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Need reply

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2012
by sapnasood
hi, I am a new user of BK website. As other person I am also fed up from my life. I've no body, no parents, no Brother Sister, husband cheat me. Before marriage I want to do seva, but family pressure do marriage, a girl cannot live alone etc. So I married, but now after with all relationship feeling I want to become BK, I need peace, I want to spend my all left life to seva of human with remember God's name. I need no money, I need no relationship.

Is it possible? I want to give my all life to God's name. I think it's better than finish my life.

I humbly request I need a space, where I can just think about myself means, is bhavsagr se par utar sku.

Re: need reply

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2012
by Mr Green
The Christian or Hindu religion is much better.

Re: Need reply

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2012
by ex-l
I am sorry to say, the BKs won't easily accept you. They are looking for what they can get from you, not what they can give to you. In the first place, they will ask and expect that you stay at your home and "make your home heaven".

Personally, I agree with you that if your husband has cheated on you ... by which I understand he has been sexually and emotional unfaithful with another woman ... you have a right to divorce him and find your own way or happiness in life.

It seems to me that the first step you should take is to free yourself and then see if you are happy and content. It seems to me that if you need help, you should look for the support of a women's group and lawyer. You need to sort out your unhappiness with life first.

There is a problem here, if you are looking to the Brahma Kumaris to support you in the same way as your husband supported you ... then you will probably be abused once again.

I think you need to start by standing on your own two feet however hard that might seen. I guess it might even mean going against your Father or parents to do so but it is time to break free and become your own person.

Is that a possibility?

If not, then I would find another more established and reliable religion who have enough funds to support genuinely charitable work, like feeding the hungry, looking after unwanted children or the elderly, or animals.

It seems that you do not really know what the BKs are about. Have you done the 7 Days Course yet? Do you have faith in their Knowledge?

Re: Need reply

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2012
by mail2sundareee
About 8 years ago I visited Brahma Kumaris center and attended the 7 days course. My Friend recommended the same to me. I had many questions and asked them the same. But I was not satisfied by their answers.

I have asked a question in '' - forum (in newcomer section). The question is, "How do I believe that God is speaking through Brahma Kumaris?" After seeing their replies, I wondered how the decades (?) old organisation (!!) couldn't give a good answer to a newcomer (before 8 years).

Re: Need reply

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2012
by ex-l
And that's as good as it has been for the last 70 odd years ... There's really no depth. Either you are hooked by the hypnotic/trance meditation or you are not. If you are, you stay at that level day and day, year after year for as long as you last as a BK trying to do things to hook other people in like multi-level marketing.