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Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2019
by ex-l
vlakshmi wrote:The way population multiplies gives a clue. For example, 4 children can be born from 2 persons in less than 5 years. Even if we assume that it takes 150 years for 4 children to be born from 2 persons, it would take only 4950 (150 x 32) years to have present population of 7.7 billion [2 multiplied 32 times] from just two persons.

I make that 8,589,934,592 ... but what is the revelance? BKism teaches that the initial population is 900,000 and goes on to state there are only 2 children per generation, not 4, for 1,250 years and 3 children per generation for the next 1,250 years.

Therefore, please base your argument on BK Gyan not some abstract, illogical and 'simply' incorrect mathematics.

Firstly, can I ask you an honest question, are you here to discuss these matter seriously? Is your mind open to discussion, or closed?

Will you ready to accept honest critiques, and will you question and examine your beliefs where they are proven incorrect, illogical or unsustainable?

Unfortunately, you have started basing your argument on "simple mathematics" ... and then immediately blow your argument apart by it.

If you wish to defend BK Gyan, could you please base your mathematics on the BK Gyan and work it out for us?

Start with 900,000. You should find the ages of marriage and procreation in the Murlis. Your mathematics need to hit 330 million by year 2,500 (stated population at end of BKs' Silver Age), and then account for the known population figures for the last few hundred years which ... if you are serious about doing ... I will help you find.

Thank you. I have hoped to find a BK willing to do so for some time.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2019
by Pink Panther
vlakshmi wrote:If you find a half-decayed fruit, it means it was once perfect but decayed later. So is the case with our environment. Worsening situations, such as increasing population and pollution, means everything had a perfect start.

But the best fruit is fertilised with decay, the best feritliser is full of worms, maggots, bacteria and rot.

”So what?”, you might say. "Sat Yuga is ‘fertilised’ by the blood and bones of 8 billion people and countless animals.

Is that all we mean to you, what life on earth is to you? Fertiliser for the chosen few?

But then ask yourself, if Vinash provides the rot and decay to fertilise SatYuga, what fertilises the second, third or eighth generation of Sat-Yuga? Or the first or twelfth generation of Treta Yuga?

Does each generation goes downhill because what came before is inferior fertiliser? Are the deities, the animals and vegetation of the Golden Age imperfect fertilisers? The food becomes less nourishing, the lifespans decrease? We can name that the Ironic Age! :D

The truth is that the people in the world today are much better off than those who lived 200 years ago, or 1000 years ago or 2000 years ago. Better health, longer lifespans, fewer diseases that are incurable, fewer people living lives of drudgery, more people participating in satisfying pastimes rather than scraping a subsidence from harsh poverty.

The average middle class person today lives in a house that is more comfortable than a king’s palace in Dwapur Yuga. We have social welfare systems so the sick, poor, elderly are looked after, we have electricity, telecommunications, transport systems bringing a wider variety of food to more people than King Vikramjit could begin to imagine ...

So tell me, where did the new perfect start of your cycle actually begin? Maybe with the Renaissance or the 18th century Enlightenment, and it is still getting better, even if it is not perfect. Where is its lowest point?

And the really dark ages?

I think they were the feudal, caste bound empires of ancient India where no one could rise above their birth station, where the masses slaved and rulers told stories of their divine right to exploit others and to tell them that to die serving them woudl be rewarded in the next life.

You, vlakshmi, suffer from idealism, which blinds you to the interdependency of all things and locks you into subjective value judgement of the parts while not seeing that the whole is greater than you or any chosen few, or the god you believe chose you.

You'll now categorise one thing as pure and the other as impure so you can justify your belonging to the special, pure, select category, graded like fruit or livestock, assuming a self-appointed status that relishes what inequality means for you, while the rest are rejected, low grade, disposable. Fertiliser.

It is Ego which blinds you to the self-trickery that the cult mind cultivates and harvests.
    "The world cannot exist without me in it, I am the centre around which all existence revolves, look at me! " ... says the ego of a child.
    "I am immortal soul I will always be me” ... says the ever-desiring insatiable ego of the child-ish.
    I am the best and the rest will serve me” ... says the ego of the narcissist.
Grow up vain fool. Get real.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2019
by ex-l
Let's stick to the maths and simple logic for this one, and not indulge in unhelpful insults.

The viaksmhi states, "if we assume that it takes 150 years for 4 children to be born from 2 persons", and goes on to show how 2 people become 8.5 billion.

I think is a bit of huge and incorrect assumption to make but is based on the idea that perfect humans in the Golden Age live for 150 years and, from memory, have children aged 75 years old.

It is actually worth looking at the situation, and helping viaksmhi understand logic better. To examine the mental structure of BK logic.

Puttind aside the problems of incestuous procreation, there used to be such a school of thought within BKism, ie that the top deities all bred together as an expression of, or to sustain, maximum purity ... as in the children of the Golden Aged Lakshmi and Narayan had the next generation of Lakshmi and Narayan for 1,250 years.

One of the big problems with BK mythology is - and viaksmhi's logic, if they only have 2 perfect children, the population basically does not increase for 1,250 years.
    The original population is 900,000, therefore 450,000 couples (no homosexuals etc in the Golden Age).
    450,000 couples have two children by circa Year 75.
    Population rises to 1,800,000.
    Circa Year 150, population drops to 900,000 again as parent die, then increases to 1,800,000.
    Up and down, up and down. There is only momentary growth until parents die off. Increase can only happen when they start to have 3 children circa Year 1,250.
Therefore, they have to start their simple mathematics with only 900,000 individuals but only 3,750 years to go.

Now, how to reach 330,000,000 from 900,000 in 1,250 years? Show me the mathematics.

In the Silver Age the BKs say they have 12 generations with 50% growth per generation (2 parents become 3 children)
    1) 450,000 couples times 3 children is 1,350,000 ... plus the original 900,000 ... equals 2,250,000
    2) 3,375,000
    3) 5,062,500
    4) 7,593,750
    5) 11,390,625
    6) 17,085,938
    7) 25,628,906
    8) 38,443,359
    9) 57,665,039
    10) 86,497,558
    11) 129,746,337
    12) 193,500,000
So we are 100,000,000 short. Does that concern BKs?

Please check my simply maths because I admit I am terrible at it.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2019
by vlakshmi
ex-l wrote with prejudice. Kindly read my post again, you will get the principle behind those details.

Regarding Pink Panther’s comments:
Two persons may not have the same perspective. You may feel that we are far better than ancient people. Yet writings of Chinese travelers regarding ancient India portray a different picture--things were far better than our times. For example, in those days, patients were treated freely in the house of doctors who considered curing the ailing as the part of their worship (as opposed to today’s method of exploitation of the ailing.), houses had no locks as there were no thieves [This was true in the Indian State of Sikkim even till 1970’s—a fact the natives still remember].

Jesus too had the same view that history would decline in quality as the time passes by--he put this in symbolic language when he said:
“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.”

- (Mathew 13:33)

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2019
by Pink Panther
vlakshmi - Nostalgia these days is not as good as it used to be ;-).

A better future built on the death of billions of people and trillions of other sentient beings is not one I consider a better world. A belief system or ideology whose ”perfect world” for the few relies on the suffering, nay deaths, of the many, then expects its followers to ignore this is barely better than any other death cult. The only difference is you just want others to do the deed for you.

If you won't respond to directly to points of mine, at least answer ex-l’s emotionless request for accurate arithmetic.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2019
by ex-l
Yes, please just respond to the simple mathematical question (I am not offended by your insult, but it wasn't very royal or divine).

Numerous other smaller problem arise, the first and foremost being that the crowning of Narayan and "Year 1/1/1" was supposed to be 2036* and, hence, where are the 900,000 little Krishnas and Radhes?

We've only 17 years to go ... have yet to fit in Destruction ... and Krishna was crowned at what age?

The second is the demographic shockwaves of having 900,000 people all born within in a few years, then 900,000 all dying within a few years. What do the cremators do for the rest of their time? I just realised that being a cremator in the Golden Age is the best job ... because you do nothing for at least 75 years. Possibly 150 years.

That's the problem with Lekhraj Kirpalani irrational OCD "perfection". 900,000 all dying at 150 years old together, 900,000 all giving birth at 75 years together, like clockwork. But, as I wrote, no net growth is possible until they start having 3 children. And do the BKs have 1,800,000 prepared for 1,250 years of the Golden Age?

As for "The Parable of the Leaven", its theme is of the powerful (the "Kingdom of Heaven"), growing from weak and tiny beginnings. It's about increase and improvement, the opposite to BKs' entropic decline.

* (I know the usual BK response of "Baba never gave a date" but it's simply not true)

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019
by vlakshmi
Hi ex-l,

Let us start on a firm footing—from what we already know now:
    Year ... World population
    2019 ... 7,714,576,923
    1965 ... 3,339,592,688 ... opulation/

It means world population was less than half, just 54 years before. Now kindly try this simple mathematics backward, you will find no population at all before 5000 years.

Regarding the parable used in Mathew 13:33, I am sorry to say you got it wrongly. It is a parable, hence the parable-designer himself must provide the meaning. The word used in the parable by Jesus was “leaven”: “The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.” Jesus had already made clear that “leaven” stands for hypocrisy or falsehood, sinning, or declining in quality ... etc”:
“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” (Luke 12:1)

I joined BK after doing my homework. After my secular education, to quench my thirst, I thought of doing post-graduation on Indian philosophy. And, in time, my Professor became my best friend. When I asked him which group in Hinduism is better than all the others, he said, “You can try BKs, they are the re-establishment of original Hinduism.” Then I asked him “If so, why are you not a BK?” He replied: “Their standards are very high. I am not for that.” This was enough for me to try BK because I want to practice something high, elevated in quality and standard. When went very deep into BK-system, I realized that how fortunate I am to have tried BK-system.

As my favorite author rightly put it,
"The god you worship is the god you deserve” (Joseph Campbell)

I got the GOD I really deserve—something God Himself testifies:
“I am the most obedient Servant of you children. You children are My masters. I salute you children. The Father is egoless. Children have to become equal to the Father. How can I let you children worship Me?”

(Murli 20/12/2018)
“I don’t need praise because I am only doing my duty” (Murli 28.02.2019)

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019
by vlakshmi
Hi Pink Panther
Pink Panther wrote:“A better future built on the death of billions of people and trillions of other sentient beings is not one I consider a better world.”

Destruction is not coming from God, “Science helps destruction to take place” (Murli 28.02.2019). See what our technology has done to the air we breathe and water we drink, and the land on which our food crops are grown--its self-explanatory. God does only one act—whenever humans spoils the promptness of the environment, God steps in to recreate Paradise (or Golden Age) on earth. That’s why He is called the World Benefactor.

This conclusion is not difficult to arrive. Behind the details, one can perceive the truth. Let us make a try:

We see what is new becoming old and decadent as the time passes by. What has become old can be renewed by God Almighty because
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
- Einstein)

This means history starts with perfect conditions and remains as one world family for some time, and gradually becomes imperfect when people become egoistic; and a measure of disorder sets in many avenues of life—some of the humans and animals becoming eaters of flesh of other living beings and some of the micro organisms turning malevolent and migrating into human bodies causing illness…etc. Each experience teaches us something, and pain-mechanism tells us how to avoid further/future pain, which makes God’s intervention and communication unnecessary on every choice each individual makes. If humans make onward progress taking lessons from pain, God doesn’t have to intervene. But if humans repeat their wasteful acts and situation becomes the worst, then God has to intervene, and renew the provisions for life’s enjoyment whenever they deplete/destroy them. (Mathew 19:28)

Renewal of Old World at regular interval is in harmony with two opposing isms—Theism and Atheism: Theism says “From the more comes the less,” and atheism says “from the less comes the more” [as implied by Natural Selection which is “the process ultimately capable of generating complexity out of simplicity,” God Delusion, Richard Dawkins] Thus both agree that something comes from something—a fact that can have no beginning nor end. Religions differ only in some details, not in essence because they all teach God exists, everyone receives what he/she sows ... etc. We are now nearing the time when God next renews provisions for life’s enjoyment because we see they are nearing their depletion/destruction.

This cycle of New World and Old World [or cycle of paradise earth becoming a hellish earth which would again be renewed to paradise earth] is in harmony with what we see in the nature. Nature has a rhythm and things happen in cycles such as cycle of night and day, cycle of season, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle ... etc. There are cycles happening within us too—our breathing is a cycle of inhaling and exhaling; cells in our bodies become old and are being replaced with new ones at regular intervals! Even when we sleep at night, we typically go through several sleep cycles. And each one of these cycles consists of 4 different stages of sleep—awake, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Those cycles show A MUTUAL INTERDEPENDENCE and purpose. For example, each season emerges from the previous and gently turns into the next. Winter snows feed the ground for Spring’s blossoms. Summer’s heat ripens the plants for Fall’s harvest. While in day, we desire for night and vice versa. While in hot Summer we wish it was Fall. While in cold Winter we wish it was Spring. This is true of the greater cycle of New World and old world alternating on earth.

Increasing population also reveals something interesting—the way in which everyone reaps what he/she sows. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38) Every one receives varying rewards according to the degree of his righteousness they chose to display when they lived during previous cycle. In each cycle, souls descend at varying times, but go back at the same time all together. When the Old World ends, all the souls return to heaven at the same time, as though children returning for home from play ground, and remain there till the New World is recreated on earth, and start coming down to play at different timings, number-wise, according to the degree of righteousness each one chose to display when they were on earth during previous cycle. Most righteous ones descend first into New World, followed by the less and less righteous ones; thus population on earth go on increasing which means heaven is being gradually emptied.

Once on earth, souls go on reincarnating. It means those who descend first get more births living through better conditions and those who descend last get only one birth when earth looks like hell, and those who descend in between vary in the number of birth they get depending upon the degree of their righteousness. In other words, in each cycle of history some have varying number of reincarnations while others have only one birth. This means some good people are always available on earth, in some form or the other, as a moral force for good. Thus righteous ones live through both New World and Old World whereas the rest live through Old World only. And next cycle begins.

Thus God plays His role of One who renews/recreates at regular interval which means He is silent on other occasions which implies he is not interested in our worship. We as His children have to be worshipworthy by doing good to others without expecting anything in return—which is the core quality of God (Mathew 5:44-48)

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019
by vlakshmi
Pink Panther,

In other words, what BKs teach is like an endless video.
What other religions teach is like a still photo from that endless video.

For example, the Bible. It shows history had a perfect start, then deteriorated into becoming what 2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes:
“But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power.”

And Revelation 21:1-5; 2Peter 3:13 says everything will be made new again.

What the Bible says would happen once BKs says would happen many many many times.

If you can give speaking ability to a mustard seed, it will tell you history has no beginning and no end--it will say: "From me comes The Tree and from tree comes the seed," it has been happening endlessly, and will continue to happen.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019
by Pink Panther
Dear vlakshmi,

Thank you for taking the time to reply at length.

If I wanted to, i could give you even better explanations of why the BK Gyan is ‘true”. And with different varieties for different audiences. You haven’s said anything I haven't heard or said myself at some stage in BK life.

In fact, the intellectual acuity of today's BKs is far less than in my BK days.

Now there is proof of decline through time! ;-).

I was a BK teacher for many years and considered a particularly good one, not just of Gyan but as a real meditation teacher. (Yes, I still meditate at times, but not BK meditation). There are a number of current, now senior BKs, some quite well known and regarded, whom I either introduced to Gyan or helped them through crises of faith by giving them deeper ways of understanding it and the practice. I do not disrespect your beliefs or patterns of thinking because I was similar. After all, we all have the right to make our own errors, even if they have been made by others before us. We are not them.

Now, resorting to quoting the book of a religious faith you consider less complete to prove the more complete is ... ironic! Then, using the interpretation of parables told in one context and purpose as some kind of argument for the veracity of Bkism today is, what's it called?

Cultural appropriation!

You may have heard of St Thomas Aquinas, the medieval theologian most famous for his Summa Theologica, the grand, irrefutably logical presentation of the Roman Catholic Christian faith and still a standard study for today's theologians? Yes?

Do you know what he said on his death bed?
"Everything I have written is straw

You know what straw was used for in his day, right?

Everything you have written is a construct, conceptual, conjecture. It is prolixity, equivocating discursiveness, a house of cards without substance, rationalisation without solid foundation other than desire.

Again, I say this because I did it too.

The ideal is so seductive, like a fool in love we do not, maybe cannot, see the reality.

We will equivocate endlessly no matter what is said, for the heart carries the head. We cannot understand how it is others do not see the beauty that we see, what seems so obvious to us.

But ask yourself, in your own experience, however you saw the world at any time in your life, childhood, teenage years, adolescence, whenever you believed something or however you understood things, wasn't it ”true”? At least until a new understanding reshaped your mindset so that now the new view was the real ”true”? Have you reached stasis?

No conceptualisation that you've proposed, no idea you seek clever analogues for as explanation, has actual existence - other than as a mental formation. It is an artifice upon which ego hangs its desire for self-perpetuation.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019
by ex-l
vlakshmi wrote:Let us start on a firm footing—from what we already know ... world population was less than half, just 54 years before. Now kindly try this simple mathematics backward

Yet again there is no logic in that proposal, let alone reference to BKism, because, as you know, BKism teaches that in the Iron Age there is short untimely death, war, famine, starvation and large families etc ... and in the Silver and Golden Age there is none, long life and specifically small families.

Why would population half every 54 years in the Golden and Silver Age?

Therefore, I ask again, do your "simple mathematics" on the basis of what BKism teach. Start with the 900,000 as yet non-existence dieties and work your way forward. If you have full faith and are sure your god spirit is the Ocean of Truth, then surely you will have the answer.

And why are you quoting the Bible when your God makes it very clear it is nothing to do with him, and is of very little to no value? It was just Copper Aged Bhakti. Jews "stumbling in the darkness" and ignorance, according to your god spirit.

(I could make a reference to all the historical and archeological evidence of human civilisation before 500 BC or even before 3000 BC [5,000 years ago], however, for the sake of discussion, let's focus on your "simple" population calculations first).
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I now inspire the destruction of the many governments - Sakar Murli 2008/11/13
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The flames of destruction will only become forceful through Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga - Avyakt Murli 2003/02/13

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019
by ex-l
vlakshmi wrote:Regarding the parable used in Mathew 13:33, I am sorry to say you got it wrongly.

Did you go to a Christian school in India before joining the Brahma Kumaris?

There is disagreement about this, but who cares? I'd guess none of us here are Christians or Jews and, on top of that, as ex-BKs, the Bible adds no credibility or authority to your arguments. It was merely a book about Jewish history and a tool of Roman Imperialism, assembled 100s of years after whoever Jesus was or was not died. As a fallacy, it's an "appeal to authority".

And we were taught as BKs, that Jesus had no relationship with God during his life and was, in fact, a bad BK student in his last life ... a Silver Aged soul as best and the Bible has no value.

What concerns me are the subtle, public dishonesties creeping into your posts ... like your denial that the god of the BKs said he inspires Destruction. Remember, we were all BK teachers here. I, personally, was part of the Murli translation team for a while. You will not get away with hookwinking us with half truths, like you would outsiders.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2019
by vlakshmi
Hi ex-l,

You asked:
“Why would population half every 54 years in the Golden and Silver Age?”

You obviously did not put to test what I said—to try backwards. If you had done this, you would have reached one inconvenient conclusion: If the population multiples at every 54 years as happening in front of our eyes, you will find no population on earth beyond 2000 years (divide present population by two, 32 times). You will find the present population becoming zero in 1728 years (54 x 32). To take care of all untimely deaths, epidemics, wars ... etc if we unreasonably hike 54 years into 150 years, even then you will find present population going into zero in 4950 years (150 x 33 = 4950 years).

I was responding to the original post about 5000 year cycle in which first half has the population of 333.33 million. That is easy to understand because you have 2500 years, and population growth is slow, and there are new souls descending from heaven.

Regarding me
“quoting the Bible when your God makes it very clear it is nothing to do with him.”

God does not say there is no truth in Scriptures, He only says the measure of truth found in the scriptures are like “measure of salt contained in bread.” Hence one can quote obvious truths from scriptures. I quoted Mathew 13:33 because it is all about entropy--a well-established scientific truth, proof of which could be found everywhere.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2019
by vlakshmi
Pink Panther,

I liked the way you responded to my post and appreciate the sincerity behind your writing.

As far as I am concerned, BK-system is the most-suited to my sanskar. If I have lived in other countries, their very names would be much more to me—it will be inseparably connected with my memories and experiences. Similarly, when the BKs explained the words such as Brahmin, Devas, Kshathriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras as the 5 phases of history (rather than literal caste system in which they are all simultaneously existing in the society), it triggered my memory and I could see myself living through those phases.

Interestingly, this has to do with my college days too. When I did my Clinical Psychology, for fun sake, I went for Past Regression which revealed something similar from the reservoir of my subconscious mind which I could not understand then, but could be clearly understood later when I came into BK System.

Regarding your mention about my "ego," I have this to say:

If BK system is properly internalized, one would know that he is NIMITH (which means my part in the whole affairs is too minimal to measure because behind every action and reaction there are many factors and forces working) which takes away ego because he is seeing the endless cycles of history into the past and future, and every detail becomes too insignificant which cuts the very existence of ego. As a result one has a very relaxed attitude towards every happening. This is in harmony with the very name brahmakumari which literally means daughter of broad-mindedness.

Overall view only will help. For example rain.
    In a limited view, you would lament over rain saying, "what a waste! It falls on mountains and other wastelands".
    In an overall view, you would extol over rain saying, "what a blessing it is! Rain is really a cleaning mechanism, and also nourishes life ... etc etc".
I have an overall view of the BK system. I see the forest, not just the individual trees.

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2019
by ex-l
vlakshmi wrote:You obviously did not put to test what I said—to try backwards. If you had done this, you would have reached one inconvenient conclusion ...

I did not do it because it was utterly abstracted and irrelevent from either a real world point of view, or - specifically - a BK point of view.

The god spirit of the BKs says there are
    63 generations (births) in the last 2,500 years [many children and therefore an average life expectancy of less than 40 years, India has a life expectancy of 69],
    12 generations in the previous 1,250 years [3 children - 125 years?], and
    8 generations [2 children - 150 years] in the 1,250 before that.
As per the date of Destruction and the length of the Sangum Age, he has also miscalculated or mispredicted the world population on several occasions in the Sakar Murlis. They used to say 4.5 billion, then 5, then 5.5 Billion, and the BKs have had to keep changing it as he failed.

Did you know the Sangum Yuga was originally only 12 years and going to end in 1950?
vlakshmi wrote:I was responding to the original post about 5000 year cycle in which first half has the population of 333.33 million

BTW, the original post does not mention 333.33 million. But, as we know, the BKs teach the population was 330,000,000 at the end of the Silver Age ... a number we can only pressume Lekhraj Kirpalani borrowed from Hinduism (ie 33 crore gods) and had to answer or incorporate into his brainwash somehow.

You started your posts by writing that you were convinced about BKism by doing simple mathematics, so I am asking you again to show us it ... based on and matching actual BKism.
    • Please start with 900,000 to 330 million in 2,500 years.
God does not say there is no truth in Scriptures

What I said was, the god spirit of the BKs "makes it very clear it is nothing to do with him". What is "truth"? There's "truth" in fairy stories, or rather 'truisms' ... but rarely accurate science or mathematics) ... therefore, let's stick to solving the simple mathematical problem before moving onto the limits of entropy.

My feeling is that you don't want to try ... because you know in your heart of hearts it does not work out, and you are afraid of the false mental constructions they have indoctrinated you in starting to unravel.

Please understand that as someone who has walked the BK path ... but then continued to grow and having had to reject it as limited ... I am now looking at you from the overall view.