tomorrow.

It is always a good thing that souls seek for justice, which is of course a value. Nevertheless the ways in which justice or any value is pursued makes the difference. Sadly, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between the abuses you comment and the abussive language you use to describe them (pedophilia, and words that are defnitely not spoken from the soul conciousness you declare to defend). It is a contradiction. And a contradiction many of those that have commented your letters have also committed. It is essential to be a better example in all ways, than those you intend to correct. To threaten them with certain actions, is most likely, from my humble point of view, shocking and abusive. Certainly I do not share your aproach on these matters, but I definitely respect you and acknowledge the issues you stated, some of which I witnessed. I do not like to get trapped in the past.

I know almost as a fact that the BKWSU will not change in the degree. This is not the first revolution and it will not be the last. They have and will continue to sort them all out. Because that is why they choose their NCO and RCO. For political reasons. This is the same all over the world. This is the reason for many of their actions, towards souls in places of position or money. If you do not understand this, if you do not see this, you are blind and choose to remain blind.

I tried to change th BKWSU myself, until I realized the souls assigned as instruments are where they are, not by mistake, but for political reasons. The BKWSU has a political agenda, and it always has had. The giant contradicition in which you swim everyday (and others have commented it), is that God spoke the Murli and directs personally the BKWSU, then there is no possibility of mistake. Then you are opossing the God you believe in. I understand it is not God who speaks the Murli ... What do you understand??? ... or believe??? Once one realizes something, one has to move on. That is the price we all have to pay for understanding ...

Refering to matters of spiritual knowledge, here are some things I would like to share with you, and I hope they may help clarify your own thoughts. Whatever path you choose to be in, now and in the future, please receive my respect and admiration for making efforts to bring about justice in an institution that you love, in your lives and the world as well. And thank you for sharing your letters and your efforts to this regard.

Churning about Gyan (2006):

First of all, allow me to express my deepest gratitude and admiration for all the lovely seva perform through the BK institution (Yagya), through which I learnt how to rest my mind, become soul aware, God-conscious, and adopt a spiritual way of life, including a life of service. Definitely, I would continue to be long lost if it weren't for the Raya Yoga Experience and Knowledge received through the Yagya. For that I am eternally thankful.

Because of this gratefulness, and the great transformations ocurred in my life after my spiritual birth, I became gradually envolved in the Yagya, and more and more surrendered. Especially my first 4 years were the best, in love with Baba, the Yagya and this life of Seva. Everything aligned. There were efforts, but above all blissfull surrender. I never thought that could change. I had found everything, far more than my wildest dreams.

In those times, whenever there was something I did not understand or did not share, I would leave it aside and focus on the valuable part or the things I certainly shared. And above all, if I could experience God (Baba) through this knowledge, that was enough proof (in the meantime) for the rest of The Knowledge to be true aswell. In this way, I kept my mind free of worries, and free to enjoy. And many answers and understanding (wisdom I may say) came to me by surrendering to the process of being enlightened in the company of the ONE.

Today, things have changed, and according to The Knowledge of the Drama, it is for the better. Thus I cannot enjoy the Murlis as before, nor can I surrender to a Yagya that I do no longer feel close to; that does not represent my most essential beliefs and values (even though we share many others) ...

These lines are a bridge between those 2 dimensions of this one's story: the lovely and sweetest life of an angel in love with Baba and the whole world surrounding Him, and the present, suppossely to be better ... I feel happy and at peace with my history, and salute joyful every decision made in the best of my capacities ... just glancing what is next ...

Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba: Knowlwdge of the Drama

One of the most delightful things to experience in the BK life (for me at least) is to listen to the Murli merged in Yoga, like it is really God speaking to you. The Bliss is unlimited. But, as time has gone on, I have encountered many discrepancies with my understanding, that today do not allow me to experience it as God's Knowledge. Even if my wish is to be able to experience it again ... Here, the reasons:

1.- It is said that only the last 5 years of Brahma Baba's life were considered for the main set of Murlis (Sakar), that we listen daily in the BK's Centres. It is said that these were more refined, elevated, because he was more refined and elevated. This means the Murlis from the 28 years before were not as elevated or refined. Thus, Murlis reflect the spiritual progress of a human soul, a great soul, a powerful soul, Brahma Baba (BB)

    FACT: If the last Murlis are better than the first ones, they are human creation. In this case, a creation of Brahma Baba, and even additions by others like the essence, question and answer, atributed to Didi.
2.- Some ideas and language used in the Murlis, cannot, in my understanding be atributed to GOD. Since Shiv Baba is the Father of all, and ever pure and complete, He is unable to see a stain in any soul, and continues to be closest Soul of all for every and each soul, regardless of any difference among them, and regardless of their knowledge, actions, or spiritual stage. But in the Murlis, very often there are terms used that are very human, and not Godly universal. Such as "Traitors" for those who leave the BK spiritual life, oftenly used, in these Murlis that are considered the best of the 33 years of Brahma Baba in front of the Yagya. Or "Criminal Eyes", "Criminal Behaviour", the "pure ones" opposite to the "impure ones". Or that "God loves specially so and so for such reason".

    FACT: Any considered a traitor, would be considered so in relation to Brahma Baba´s spiritual style of life and the community that supported it´s members, not only spiritually, but also physically. These are words from a human beings, never from God. Gos "speaks" of eternal essence, not of various degrees of stages.
3.- The idea that this is said by God, leads to the creation of a BK culture, which I represented and upholded aswell fos a long time, that subtly condemns those who choose another path. The best example of this is that if you are not in Gyan with th BK's, you are under the influence of Maya. Therefore, any other thing different from Gyan, or opposed, is definitely Maya's influence. No other option. This is said in the Murli. There is only one path, one Shrimat. All the rest is parmat and manmat, Maya, Ravan. Light and Darkness. Alternatives are therefore excluded beforehand because there is only one truth. This is too close to fanaticism, the denial of reasoning, based on the "fact" that this is "GOD's word". This culture of condemning the outer cultures is direct creation from the Murli.

    FACT: Again is a Human being separating things, making differences, creating extremes, that represent "his only path", and this way of focusing on life brings upon a culture, a "way of doing and relating". This culture is anti-universal and not appealing to me ...

4.- The aspect that corrections are made to the Murli very often, to update it to the present times, is an issue that at least is very suspicious. When I entered the BK's 14 years ago, I heard that the total number of souls was 5 billion. Ten years later the population of the planet had reached 6 billion, so the figure in the Murlis were updated to such number. Soon we will reach 7 billion, and no doubt the number will be updated. When I taught Raja Yoga, I firmly quote the 5 billion number of souls in existance. I cannote quote a number anymore. Then, who quote's a number in the Murli? And why?

    FACT: It is a human creation, probably intended to stimulate efforts by listening to a number that conveys the feeling that the end is close. Strategy again is a human creation. The One Who Is does not require strategies.
Because of all these aspects (there other facts less important), against my wish, I am oblished to accept by my power of understanding that the Murlis, do not come from GOD, but are Brahma Baba's Creation. Being "alone" now, meaning away from the mainstream of the BK's, having to find my own way instead of following the tracks of someone else, I recognize further more the value and greatness of this soul. But I cannot call him God, nor that it was God speaking through him.

The best explanation so far, is that Angelic Brahma Baba is speaking in God's name, and there is Sakar Brahma Baba also speaking and making efforts. The 2 stages of BB speaking through one voice. In fact, this is what the trance messengers saw in the Subtle Regions. When the Murli refers to God´s words, it is usually preceeded by "Shiv Baba says", "the Father Says", "God says" ... quoted from a third person perspective.

I wish I could listen to the Murli merged in the Bliss of feeling that God is speaking to me ... Today, despite my wish, it is imposible, and I don't see how it could change. Maybe I could write (become instrument) for some alternative (presently I am doing so). But I could never say that it is God speaking through me, or that it is said by God.


I never had much of a problem with the Drama and The Cycle. There are certain issues that are only answered through this knowledge (in my view), such as the existance of pyramids on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, together with similar astronomical knowledge and technologies, that in my undertanding, reflect a common cultural background from a previous global civilization, that later was fragmented (beginning of Copper Age of course). And also the understanding of different quality souls, this is, new and old souls, those coming on stage recently and others from a long time. Different souls with different paths and needs. Very important to understand. The 3 worlds, the 3 aspects of time, the different ages in The Cycle, the eternal predestination or repetititon. All clear, that are well integrated together. That make sense as a whole.

But still there are some blackholes that don't seem to fit quite well in this perfect history and geography of creation (Of course, and in any case, is BB who has the experience of the Drama and The Cycle, and therefore this knowledge. I understand that GOD HAS NO EXPERIENCE OF THE DRAMA).

Today, I saw a science program on TV about the Universe and time. It was said that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old, and that life exists since 3.5 billion years ago. And that this life was mostly unicellular for 2 billion years until animals started developing and evolving. OK, obviously there is a problem here. Time. Measured by present science, it exceeds greatly the 5,000 years of The Cycle. Measured by the decomposition of uranium, which seems to be very accurate. I used to think that if the spiritual energy of the deities is so elevated, it must also affect the vibrations of matter, making it more subtle, with a higher vibration. These would mean that matter at the Golden Age vibrates at a higher level than today, and instead of decaying steadily in time, it has been decaying exponentially. And this could create the great distorsion in time calculation for science. I used to think in this way to harmonize both sources of knowledge.

The problem is that even considering so as a possible explanation, it would still situate all living beings at the same time in history. This is, all the fossils from the animals and people from the Golden or Silver Ages would be dated at the same time, coexisting at the same time.

Unfortunately, science demonstrates that as we go further back in time (analyzing older and older phosils), we come across simpler and simpler living beings. That is, there were no other living beings at that time.

One of the laws on which the Drama is built on is that of cause and effect (also known as karma). This law is also embraced by science. Before logical reasoning and scientific method, spontaneous generation was accepted to refer to the origin of life and species. Scientific observation eliminated this concept, researching for the causes of the effects observed, moving forward in this way. Science that is said to be a means for the creation of the coming Paradise on Earth.

So according to science, and it has been proven vastly enough, life has progressively evolve from simple uniceluler froms into complex living beings, for over billions of years. But even if they were only 5,000 years, the lifeforms would have all the same date of existance. In fact, their coexistance in time would prove The Cycle. But it is not this way ...This is a blackhole of The Cycle explanation of time. And the Dinosaurs, of course, among all these creatures. Scars on Earth surface, on other planets, that happened long before the 5,000 years.

This is a big problem in order to accept The Cycle theory. And how can you accept something you don't understand? is not that Fanaticism, the denial of reasoning? ... The Evolution theory is not better than The Cycle one, but there are blackholes in both. They both have advantages and disadvantages ... What to accept as true? Why? How?

The Yagya: SEVA

When I fell in love with Baba, I fell in love with His seva and the Divine Family, as most of us do probably. Later I saw that the Yagya was not as spiritual as I expected, and then decided to become the example of what I expected for others. I was happy and at peace from that perspective, in Baba's lap. As time went on, I started to think that there were 2 yagyas: the one visible with the centre in charge Sisters, etc, and another one, subtle, invisible, made by the higher vibrations of the true yogi souls in Baba's Yaad.

This was a comforting thought and image, under which I could find shelter and offer shelter to others, beaten by the clash of sanskaras within the gathering. In the last years of my spiritual carreer in the BK's, I found a lot of opposition from the centre in charge souls in Chile and Argentina. I used to think that they were not representative of the true Yagya, because they did not respect the value of the souls that they were intended to serve from their positions (in my view). I am not giving names, because it's not important. I also met one Dadi in Madhuban (yes, the same one), and told her about my story, coming into Gyan in 1994, leaving celibacy in 1998, coming gradually back to spiritual life and BK disciplines from 2001, and moving to Paraguay in 2003 to start a centre there.

I told her I was so blissfull, and those days Baba had been saying in the Murlis that we are great souls and great tapaswi souls. I shared my bliss with her. Jayanti Bhen was translating. Dadi became upset and told I was not a great soul nor a tapaswi soul. She denied Baba's words. I accepted her words without placing them in my heart, I blessed her because it is my nature to bless, and next day Jayanti bhen cheked on me to see if I was OK, acknowledging my courage (an apology I felt).

I started to understand that some or many of those souls who are directing centres, are doing so not only because of spiritual skills, but also, and sometimes, mainly, because of political reasons. I was very surprised when a Sister in charge told me that BK's have a political agenda with world governments. That was something I was never told about and definitely not interested to be part of. I understood that that Sister and many others were (are) representing well BK's interests, and those are not only spiritual but also political.

Many souls, including me, used to think that they were there by mistake, that in time the Yagya would change them, but that never happened, because they were not a mistake. They are functional to their purpose, and the BK's are well represented by such souls. Therefore, such institution does not represent me. I do not feel close to such way of leading, that goes back to Brahma Baba's example, often shown to scorn other souls (described in the biography of some who lived with him), and who would use words as "traitors". Probably there is no perfect human organization ... but this cannot be GOD's institution. There are some who are very holy too. These happens in other institutions too.

I feel it is OK with this for now. Excuse me if it was too much. I was eager to share.

Please comment on my thoughts, and add others if you wish. You may disagree with everything I've said. It would be interesting to listen to your arguments, from a scientific background and your spiritual experience.

Blessings from the Heart, Merged in the Light that Brings us together, Pablo.

Re: The BKWSU will not change

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2009
by arom
Dear Pablo I think we know each other and I am so happy to know you are OK and be fine.

A litle group of ex BK made a blog in spanish to share to the world about our experiences and after reading you post, we think if you want to share that in spanish. Please, we will be glad and give you a welcome any time u wanna share something and give to us your opinion abut the blog.

In this moment we translate from English to spansih about BKWSU and cult recouvery and some material of

the blog is (es ex-BK todo junto sin el guion, te escribire un mail y ahi te pondre el link directo cualquier duda escribeme un PM)

C ya

Nos vemos